The priest followed the twenty-one mercenaries and Augur to the front of the big black gate that separated the foreigner's land from the mafias' territory.

"I missed Aries and wish he is here to go along with you," Priest announced, held Augur's shirt, peered at the mercenaries as they walked towards the truck parked outside the gate, then let out, "you must be careful. I can't afford to lose you as well."

"Nothing will happen to me," Augur smiled and answered back. "I missed him too, but I can take care of myself. Be at ease."

"I know you can, am just scared. This mission is not as easy as I had speculated."

"Nothing good comes easy," Augur let out, pat Priest's shoulder, stepped out of the gate and reached the car side in a few seconds. He hopped inside and the car engine became alive and drive out of sight.

The priest offered a silent prayer to the gods he believed in, turned and walked back, and the weight of his mood made his shoulder to be hunched as he disappeared among the col
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