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FROM THE JAWS OF HELL… Ruthless, charming and cold hearted vampire prince. Damon Baal, has survived seven centuries being haunted by a dream from his past. A dream in which he couldn't save his lover from death. But when his dreams come to an end after he meets a mortal woman, Liya Myers.  Damon believes her to be his long lost love reincarnated. He starts to feel an irresistible urge towards her but even with a billion dollars to his name and the reputation of a master seducer that no woman could deny, Damon still feels incapable of making the hardheaded woman fall in love with him. Being the vampire prince, Damon finds himself stuck in a corner, he has to choose between his race and Liya.  His position in the vampire race had always made him a target for the other vampires and demons, Damon knows he's putting himself and her at risk by abandoning his race to be with her. Damon tries to stay away but he still finds himself falling for the hardheaded mortal.

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    A very nice book

    2022-12-30 17:29:57
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The year 1301.The noise of the growing mob outside swelled louder. A muted roar made by hundreds of angry voices chanting for the death of he and his kind.Death to his kind.This was the day his kind had dreaded for centuries, A day mankind would discover their existence and stand against them to wipe them from the face of the Earth.It was not only his kind that were endangered, the other species were endangered too.The shapeshifters, the ones who had soul ties with different animals, enabling them to be half animal, half man.They were called after any animal they shared soul ties with, they always rose up against his kind for centuries with endless bloody battles ensuring between them, out of all the shapeshifters, the werewolves had been the most friendly to his kind, all the other shapeshifters hated his kind, they never wanted to have anything doing with the undead or as they were popularly called, The vampires.Damon looked over at the young girl by his side as she shivered
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Violet grey eyes watched the amber liquid swirl in the thick crystal glass. Every now and then they shifted to the busy boulevard outside the limousine. He smiled to himself; it was a typical Friday night in Portland Oregon everyone and their dog were out tonight. That’s one of the reasons Damon liked living here because the only difference between the night and day was the light. Then the crowds would shift from the streets to the clubs and provided him the cover he needed.Damon was on his way to a late gathering himself but it wasn’t a nightclub. At least not this time.He took a drink from the glass and shifted gaze shifted to a group of four young men walking along the sidewalk, obviously with too much liquor in them by the way they clung to each other to keep themselves upright.He gave a faint smile at the lewd whoops and hollers they emitted as they passed by a group of young ladies. Physically Damon looked about their age, when in fact he was much older, and usually he liked
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Chapter 3
“This is stupid, I can’t do this.” Liya looked at the clothes her friends Aya and Anna had dressed her in, “This just isn’t me.”“You can be so difficult. It’s time you got your nose out of those dammed books and had some fun.” Aya reluctantly admitted to herself that Liya looked prettier than she thought she would. Aya was the only daughter of a wealthy business man and was used to getting what she wanted. She had spent the last two years in and out of universities such as this one. She preferred the night-life and her numerous boyfriends over a solid healthy education. When she flunked out of school her father would make a large contribution and get her in another one. She openly admitted that she had little use for anything or anyone that didn’t serve her purpose. That originally meant girls like Liya.That is until Liya ended up her dorm roommate.She had begged her father to not have her live in the dorms, but her father thought she could learn something from being among real peo
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Eric logadd sat on one of the big crates that filled the endless building. He was a stubby man with a thick moustache, ruddy cheeks and dark brown eyes. He was richly dressed in a double breasted dark grey pinstriped suit. One of his hands was tucked inside the jacket. Two heavily armed men stood on either side of him.“I was informed this meeting would be private.” He kept his expression serious. The man may have been wearing a four thousand dollar suit, but he still looked like a grease ball to him.Eric laughed, “of course, Mr. Baal, but this is a private meeting.” He stood up holding his arms out in a welcoming gesture. I am an important man, I need protection,” he nodded toward Nathan, “just as you do.”“Of course”, Damon forced a smile and opened his suit jacket, “however, as you can see we are not carrying any weapons.” We are the weapons, he thought.“Well, you must be careful of your friends when you are in a position such as I am. I know you can understand that.” Eric didn’t
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Anna was still shocked by what had happened earlier on, where she stood in sheer terror. When Liya completely ignored her warning, she had moved to prevent her a second time. when, a soft click sounded as the other door of the limo opened momentarily distracting her. A devilishly handsome blond got out of the car and locked his icy dark stare on her. His lips were pulled into a smile but his eyes were void of any amusement. She had felt a prickly terrifying sensation creep up her spine. Someone’s walking on your grave, her grandmother use to say when that feeling would strike her as a child. A wave of helplessness and terror washed over her. She had tried to run, but was frozen with fear. She had found herself unable to move. Those eyes, she just couldn’t tear her gaze away from them. She tried to scream, only releasing a brief whimper from her lips. Her legs felt suddenly numb and she feared that in any moment she would crumple to the sidewalk. Anna tried with all her mig
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Liya had a horrible time. The house was packed mostly with people several years older than her. Aya and Anna got lost in the crowd as soon as they entered the house and her rear end was already grabbed at least a dozen times in less than an hour. She was feeling very exposed in the dress and humiliated at being treated like a piece of meat,tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to fight them back while looking for Anna. She saw Aya through the crowd giggling and surrounded by at least five young men who were utterly captivated by her beauty. She watched her for a moment contemplating interrupting so they could leave, but couldn’t’ bring herself to ruin Aya’s evening just because she was miserable. When she found a hole in the mob she made her way outside a smile on her face as the cool breeze gently washed over her,she found her way to the back of the house facing the beach. A well lit large deck had surrounded the back of the house with a stairca
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Towards Dawn, Damon lay back in his bed; his arms were folded behind his head as he stared, deep in thought at the crimson velvet canopy overhead. The events of the night flashing through his head, when they were done feeding on the dead men, they shoved the remains of the corpses in a small crate that required some creative folding and bone breaking. They tossed the guns on top of the lifeless bodies and Damon knotted several metal bands around it as easily as he was tying a shoelace. Then he effortlessly piled another three dozen, two to three hundred pound crates around and on top of it to hide the evidence. Of course no one will make the discovery for several months or even years, and by then the bodies will be too decomposed to make identification of their deaths. When they left the building, Damon’ limousine and driver were already waiting thanks to Nathan. They got in the car which pulled out of the docks and headed in the direction of home. Damo
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Forty five minutes later, he crouched on the roof of the dormitory concentrating on the thoughts within. The cab had pulled up a few minutes ago and this was the building both women went into. Closing his eyes to concentrate, he filtered through the occupants minds until he zoomed in on her familiar feelings. Her room was on the third floor facing the park to the East. Erecting himself and thrusting his hands in the pockets of his black slacks he casually strolled across the roof of the building.Lucky for him there was a large Elm tree about twenty feet from her window. He launched himself into it and landed silently with precision expertise. Not even one leaf rustled. Floating outside her window at this point might cause her a slight fright if he was discovered. He smiled to himself at the image. So instead he stood there with one foot in front of another on a large branch as if he was walking a tightrope while one of his hands reached up and rested on anot
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Saturday evening Damon awoke with renewed interest in his life. He dressed in the clothes that Nathan ritually laid out for him and proceeded to his study to contend with whatever business that protector had taken care of that day for him.After a few hours he realized that he wasn’t getting anything done. His mind kept shifting to a raven-haired, green-eyed beauty.Nathan found him there about three hours later pouring over contracts not knowing his master’s internal conflict. Damon looked up when he walked in.“Are you taking off on me tonight?” He said apprehensively. Nathan couldn’t read Damon’ mind freely, and when he did it was a deliberate thought that Damon gave him, so he never had an idea when he was going to do something unpredictable. The only solace he did have was that he knew him very well and could anticipate certain behaviors from him.“I don’t know yet.” He pushed the papers back and leaned back in h
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Saturday afternoon when Aya awoke, Liya was not in their room. She knew exactly where she was. The Library. The girl practically lived there. She sighed, got out of bed, showered, dressed, and carefully groomed herself. She felt guilty that Liya had a terrible time the night before. She really should have known better. The whole party scene was too soon for her. Liya was way too naïve. She knew exactly how to make it up to her though. Her father invited her to a charity auction for tomorrow night and gave her two tickets. She would take Liya. Anna would certainly understand if she didn’t take her. That way there was no pressure on Liya to meet someone, but just enjoy some artwork. Aya wasn’t too keen on going, but she knew Liya would enjoy the night. She stuffed a few items in her purse, threw on her jean jacket and left the room.When Aya entered the Library twenty minutes later, she easily found Liya pouring over several medical textbooks. All she had to do was look
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