Combat Evaluation

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Combat Evaluation

By: Victor OngoingFantasy

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In a world full of caped superheroes, supervillains, and monsters, Aldrich is worthless. 95% of humanity has evolved to develop superpowers, but Aldrich is one of the rare few that has no powers at all. Because of his lack of powers, Aldrich suffers relentless bullying and discrimination. Society looks down on him as a burden. He is reminded everyday that he is better off dead than alive. Yet one day, at the height of his despair, after Aldrich is spat on, beaten, and broken, when it seems like everything is taken from him, a familiar screen appears in front of him: a screen from his favorite fantasy role playing game giving him the chance to wield the power he has only ever dreamed of. [Welcome, Host. Choose your Class:] [Class: Necromancer selected] Watch as Aldrich rises from weak to strong. From suffering to finding vengeance. From standing alone to commanding undead legions. From mere man to Lord of Death itself.


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27 chapters
How it all happened: A Dark World
It happened right at the start of the year 2001.Right on dot with the clock striking midnight and heralding not just a new year but a new century and a new millennium.Huge crowds gathered across the world to celebrate modern human history graduating to this new age.It was a time of new beginnings.and a time of new disasters.Even now, nobody really knows how it happened or what it was that came from space.Not aliens; nothing as dramatic as that. Something far, far less personal At least if it were aliens, humanity could have rallied together. Maybe they could have brought their scattered pieces, all their different ideals, borders, and peoples, together to make something whole if only there had been some definite target they could see and hate together properly.But whatever happened in this new year, well, there was no rhyme or reason for it.It was just pure chance. Pure chaos.The incident is known as the "Altering."A solar flare, maybe. still a topic of debate even now, a hu
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To Be A Hero
When Aldrich was a child, he always dreamed of being a hero. It was a thoroughly uninspired dream considering basically every single kid has ever thought about being a hero at some point. This is largely unsurprising considering that it is practically impossible to escape hearing about heroes in this day and age of hero worship.Aldrich heard about a thousand different bedtime tales about how the great hero Vanguard vanquished villainy with his invincible fists, saving countless lives as he ended the Age of Villainy.When he grew older, he constantly saw heroes on television with their colorful costumes and capes and their big muscles and big smiles. He saw as the heroes carried people out of burning buildings and, when scary Variants showed up, how they swooped in to beat the monsters down and save the day.Heroes popped up in holographic advertisements, talk shows, social media, or streaming sites—wherever they could get exposure, they got it.But most importantly, Aldrich wanted to
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To Blackwater
Today was the big day.The day that Aldrich would leave for Blackwater Academy was the very first step of a long and, no doubt, hard journey to avenge his parents.Aldrich woke up at 5:30 in the morning, thirty minutes before an officer was scheduled to pick him up.Precisely as the clock struck six, an academy officer showed up at his apartment door, making his presence obviously known by slamming his fist into the door several times in what was the most violent knock Aldrich had ever heard before.Aldrich was ready and packed. His apartment, the house he had lived in for his whole life, was cleaned out to complete emptiness, ready for another renter to move in. Blackwater would provide food and board for the four years it took to graduate, so what he packed was mostly personal stuff that had some kind of emotional weight to it.Memorabilia from his late parents included a family picture with Aldrich and some trinkets from their hero costumes. His birthday letter was what had gotten
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Blackwater and Bullies
Blackwater Academy was located on the east coast of the United States, its compound located right beside a massive crater gouged out by an A-Class Variant twenty years ago. The academy got its name from the blackened waters in the crater. remnants of the monster’s blood and corpse that had sunk deep down to the ocean floor below.The crater itself formed a natural harbor leading out to the Atlantic Ocean, and a small port city called Haven stood there, presumably being the main source of supplies and people coming in and out of Blackwater.All in all, Blackwater was quite isolated. almost eerily so.Getting to Blackwater consisted of a two-hour drive followed by a one-hour helicopter flight over vast swathes of overgrown forests infested with Variants.Forests like these were commonplace after the monstering, as Variants spawned consistently throughout the world, with certain areas spawning them at such high rates that clearing them out and settling cities there was too difficult to m
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Combat Evaluation
The training grounds were quite impressive, to say the least. They were largely located outdoors and consisted of several five-hundred-meter-radius rings lined with towering metal walls that served as arenas.The walls were made of thickly reinforced metal, but their design was sleek and futuristic, with blinking lights of various colors dotted around their surface, indicating the status of various moving pieces of technology within the walls.Aldrich stared at the arenas while standing in a single-file line with the rest of the Frame students. They were, as expected, separated from the rest of the main student body, but a cursory glance gave Aldrich an estimate that there were approximately two hundred or so "normal" students.In terms of numbers, Blackwater was small, as most decently ranked hero academies operated with student bodies numbering well over a thousand, with only the highest tier academies like Shield and Invictus having small student bodies due to the difficulty of get
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Frame Perfect
As it just so happened, Aldrich and the rest of the Frame students ended up in the same arena: arena number 1, making the total number of students in that arena from 50 to 54.However, the algorithm that calculated power fairness literally determined all the Frame students to be zero threats, hence why adding them to an already full arena changed nothing.“How do I even move in this thing?” groaned Adam, only his face visible from the upturned helmet of his Frame powersuit. He was in a fixed T-pose state like an unloaded video game character, and already, other students were laughing at him.Aldrich looked at his frame towering in front of him.It was a two-meter-tall humanoid suit of segmented black metal plates. Thick coils of wiry dark grey cable were visible under the plates, functioning as a shock-absorbing layer and a flexible mesh that acted like the "muscles" that supported the suit’s four hundred pound (180 kg) weight.A nondescript, round black helmet with a rectangular, glo
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“Holy shit, it’s Seth Solar in the flesh,” came the awed voices of Alter students as they looked up at the cocky, slick-backed creep like he was the second coming of Jesus.Aldrich observed carefully.Of the dozen Alter students that had circled around him, six were preoccupied, staring in awe at Seth and gawking at him. The other six immediately turned tail and started to run, not caring to break Aldrich apart and take his points.This meant one thing: Seth Solar was predatory and dangerous to his fellow Alter students as he was to the Duds, like Aldrich.Aldrich carefully assessed what he could do against Seth, and in all likelihood, he realized he could do nothing.The "Solar" surname was one that almost everyone knew. Alter organs and their powers had some hereditary component to them, and the descendants of strong heroes would likely get similarly strong powers from their parents.As a result, powerful top heroes formed dynasties where their descendants took up thei
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The combat evaluation ended about as expected. Aldrich and the rest of the Frame students were placed right into the F-class, with nobody else joining them.which made it obvious in hindsight that the "F-class" was made especially for the Frame students to segregate them even further.Aldrich and Adam spent their time in the infirmary after their combat evaluation. Drones opened up their Frame suits and evacuated them from the arenas, with many an Alter student observing what few were left conscious, laughing at their misfortune.The infirmary was a fairly large two-story building at the edge of the Blackwater compound, marked by its bright white metal walls and the gleam of a glowing green cross sign.Like most things in Blackwater, the infirmary was decked out with state-of-the-art equipment, and like most things in Blackwater, Aldrich and the Frame students were not allowed to access it fully.Instead, they were corralled into a repurposed basement, where they only had access to ba
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The End...and the Beginning
October 30, 2117—One year later“This game is way too hard!” complained Adam as he sat in front of Aldrich’s gaming ring, an immersive VR helmet on his head as he played through Elden World.Adam had chosen a warrior barbarian quite fittingly to play, but even the warrior’s simple skill set confused him, making him die to a basic mob of level 20 trolls after fumbling a defensive shield-based skill.“Keep at it, you’ll get there,” said Aldrich as he watched from his tiny dorm bed. “Make sure to coat your sword in Flame Oil before fighting trolls, or else their rage is going to be way too hard to deal with.”“But your character just goes like, 'boom,' and then they all die,” said Adam.“Because mine is a necromancer." "I use death magic, and since these trolls are low-level enough, they instantly die to my [Anti-Life Shell] aura,” said Aldrich.“That’s ridiculously overpowered." "I should’ve chosen your class,” said Adam.“You get confused juggling like five skills; how do you think you
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Aldrich... felt like he was in a dream. He was conscious, but not entirely there. Floating around in this sea of infinite darkness with only the gleaming golden letters of Elden World to focus on even then, it was so difficult to focus on those letters, as if at any moment he would lose focus and his mind would slip away permanently into the void.Aldrich did not so much consciously think as he did react on instinct. When he saw that familiar prompt from Elden World, he did what he had done when he had first started the game years ago.He chose his class.[Class: Necromancer Selected]As a necromancer, death has always been by your side. It has crept under your shadow. It has lurked in the depths of your being. It has shaped who you are. But unlike many who face death and break under its abysmal gaze, you stared back and took control over the darkness.Wielding negative energy that is toxic to life but nourishing to the undead, you commit yourself to a path of dark magics where, under
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