El Ramon had been busy for a while as he need to supervise the blocking of some of the secret routes that had been found out by outsiders.

Today, he decided to stroll around the palace, and it was the cry of a baby that caught his attention as he walked toward Andrea's section.

"Did you hear that?" He asked the mafias at his back.

The men looked puzzled, bend their heads to a side, stood mobile for a while, then grin from ear to ear at the undisputable cry of a newborn baby.

"Yes, your highness. I guess lady Agatha had given birth."

El Ramon looked lost for a while as he stare into space, nodded his head, dismissed the mafias at his back and strolled into the passage that leads to Andrea's room.

"My lord. I just want to pacify this baby before coming to inform you of the blessing in disguise."

"And what makes him a blessing in disguise?"

"Lady Agatha is dead, and I can train him up as my first son. Isn't that marvellous to have a male, after I was been informed that am carrying two f
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