The God Emperor Reincarnation

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The God Emperor Reincarnation

By: Junaidi Al Banjari Updated just nowFantasy

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Long ago, in the realm of the gods, Emperor Iblis and his forces launched an assault on the heavenly realm. The dark ruler sought to conquer the universe, starting with the subjugation of the gods. However, Emperor Iblis's plan did not go smoothly. He found himself confronted by the strongest deity in the universe, The Light God Emperor. He was defeated and nearly perished. Yet, with his cunning, he managed to trap The Light God Emperor, causing him to fall into the Gate of Reincarnation and into the realm of humans. Unintentionally, the soul of The Light God Emperor entered the body of Tian Yun, a weak youth destined to perish while cultivating. The mightiest Emperor of the gods replaced his soul and embarked on his destiny as a human. He must merge his new body with his essence to regain his divine power. Can The Light God Emperor reclaim his power and destroy Emperor Iblis, the ruler of darkness?

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Chapter 1. Trapped at the Gate of Reincarnation
In ancient times, in the heavenly realm, a war erupted between the gods and the Demon Emperor and his army. The Demon Emperor was once one of the three highest god emperors, but he rebelled and was cursed by the Heavenly Emperor to become a true demon.When the Heavenly Emperor left, leaving the Heavenly Kingdom under the rule of his son, the God Emperor of Light, the Demon God Emperor attacked. The God Emperor of Light was known for his extraordinary power and noble nature. Along with his four personal guards, the Four Elemental Ruler Gods, who possessed elemental powers according to their names, they prepared to face the attack of the Demon Emperor and his army, which consisted of demons with powers equivalent to the gods.The Demon Emperor attacked the Heavenly Palace, and battle ensued. The gods and demons unleashed their powers, creating fire, meteors, and storms. However, the God Emperor of Light and the Four Elemental Ruler Gods managed to fend off the attack with their combine
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Chapter 2: The Weak New Body
"What exactly happened? How did I end up in this place? My whole body hurts as if all my bones are shattered," Tian Yun groaned with a huge question mark in his mind.Tian Yun now tried to position himself in a cross-legged sitting posture and attempted to muster his strength. How shocked the young man was when he felt that the power within his body was very small!Even so, he tried to use that energy to heal himself. In no time, the body of the young man, whose soul was actually trapped inside the body of the Light God Emperor, managed to heal itself with ease.After feeling somewhat better, Tian Yun got up from his bed. He took a basin of water that was not far from him. Again, he was shocked when he saw that the face in the water was not his own.This was, of course, easy to answer because, at that time, the soul of the Light God Emperor had entered the body of Tian Yun, who had actually died when he fell into the ravine."It seems my soul is in this young man's body." muttered the
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Chapter 3: Heading to the Heavenly Star Pavilion
The patriarch of the Tian family was truly furious. He couldn't accept that his children and nephews were opposing his decision. Meanwhile, his own brothers, the elders, didn't dare utter a single word."Ayun, come with me!"After having enough with his family members, Patriarch Tian left the meeting room. For a moment, he glanced at his grandson and then ordered the young man to follow him.Patriarch Tian walked rather quickly towards his private chamber. Behind him, Tian Yun followed. Once in the room, he instructed his grandson to sit."Tian Yun, forgive me, your grandfather, for not being able to make you a great knight in this city. After all, you are the child of a genius of the Tian family, the only member of our family who has reached the Martial Ancestor realm. I believe the talent your father possessed has been passed down to you, but we were unable to teach you better, resulting in your current limited abilities," Tian Seng Jin said softly to his grandson."I don't blame yo
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Chapter 4: Xingxing City Gate, Special Plaque
Both opponents used sharp-edged staffs as their weapons. They immediately slashed the staffs towards Tian Yun's neck. However, once again, the young man used his time-control technique, causing their movements to slow down. Then, he easily dodged their attacks while delivering a kick to both of them.Thud!"Ukhh!"Tian Yun's two opponents almost fell flat on their faces when his kick landed on their backs. Fortunately, being highly skilled, they rolled on the ground, preventing themselves from collapsing.Then they stood up straight, once again exchanging glances. They truly couldn't understand how Tian Yun could move faster than they did.At that moment, Tian Yun was standing tall, looking at his two opponents with his arms folded across his chest. He was smiling half-mockingly at his adversaries.This, of course, only increased the curiosity of the two opponents about what was happening. They then performed a sealing technique to trap Tian Yun, preventing him from escaping or receiv
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Chapter 5: The Peculiarity of Tian Yun
The students stood up. They continued their tasks as instructed by the vice chairman of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.The vice chairman of the Heavenly Star Pavilion turned his gaze to Tian Yun and said, "Young man, show me the level of your physical body."For a moment, Tian Yun was silent. He did not understand the old man's words."Don't worry, whatever the result, you will still be accepted into this academy because you have the Golden Seal Plaque of the Heavenly Star Pavilion. I wonder what your relationship is with the late legendary hero Tian Xiao Sheng, who lived hundreds of years ago."Seeing Tian Yun standing still as if deep in thought, the vice chairman of the Heavenly Star Pavilion smiled and spoke words to reassure him. A few moments later, the young man understood what the old man meant.Tian Yun did not take issue with the vice chairman's words. He immediately approached the crystal stone that measured the level of one's physical strength and true martial spirit. Without
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Chapter 6: Star Sword Pavilion
"If you want your life here to be uneasy, then go ahead and retaliate against them! But remember, whether you pass the next test depends on those seniors in our pavilion!" Li Jiang was reminded.Li Jiang's words successfully calmed Tian Yun's anger. He then walked with his new friend into the pavilion that was their residence.The pavilion consisted of three levels. On the first or lowest level were the new students, while the second level housed intermediate seniors. The third level was where the top seniors rested.The Sword Pavilion itself was not very tall, only as high as an ordinary house, but it was made of stone. There were two such pavilions in that place; the one on the right was the residence of the male students, while the one on the left was for the female students.In the Celestial Star Pavilion Sect, besides the Golden Star Pavilion, which was the main building of the sect, there were also three silver-colored pavilions known as the Child Pavilions, which were the resid
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Chapter 7. Martial Spirit Techniques
At the Star Sword Pavilion, there are about 15 new students who will study under the grandmaster named Tang Liu. This teacher is known for his intelligence and his temper towards the students.He is around 60 years old. Master Tang is married to a woman named Li Hua, who is around 45 years old. They have a daughter named Ling Lian, who is about 16 years old.Ling Lian studies in the same tower as her parents. In other words, Tang Ling Lian is not only their daughter but also their student. She is currently at the third level of the Martial Master cultivation realm. She is a senior intermediate student at the Heavenly Pavilion Association.Here are the cultivation levels of the mortal entity realm in the story "Reincarnation of the God Emperor":Beginner Practitioner, 7 levelsIntermediate Practitioner, 7 levelsExpert Practitioner, 7 levelsMartial Master, 7 levelsMartial King, 7 levelsMartial Emperor, 7 levelsMartial Ancestor, 7 levelsMartial Fairy, 7 levelsIn the Heavenly Star
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Chapter 8: Awakening the Martial Spirit
After explaining it to the students, Teacher Yu ordered the new students to try it. Of all the students, only Tian Yun was unable to use the martial spirit to strengthen his attack.This was essentially because Tian Yun did not possess a martial spirit. He was the reincarnation of the God Emperor, who naturally did not have a martial spirit like ordinary humans."What is your name? Why can't you use the martial spirit refinement technique? From the information I received, you have a soul purity level of nine. You should be the most adept at cultivation enhancement and martial spirit control," said Teacher Yu Lau, who seemed not to understand what Tian Yun was facing.Tian Yun, as the God of Light, truly did not understand the martial spirit concept that the teachers at the Divine Tower Academy were referring to. In his past, he had cultivation and power control techniques but had never studied anything about martial spirits. That’s why Tian Yun, who had replaced the original body of T
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Chapter 9. The Restrained Power
"Thanks to the kindness of the teacher for lending me the cultivation technique book, I have successfully awakened the martial spirit within my body. However, I apologize for not being able to fully maximize it."Teacher Yu Lau nodded his head. He didn't seem to mind the achievements Tian Yun had made. Indeed, if someone else had undergone training in the dimension created by the gods, it would have been very difficult to endure, let alone achieve as much cultivation as the young man had accomplished."You have worked hard, Tian Yun! What you have achieved so far is already extraordinary. Perhaps anyone else awakening their martial spirit from the beginning of cultivation would only manage to cultivate at most ten times. But what you have gone through is beyond the bounds of normal human capacity. Perhaps that is what earned you the primary recommendation from the head of this academy."Tian Yun did not quite understand what his teacher was saying. He had no idea that the letter he on
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Chapter 10. The Shield of the Seven-Colored God
"The Dragon God Fruit! However, this fruit is very rare, and the only place it grows is in the territory controlled by the Black Tiger Sect!" Master Yu responded to Tian Yun's question.He also explained that the Black Tiger Sect was notorious for its cruelty. No sect wanted to deal with them. Moreover, rumors had it that their leader had reached the Peak Martial Emperor Realm.Tian Yun fell silent. He had no knowledge of the sect mentioned by Master Yu. Furthermore, in the memory of his new body, he had never heard of the Black Seven-Star Sect.Reluctantly, he swallowed his disappointment because the opportunity to possess a strong body that could easily advance cultivation had to be accepted.Tian Yun then returned. His appearance was immediately greeted by Li Jiang."How was your training for seven days on Yu Lau's training ground? Have you managed to awaken your martial spirit?" asked Li Jiang.Tian Yun smiled, looking at his fellow disciple. He was somewhat pleased with Li Jiang'
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