Because Zuma won't be going to the mafia's palace today, the hulk of a man woke up after the sun had already peeped in the sky, and he was seen rolling on top of his big mattress, yawning out with exhaustion and stood up with a moan.

"How I wish I can spend the whole of today in bed!" He mumbled to himself as he stepped into the bathroom, and the running of water from the shower can be heard for a while.

A moment later, the reinvigorated mafia emerged out of the bathroom, wore a blue T-shirt and blue pant trousers, and was seen as he stepped out of his room into the corridor, and then out of the gate.

"Hey, Zuma!"

He turned and stare at the lady who called out to him, then smile at the recognition of her face.

"Hello, Mandy. How is your sister's health?"

"She is fine and getting healed as fast as possible. Thanks for asking about her."

"Where are you going?"

"Her Majesty allowed me to take today off so that we can have time to be together."

"So kind of her, please come inside."

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