Ariel The Black White Angel

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Ariel The Black White Angel

By: Saturnusx OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The land of miracles has been destroyed by a war between clans, leading to a terrible disaster. Ariel is the only one left of the angel clan. When he wakes up, he is in a world that is completely new to him. That's when his new adventure begins. Out of depression and anger. Protecting his new friends and family from the fear of a powerful enemy means he has to get back to being strong as soon as possible.

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Chapter 1 : The Beginning of the Destruction
In a world with many different forms of power, there are great people with a lot of power. People call that place "the land of miracles." Their power comes from the land they live on, which has a lot of life energy, so some of them can use huge fighting techniques. There were many large groups living there. they comprise the angel clan, demon clan, fairy clan, necromancer clan, spirit beast clan, and giant clan. People who are part of the angel clan have the ability to grow a beautiful white-feathered wing from their bodies. Demon clan: People in the demon clan can also grow wings from their bodies, but unlike the angel clan, their wings are black and don't have feathers. They also have horns on their foreheads. People in the fairy clan can also grow beautiful wings that look like those of butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and other insects. Necromancer clan: Members of the Necromancer clan look like dead bodies. Beast spirit clan: People from the beast spirit clan look like they are ha
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Chapter 2 : New Life and Encounters
"Is this the world that comes after death?" Ariel asked himself this question, and all of a sudden, he felt himself start to come back to. Ariel can still remember bits and pieces of what happened with Julie and the big fight against the demon clan alliance. Ariel opened his eyes. At that moment, he started to wake up, and tears started to fall from his eyes. Ariel felt bad about his mistakes and about not being able to help the people he cared about. Ariel started to move around. Ariel once more asked himself, "How was he still alive?" He remembered that he had given up his life to get rid of the demon clan alliance. "Is this because of Levin's seal that locks the soul and body together?" Ariel started to think about how the war, Edgar, Levin, and the whole land of wonders had all ended. Then Ariel started to straighten up and take a look at himself and his surroundings. Ariel first saw and felt a dark, damp ceiling and heard the sound of water dripping. Ariel saw that he was in
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Chapter 3 : Fire Shell Pearl Search
"How long have I been sleeping?" Zhishu questioned Ariel. "I found you unconscious and carried you to this cave more than a week ago." He answered. Zhishu immediately stopped eating. She then got up and moved from where she had been sitting. It looked like Zhishu wanted to get behind something. "I can't relax; I need it right away." Zhishu spoke as she stood up. "First, get back in shape and strength." Ariel explained. Ariel, who was present, tried to stop Zhishu with his words because it was quite improbable that she would return to the forest in her current condition. Zhishu had a great urge to go, but as she became aware of her current situation, she eventually followed Ariel's suggestions to regain strength. Zhishu then sat down again with Ariel and Nero. "Exactly what are you looking for?" Ariel inquired yet again. "The pearl of the fire shell," Zhishu responded. Zhishu then started to talk about how she got to this forest and why she fought the golden tail dragon . Zhish
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Chapter 4 : The Mysterious Hidden Power Reappears
Dewdrops began to fall from the cave roofs, and sunshine penetrated through the fissures in the rocks. Ariel awoke and opened his eyes. The cave's roof was still moist and dark.Ariel's movements and steps remained unchanged; he returned to his ordinary life in the cave. Although Ariel was used to feeling empty and hollow in his daily life, the days since Zhishu's departure made him feel like something was missing. Zhishu was the first person to speak to him after he awoke in the cave of this world.Ariel sought to dismiss his meeting with Zhishu as a passing breeze that didn't need to be addressed, however Zhishu's shadow and face could still be felt by Ariel in his dreams. For the time being, Ariel will continue on his current road of solitary.The days flew by, Ariel and Nero continued to dwell in the cave. In Ariel's mind, concerns developed as to why Nero wanted to stay with Ariel and why Nero did not fly freely to the outer world.Nero is an uncommon raven. Ariel recalls a day wh
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Chapter 5 : A New Adventure Begins in Wattbor City
Ariel's body became extremely weak; he bowed down till he could no longer stand; the black wings on his back fell off, and the dreadful black aura faded. Ariel started to realise that the power of the black wings right now was the power of the shadow of the black wings that used to be in him. When Ariel's black wings fell off, the feathers that landed on his body changed into a crow. Ariel was very surprised when the feathers that fell from the power of the black wings turned into a crow, which turned out to be Nero.Nero asked Ariel, "Are you surprised?"Ariel was even more startled now that Nero could speak. Ariel was also astonished to discover that he could now employ translucent eyes, which can assess a person's aura of strength and see the type of strength they possess. Translucent eyes may also recognise and identify alien objects, allowing translucent eye users to perceive valuable or dangerous materials. Ariel's translucent eyes can also see schematics building seals, thus he
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Chapter 6 : Keeping Promises, Giving the Best Sword
Finally, Ariel was able to meet with Theo's brother, "Are you all right?.""Yes, I'm fine, and thanks for helping me earlier," Theo's brother said."I'm Ariel, what's your name?" asked Ariel.Theo's brother answered, "My name is Marcel."Ariel: "I have something to tell you."Ariel said, "We should find another place first."Then Marcel took Ariel to where he lived, which was a small house on a hill in a suburb of Wattbor.Marcel asked Ariel to come in, and then Marcel made drinks and food. Marcel didn't have much money, so all she could give was water and some dry bread."I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep you more entertained, but my brother hasn't come back yet," Marcel said.Ariel said, "Yes, it's fine. Sorry for the trouble."Marcel then gave Ariel some bread and water to drink.Marcel asked, "Excuse me, but why are you looking for me? Or do you have something to do with my brother?"Marcel asked again, still curious what Ariel was trying to say.Ariel stopped drinking, set hi
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Chapter 7 : Practiced Basic Spectrum Techniques and Established Cooperation with Dragon Gate Auction House
When Ariel and Marcel got home, they ate together right away. Even though there was only a little bit of dry bread left, they didn't complain."What do you think we should do next?" Marcel asked Ariel."Is Theo's promise to give you a new sword because you want to get stronger?" asked Ariel in response."Yes, Brother Theo has taken care of me and kept me safe since I was a child, My body isn't as big as Brother Theo's, and our parents have been dead since we were little, so I really want to be strong so I can also protect my family and not just be a burden," said Marcel.Ariel knew what Marcel was feeling pretty well. Ariel decided he wanted to help Marcel get stronger."Come on out, and I'll show you a sword technique that matches your wind element spectrum."Ariel begged, "Get your sword!"Then Marcel picked up his broken, rusty iron sword. Ariel wanted to give Marcel a new sword right away when he saw Marcel's broken and rusted one. Ariel then took a book out of the storage ring on
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Chapter 8 : The Greatest Sword Maker has Died.
When Ariel got the money, he went right out to find food. Ariel visited a bakery in Wattbor. Ariel had taken off his mask now. When Ariel walked into the establishment, he was greeted by a middle-aged woman."Welcome to my bakery; please have a seat.""I would like to wrap some peanut bread; can you prepare it?" "I will get it ready right away."After this, Ariel sat down to wait for his order to be made.Suddenly, the door loudly opened, and several people walked right in. Loudly, someone told the shop owner to come out."Come out, you ignorant woman, I've come to collect your debt." The individual calling out to the bakery lady was one of Wattbor City's moneylenders.After hearing these people's voices, the bakery's owner instantly came out and said, "Sorry, give me two more days; I will pay it off.""What are you saying?,There is no more time; you must pay it off now," said the moneylender, destroying the bread exhibited in the bakery. Not only that, but the moneylender directed hi
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Chapter 9 : The Meteor storm dragon sword
Henry closed the mail after reading Herman's letter and delivered the sword that Herman had created to Marcel."This sword has been completed; my father's final determination and pride as a blacksmith are realized in this sword.""What is the name of this sword?" Marcel queried."I don't know either; my father didn't mention it in the letter he wrote," Marcel answered."Then you should name this sword, because you are your father's heir," Ariel said, asking Henry to name the weapon."Because this sword is made from the horn of the storm dragon emperor and red meteor steel, this sword is called the sword of the storm dragon meteor," stated Henry."Cool name, I think," Ariel agreed with Henry's name; Marcel agreed with Ariel; Marcel then raised the sword while adding, "Now your name is the meteor storm dragon sword," Marcel remarked as if talking to the blade.Herman's body was then buried adjacent to Herman's weapon-making warehouse. Ariel inquired about the amount of compensation that
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Chapter 10 : Praha City
Ariel traveled to the Wattbor City Dragon Gate Auction House by himself. When Ariel arrived at the Dragon Gate auction house's Wattbor city branch, he was greeted and escorted to Josep's room by the receptionist.This reception was quite different from what Ariel had received the first time he visited the Dragon Gate Auction House in Wattbor City."Mr. Crow, please sit down." Josep quickly invited Ariel to have a seat."What about our deal?" Is the VVIP card I requested completed?" Ariel inquired."For the vvip card, it's finished," Josep stated, taking it and presenting it to Ariel."The items you sold brought in 1.5 million gold coins. I can only give him 200,000 gold coins; you'll have to pick up the rest at the Dragon Gate Auction House in downtown Bellingham. It would be too risky to bring that much money from Bellingham City to Wattbor City. The director of the center wants to meet you; he is very interested in you and wants to talk about more business," Josep said.Josep then to
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