Mandy had spent the night at Zuma's house, then resumed to the palace as soon as the daybreak.

Hours later, she was seen emerging out of Andrea's section of the castle, walking through the long hall, and then arriving at the open space in front of the fort.

"Hey, Mandy. Where are you going to?" Zuma who appeared from the corridor on the other side increased his stride and arrived beside the lady in a few seconds.

"I'm going on an errand for her majesty, and will be back soon."

"We had a sleepless night and were having coitus till daybreak. Can't you beg her to send someone else, so that you can rest your weary bone?"

"There is time for everything. I will rest at night, and attend to my duty at daybreak. See you soon, my love."

"Come back early and don't keep me waiting!"

Mandy smiled, waved at her lover, turned about, resumed her journey, and was out of the palace gate in a few minutes.

Her destination is the foreigners' dock, and she had a date with the short and handsome sailor who
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