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Ibuki Ken is a young man that despises society very much. There are many causes why Ibuki dislikes society that much. He hates society because society is so judgmental, apathetic, and ignorant. There are so many stereotypes and stigma. "it’s toxic!" "Society is so fake that the truth hurts people!" Choosing to be single and have no friends, He was as abnormal, immature, sad. That’s was his choice. But Why DOES GOD CHOOSE HIM TO BE REINCARNATED IN ANOTHER WORLD

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Chapter 1: Death
"Shit! The stupid company..." The sound of the door being slammed can be heard throughout the whole office. It was so loud that some people take a peek to see what it is. As soon as they saw who making slamming the door, all of them immediately continue doing their work as if they were scared of something. It was Ibuki that slammed the door, everyone knew that he has a bad temper and easily punch someone if he get irritated. The truth was he doesn't want anyone to get involved in his matter cause people tend to give some life advice that was pretty stupid as they never went through the same thing. "I should know that it was Ibuki that causing the problem." "That's why he never had friends in the office, I wonder why the chief still didn't fire him..." "Hahaha! It's because he is a hard-working guy that's pretty dumb about how life works..." Ibuki just walked by holding his anger inside of him, he know that this is how society works. When he is with them they will talk nicely but
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Chapter 2: Into Another World
Ibuki was already in a different world, it has much more green scenery than his old world. He looks around as he realized that he was at the top of a hill, and he notices something weird. There were big pillars scattered around all the places, the pillar reach the sky and the pillars were so high that even with his current viewpoint, he can't see the end of the pillars. When he was about to descend from the hill, Ibuki saw a huge thing flying on passing his head. It seems like some sort of giant bird but it was kinda different from it, he realized that there was a human girl on that giant bird's feet. That girl seems to be shouting for help but Ibuki just doesn't care about that, he just continues to descend from the hill. He just sees that there were no benefits for him to saving that girl. While descending he notices that there was no route for him to descend from the hill, he just saw a steep that could help him descend. With the scythe in his hand that he used it as a walking
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Chapter 3: Testing Out Strength
"All my stats were maxed!" Only that moment, Ibuki had forgotten about the cursed Avaricex had given him as he was thrilled to see his max stats.He began to think about this current world he was reincarnated to, he could do everything he wanted, and no here could beat him. That's what been thinking about but then he realized something that could destroy his current dream.Ibuki worried that there might be some people in the world that could overpower him. His realization has made him have a purpose in this current world besides killing the demon god Avaricex."It's like killing two birds with one stone! Hahaha..." He laughs but he didn't even realize that his laugh was making a huge demonic sound in the forest. There were some natives in that forest and when they heard it, the native's scout quickly check it out.Tracking that demonic sound, the native people finally found an undead that was Ibuki. they realized that to make that kind of sound, the undead must be pretty powerful. The
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Chapter 4: Unlocking Skills
Even with the huge explosion, Ibuki was still standing there unscathed. They're not even tiny scars or injuries. Ibuki didn't even feel any pain or damage because of that explosion. He then began to laugh again and mocked Oldham that his attacks were weak.Oldham was surprised to see Ibuki was unharmed even after taking that explosion. He then realized something weird about Ibuki. Oldham looks closely at Ibuki and he saw something around him. An aura that he was familiar with, a demon god aura."You aren't a normal undead...""Sadly I'm not...but the same can be said for you. You aren't just a human.""HAHA! This man is nearly my vessel to greet you, my real body was elsewhere."Ibuki now knows why this man has a godly vibe in his voice, Oldham was already dead by the strike he landed before. There is someone else using Oldham's body and continuing the fight with Ibuki.There is no wonder why he unleashes that kind of spell that kills many of the people in this village. He wasn't Oldh
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Chapter 5: God Of Death
Instant Scout*| Use it on the map to scout the area.After reading that, Ibuki reopens the map and uses the instant scout on the area in which the shovel was coming from. The section of the area now can be seen on the map, he realizes that there was some red dot moving on the map.Ibuki clicks on the red dot and surprisingly another pop-up appears, the pop-up was about the red dot he just clicks on. The red dot means the enemy, it was also able to display their level. Ibuki realizes that all of the enemies there were just levels 10-15.He would crush them easily but there was this one red dot that was far from the rest. Ibuki checked on the red dot and noticed that this particular person had a level much higher than the rest as this one was on level 50. Despite that, Ibuki knows that he could beat the enemy easily.When Ibuki was just about to use the instant scout again, three shovels were coming his way. He already knew that something was coming to him as he could see it clearly on
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Chapter 6: Another God
His opponent's effort to block was completely useless. He couldn't even block the incoming attack from Ibuki anymore.Still, Ibuki's opponent was imposing to stand up despite being hit numerous times in three minutes. His opponent refused to give up and kept taunting Ibuki that he doesn't hurt that much at all.This makes Ibuki kind of irritated as he wanted to make sure that his opponent yields as soon as possible. Ibuki hates to hear his opponent tell him that he is weak.It leaves Ibuki with no choice but to stop attacking with his bare hands. It would take quite a long time for his opponent to give up. All because his opponent has the spirit to not yield even in a difficult situation.Ibuki then decided to grab his opponent and lift him from the ground. It makes his opponent surprised as he didn't think that Ibuki will use this method.His opponent struggles to escape from Ibuki's grasp. Ibuki didn't take any time at all, as soon as he reached a good height distance. He throws his
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Chapter 7: Fight Between Gods
Ibuki knows that he could beat his opponent as he has defeated him before. Ibuki realized that his opponent might have additional power-up due to the resurrection. To make sure that his opponent does indeed have the power-up, he needs to check his stats while engaging in combat.[CHARACTER]>Ubram>HUMAN>LEVEL: 55>HP: 3200>MP: 2000>Physical [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]Strength: 40Dexterity: 40Stamina: 40>Mental [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]Intelligence: 70Perception: 59Wits: 81>Social [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]Charisma: 54Manipulation: 77Appearance: 56When Ibuki saw the stats, he realized that he had never seen his previous stats before. He couldn't compare so Ibuki could assume that Ubram might be a little powerful than before.Still, Ibuki didn't think it would be that hard to defeat Ubram. He doesn't take any time at all as Ibuki speed a bit more than usual, he then lands a several hit onto Ubram body.Ibuki doesn't show any mercy at all as he slashes through Ubra
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Chapter 8: The Extend Of My Power
Ibuki managed to land a hit on God Cahysus but he felt that something was wrong. It was too easy as it's like God Cahysus didn't even try to evade Ibuki attack just now. Ibuki then backs down if that God Cahysus let himself get attacked, it's like the God wanted that Ibuki is in God Cahysus attack range. Because of that, Ibuki instinct told him he needed to back down or get hit instead. His instinct was right, after all, the moment Ibuki back down. A chain of lightning appears in Ibuki position earlier. Ibuki knows that he had been lucky and realizes that he should not let himself be trick or get some damage. "You're good undead. I thought you would be stupid and let yourself be struck by my lightning..." God Cahysus said that. "Of course, who wouldn't notice your dumb plan anyway. Still, it's a good try for a coward God like you. I thought you would fight me honestly." Ibuki said that towards God, Cahysus. Ibuki thought that God Cahysus would remain calm but as soon as the God h
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Chapter 9: God's Magics
The invisible magic use by God Uvel deflects the attack. Ibuki was not able to land an attack as God Uvel had saved God Cahysus.God Cahysus aware that and he didn't seem to like the help at all. "What are you doing, you know that the attack would not be able to harm me!""You're fool Cahysus, did you not notice the scythe of the undead... That isn't an ordinary scythe" God Uvel said that.God Cahysus look closely on Ibuki scythe as he then realizes it for himself, he was quite shocked when he sees the scythe. "Undead! Where do you get that weapon from!" God Cahysus said that."Do you think I would tell you where I obtain my SoulCursed scythe, you have to beat me if you really wanted to know," Ibuki said that to taunt God Cahysus.God Cahysus didn't reply as somewhat become much more serious right now. The spear that penetrates Ibuki skeleton body disappeared, God Cahysus stare at Ibuki as more lightning spark around his body. Ibuki knows that God Cahysus was going all out for this on
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Chapter 10: Escape God's
The problem was God Cahysus was already dead and God Uvel wasn't in this area anymore. With that, Ibuki couldn't get the information he needed. Ibuki was getting frustrated as he doesn't want to stay here any longer.Frustrated as Ibuki was right now. There's nothing he could do in this situation. The only thing he could do now was to play with God Cahysus corpse. But soon Ibuki was bored as God Cahysus body had been chop into tiny little pieces."I'm so bored, how do I escape from this empty white place!" Ibuki says it in a loud voice.He then remembers that he unlocks an achievement and still doesn't know what skill he had right now. Ibuki checked his skill.[Skill Menu]-Instant Scout*-Quick Fist*-Engulfing Flame*-Pain Absorption*-God Authority*"God Authority? What does this skill do..." Ibuki then clicks on the star to see the skill description.God Authority*| Granted the user the Power Of God*"The power of a god? I guess I had to test this out and maybe I could use it to
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