As soon as lady Amona left Andrea's presence, her majesty was seen soliloquising alone in her seat.

"Why is lady Amona protecting Libra, when it was apparent that he visited the palace on the morning of that fateful day?" She asked as she place her fingers on her lips and gazed lost in thought.

Having no one to answer her unasked question. Andrea stood up with a groan, walked towards the statue of King El Guje and peered at the fixed smile on the king's face.

"We are getting closer to finding your murderer. So far, Priest is the main culprit and I believe others will be found out soon," Andrea stooped in front of the statue and muttered in a whisper.

"Are you conversing with the king's sculpture?"

El Ramon's voice made the lost-in-thought lady to whirled back, smile at the sight of her husband, and then let out, " I was reminding his spirit not to forsake us now."

El Ramon nodded in understanding, stepped closer to his throne, sat and signal to his wife to come to her seat.

"Did you
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