Quantum Rip: Welcome to Ethos

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Quantum Rip: Welcome to Ethos

By: Breuno34 CompletedFantasy

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A special day has come, a day that Earth has awaited for oh so long. The day where they are finally going to try and run the reactor. This had been long-awaited and everyone dropped off their kids with a hint of dread. Hoping that nothing would go wrong, we know it did. Since, else, there would not be a story. I won't go into too much detail, but only simply explain what happened. Due to some malfunctioning and incorrect assumptions, the reactor overproduced energy. Something which should have been impossible according to all the known knowledge of a really advanced Earth. I mean, they have even started colonizing planets. Have done countless simulations and even built test stations in space. Yet now, something had gone when they did the same on earth. Bizarre, right? This malfunctioning and imploding of the reactor caused a massive explosion due to the instability of space itself. This is also what allowed the story to exist, as our main characters were all transported. The method is not known, nor why they survived. We can say it is for the story, for now... They all now find themselves on Ethos, eating a mouthful of dirt as they struggled for breath. Some find their situation horrible, others find it relaxing and peaceful. Some see death, others see life. Despair and hope, madness and sanity on an edge. What has fate given you? Welcome to Ethos, a planet of magic. Welcome to Ethos, a planet orbiting an exotic star. Ethos wishes you luck in surviving. Maybe, just maybe... You can someday go back, or not.

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74 chapters
During (Part 1)
"Everyone, get ready to start." Ven's voice traveled through the speakers, reaching every single place in the facility.Slowly she started the countdown, during which most nervously swallowed. Everyone had the same thought going through their minds as the words slowly counted down: 'Moment of truth.'Everything started well, things going as they predicted they would. But slowly, as the reactor reached higher and higher temperatures, it became clear that things would not continue as predicted."This is too fast, stop everything now!" Ven shouted once she saw that they were already at 1% of the total predicted energy levels.This might not sound like much, however, it was supposed to take ten minutes; only one had passed.Everyone scrambled as Ven's shout reached them over the speaker. But... They failed.By the time the team responsible for manually deactivating it arrived, after the automatic system had failed them, the reactor was already a
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During (Part 2)
"Yawen! Yawen! Have you seen Yawen?" Edvard shouted and asked as he ran past panicking colleagues. After helping Ghakarhi and Maxwell out of the reactor room, he had quickly done his best to stabilize them and then rushed to find his wife.A total shutdown meant they could no longer contact the outside world, the force fields completely cut them off from the rest of the world. Which meant it was too late to contact their families. Edvard now only wished to spend his last moments with his wife.In this rush and panic, time froze… Yet it did not freeze.Everyone could still feel, see, and reason. But they could not move. Things which had been falling were now stationary, people who were bleeding now seemed to stop. The sound of the alarm was no more and so too the flashing of the lights.'What the hell?' Edvard asked as he tried looking around, finding that he could not move his sight. He was completely stuck, but aware. He could not even move his ey
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After (Part 1 - Ven)
Gasping for air, Ven struggled to flip herself from her current position; face down in the dirt. It took her a few tries as her body struggled to follow her commands.Back against the dirt, face staring at the canopy of leaves, she spat a few times to get rid of what she had eaten in her struggle.Taking a deep breath, she felt the dirt mix with her saliva slipping into her throat, causing her to cough from the irritants. After a few more bouts of spitting, she finally managed to breathe comfortably.'Gods… How long has it been?' She asked herself as she stayed on her back and enjoyed the rays of sunlight flickering through the leaves. This simple scene a rare one on Earth.She had no idea how long she had been in that frozen state. Where she had seen her friends and colleagues dissipate and die. It had felt like years, but surely that can't be right.It took some time for her to come back from these thoughts, tears flowing down her cheeks a
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After (Part 2 - Ven)
'Then again…' Ven doubted for a moment. Her entire belief in science had been rocked due to the accident, a pulsar being able to support life made her doubt herself even more.She had been brought here because what they knew was wrong. The way they believed everything worked… Was wrong.'No, believe. That is all I can do… And hope…' Her thoughts returned to her children as she cleared her mind of doubts. Pushing through the pain and tiredness in hopes to find a water source.She knew that doubts would do her no good, that it would be even worse than worrying about her children. So, she allowed the latter to keep her mind occupied as she followed the moss on the trees.Recalling what she had read, long ago, she tried her best to not follow the false moss.Ignoring all that grew near the ground, she looked for moss higher up. Choosing her waist as the cutoff height. While this would do little for direction, it should hopef
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After (Part 3 - The Others)
Gasping for air, Edvard struggled to get up. Much like Ven, he ate a few mouthfuls of dirt before managing to turn around. Also like Ven, he was in a forest and fatigued to the bone. This forest was less dense, with sparse undergrowth and no vines. Making visibility far clearer.His first actions and thoughts were similar to Ven's, only his desire to go back was far stronger. He knew the first thing he needed was a source of water, yet he could not keep his thoughts focused on that.Unlike Ven, his search was interrupted much sooner too. He saw a monster, an orc, come through the treelines in a panicked sprint. Edvard froze upon seeing the fantasy-like creature.The orc looked exactly like the fantasy representation of orcs. Large bulging muscles, tusk-like teeth, and dark green mud-colored skin. It looked vicious and like it could kill him with ease.Edvard did not freeze for long, realizing that the orc was running towards him, he looked for a place to
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Vespes Prince (Part 1)
"What the fuck? Where the hell am I?" Edvard asked as he finished emptying his stomach. No longer caring for being silent after the horror he just witnessed.Looking up he couldn't help but feel like some divine being was torturing him. First the endless timelessness and now a monster-invested forest.'Is this some kind of sick joke? Was atomizing the mercy?' He wondered, certain that he would soon end up like the orc. It certainly had a much better chance than him at putting up a fight yet, it had died so easily.While the orc had not had any weapons, it was well over 2 meters with muscles that would send most athletes crying about the unfairness of life.Adding onto that, the orc was a native of this world. Of this forest. Edvard had no idea where to even find food or water, and he dared not try and find them.Moving back to his hiding spot, Edvard took out all the items he had on him. His last bit of hope vanishing as he found everything no long
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Vespes Prince (Part 2)
'It is the world we live on. Let me clarify. We are not communicating through a language, nor through words. We are talking through concepts, as such, I can understand you and you me. You do not have to worry about how you say things, I will understand.''Wha-… How is that even possible?' Edvard asked in exasperation, this contradicted all he knew of telepathy.'It is a skill some of our kind may gain through the test of time. Not many, and only I in this group.' As he said this the elf, or Vespes, pointed to those around him.Having calmed down greatly, Edvard's mind could actually take in the details his eyes presented him. All of the elves looked handsome like they had carefully picked genes. Edvard also noticed that there were no females in this group.They were all dressed similarly; beautiful silk with strange patterns hidden behind their unique leather armor. No stitches nor anything showing that it was crafted visible, almost like the cloth
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Vespes Prince (Part 3)
'What will you use my knowledge for?' Edvard asked, wondering how many of his thoughts had already been read. It was impossible for him to know when his thoughts were private and when they were open to Ilvisar, unless the vespes commented on them.'I will try to understand them… While I will be getting your memories, I will only be able to get those you yourself remember. The most recent will be the strongest and easiest to read. The most precious, second easiest. Third, the abstract and conscious knowledge which you know of, but do not focus on.''I will try and find a way to use your knowledge for the greater good of the Vespes. I'll be honest, I will not do anything for the humans of Ethos. Only for my empire and citizens.''Does that mean I will be a traitor?' Edvard wondered, having no clue about the social structure of this world. He did not know how bad this rivalry was, if sharing his knowledge would get him killed soon after.'How can I be
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Vespes Prince (Part 4)
'I simply wish to heal your wound, our blades are special and a cut made by them will not heal for hours or days.' Ilvisar said before trying to touch Edvard's neck again. 'I am truly sorry about the confusion.'Upon Ilvisar's touch, Edvard felt the stinging pain disappear. In disbelief, he felt his neck up and down, the cut gone and all that remained blood staining his neck and lab coat. Somehow his body now also contained much more energy than before.This act confirmed to him that at the very least Ilvisar was not done with him yet.'I will not try to get all your memories; they are far too… Complex and controversial for me. I feel I already got far more than I had thought possible.' Ilvisar said after giving Edvard some time to recover, his words causing the latter to be confounded.'Here, these are the first promised rewards.' Ilvisar said as he took a pair of clothes out of nowhere, placing them on the table. The clothes were a dark brown tra
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Yawen (Part 1 - Entering Alryne):
"Yawen!" A young boy shouted from a distance, busy picking a flower from a dark nook of a tree."Yes, Xavier?" Yawen shouted back as she started heading in his direction. She had picked up a few words already, mostly basic ones like yes, no, more, thank you, I am, you are. It allowed her to talk very brokenly, but she was not worried.She loved languages and always learned them quickly. Hence why she already knew over six before her forties, while also having worked and gained her Phd.This might sound insane, but most of the people she worked with had similar talents. All of them being the top in at least one area."Look what I found," Xavier said excitedly as he showed Yawen the flower he had picked. Taking it from Xavier, Yawen looked at it in curiosity.The flower looked like a rose, petals tightly packed. Yet the color was strange, it was slightly glowing blue while having purple petals. Taking it to the shade of one of the trees she could see
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