"That's something," Kemisola exclaimed when Austin shot the last creature. A hundred creatures entered the base camp, and all of them were shot on the head by the soldiers.

"We have to burn their bodies until they are ashes." Austin said to the rest of the soldiers. 

"Who are you to give orders here?" A man wearing a brown round shirt and a green khaki was questioned. "You don't give orders here," The man said, with a bit of an accent. His English was broken as he found it hard to pronounce "you."

"If I were you, brown-faced, you'd listen to me," Austin advised. 

"Brown face? "You dare call me brown-faced." The man pronounced B as p and you as do. 

"Hey, guys! That's enough. Let's do what he says. " Michael, the team leader for the U.S.A., said to both of them. 

"What do you know about the creatures anyway?" Justin, the team leader of Canada, was questioned. He was a man, standing as tall as Austin. Justin was a sturdy man, which made him look like a giant. He flexed his muscles at Austin, who didn't blink an eye but stared at him. 

If I were you, I'd listen to me. "The creatures aren't dead," Austin said, pointing to the ground where the creatures had been shot in the head.

I think you all should listen to him. He is our superior. " Tammy told the rest of the soldiers who were not on the Mecianda team. 

"How is he our superior?"

"We don't even know him that well."

"The guy is rude!" 

Those were the pieces of stuff. Some of them muttered amongst themselves until Austin decided to end the murmurings.

"Enough!" He shouted, and everyone stopped talking at once. "We are all soldiers, and I think we all came here for a purpose." I am Lieutenant Colonel Austin-Davison. If you want to survive, you do as I say, or else you die! " 

"Yes sir!" Only the Mecianda soldiers answered and saluted their superior. 

"I think you are forgetting something, whatever your name is," The man with the broken English walked closer to Austin and pushed him backward with his hands. 

"Touch me again and it'll be the last time you ever use your hand." Austin threatened

I'm supposed to be threatened by you? You know what people call me? The Killer! " The man shouted and raised his fist to hit Austin, but Austin ducked, grabbed the man by the hand, and flipped him over his shoulders.

"I don't understand what you are saying." Your English is so broken that I could feel my ears bleeding. " Austin jeered. 

Tammy burst into laughter and all eyes turned to him. "What? Is it funny? He laughed again. 

The man stood up from the ground and rushed to hit Austin again, but he got hit in the face by Austin, who was faster. Austin gave him an uppercut and jabbed him on the shoulders with his nails. Austin made sure he drew blood from the shoulders of the man with broken English. The man yelled out in pain and fell to the ground, groaning in pain. "I surrender!" He shouted. The Mecianda team cheered their leader with shouts and claps. 

"Soldiers!" Austin shouted. "I know we are from different countries, but we need to learn how to respect each other." He pointed out "Let's burn the bodies."

As if they were being controlled with a remote, the soldiers began to gather the bodies together until they were all in one spot. The campground was filled with red liquid that was slowly turning dark. The transition caused the soldiers to stop and stare at the blood. 

"I'll need their blood for experiment purposes." Chelsea took a box from their tent and squat to take a look at the blood. She wore gloves taken from the white box. She also took two syringes and drew the blood into the syringes. "That will be enough," she said. 

"What will you need that for?" Kemisola walked towards her to ask

"Experiment." I need to know why the blood changed. " Chelsea answered. 

"I'll be glad to help." Kenisola offered. 

The soldiers turned towards where the bodies were and set them on fire. The creatures made no noise as they all got consumed by fire. The fire continued to burn into their flesh and the soldiers stared at the creatures as they burned. "I'm Jamal, captain of the Pakistan force." The man Austin fought against introduces himself. "You seem to be a brave soldier. I like you already." 

"I don't need you to like me," Austin said and walked away into Mecianda's tent. He dropped the guns in his possession on a large table in their tent and looked for a bed to sleep in. Austin closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep filled with the worst nightmares. 

The dream showed Austin running towards his daughter and dead wife, who were under attack by the creatures. His family screamed his name as five creatures grew closer to them. The creatures were five in number. They were bigger and took the shape of a lycan. His daughter and supposed dead wife screamed for him to save them, and while he continued running towards them, he was stopped by his father, who shot him in the chest. Austin dropped to the ground and watched his family torn into shreds by the creatures. Austin screamed from his dream into reality. 

"No!" He shouted and jumped from the bed where he lay. Beads of sweat flowed down from his head down to his neck and chest. He was panting and sweating profusely. He looked around the tent and saw no one in the tent. He rushed outside the tent and covered his eyes from the bright sun. Austin didn't know he slept for so long. He looked around the camp and saw some soldiers training, but none were from his team. Austin went back inside the tent, took his walkie-talkie, and turned it on. "This is espresso." Can anyone hear me? over " 

"Espresso, this is cappuccino over," Sammie responded from behind their tent. 

Austin heard his voice and went behind their tent where all the soldiers were except Kemisola, who was with Chelsea. When they saw him, they saluted him. 

"What's about the creatures, Americano?" He questioned

"They've been turned into nothing but ashes," Tony explained. 

"Show me!" Austin demanded and turned to the rest of the soldiers. "Continue with your training."

"Yes, sir!" They all responded. 

Tony took Austin to where the bodies of the creatures were burnt overnight. All that was left of the creatures was a pile of ashes. "We had to burn them overnight," Tony said to Austin. 

"How long did I sleep?" 

"Twelve hours, sir," Tony responded. 

"What time is it?" 

"0007 sir," Austin couldn't believe he'd slept so long.The dream he had was still vivid in his memory. He left his family to die in his dream, just like his wife did five years ago in the hands of his father. 

"My friend!" Jamal shouted and waved from his tent, which was opposite to where they had burned the creatures. The Pakistani soldiers were getting training from Jamal, their team leader. "You look like a mess, friend." He pointed to Austin's head and clothes. 

Austin looked at him but pretended he didn't hear anything he said. He walked away with Tony, and they both entered the tent. "Americano!" He called. 

"Sir," Tony responded. 

"Continue with your training while I take a bath." Austin ordered Tony, who saluted him and walked out of the tent. Austin pulled off his round shirt, revealing his toned body from his bulging muscular arms to his abs. Austin was about to pull up his khaki trousers when he heard someone coughing. He stopped him and looked up at Kemisola, who had just walked into the tent. Austin glared at her, waiting for her to say something. When she didn't say anything, he looked away and pulled off his trousers, leaving him half-naked with only his boxers left. Austin continued and touched the waistband of his boxers. As he pulled it down, Kemisola screamed and ran out of the tent. Austin smiled at the action, which he found amusing. 


"This is the map of the village where it all started from." Austin dropped a large map on the table in their tent for his team to see. The Mecianda soldiers had gathered around a table in their tent after a long training to listen to what their team leader had to say. Austin marked a spot on the map. "We are going to start from here," he said. "This is Roku village, and from there we move to Landia village," he explained. 

"Are we teaming up with the older soldiers?" Gabriella questioned. 

"We did not come here for any soldiers' affogato. We all came to protect our country. We all came to a stop where the attack is suspected to have started. Those bunch of idiots are not going to be on my team if they fail to respect me. " Austin said. 

"Yes, sir!" 

"We will move out in five minutes." "Get your weapons ready," he ordered. "Latte!" He called him Kemisola. 

"Yes, sir!" She closed her eyes due to what she had seen earlier. 

"Open your eyes while I'm talking to you!" Austin shouted. 

"Yes, sir," Kemisola said, opening her left eye first, then her right.She was surprised when she saw everyone staring at her. 

"Prepare your weapons, Doctor!" Austin emphasized the word doctor. 

"Yes Espresso," Kemisola said, emphasizing the last word.

The remaining soldiers watched the exchange between Austin and Kemisola until... "Get your weapons?" Austin's powerful voice brought them back into reality. 

"Yes, sir!" 

Five minutes later, the team's coffee was all set for war. They all walked out of their tent dressed in their military uniforms. A brownish camouflage jacket and trousers with a combat boot. All of them had a duffel bag on their backs, ready for the war. 

"Hey, people!" Jamal clapped when he saw them. "Are you all heading out?" He asked, but the soldiers continued walking without replying to him. "My team and I are also going into the village. Is that where you are going to? " 

"You better get going before I blow your head off." Austin threatened as he got out his rifle and pointed it at Jamal. 

"No need to get violent," Jamal said in his broken English, making the violence sound like parlance. He huffed and walked to meet his teammates. 

"You are a scary one, ain't you?" Tammy walked side by side with Austin, with his team behind him. "The remaining soldiers had gone down to the village, leaving only the two of us." Let's go together. " He proposed.

"Suit yourselves," Austin responded, and walked off with his team.

The two teams walked out of the base camp and headed into the forest. They walked deeper into the forest, looking around for any sign of the creature. After walking for an hour, the soldiers arrived at the Roku village that had turned into nothing but ruins. There was nothing left of the village except dust and nothing but dust. At the entrance of the town was a large board on which Roku village was written. The board was the only thing that could be used to recognize the town. The soldiers walked into the town, and the only thing that could be heard was the thumping of their boots. 

"Help me!" A little boy ran out of a house to see if it could be called a house. The roof had fallen in front of the house, and half of the building had collapsed. "Please help me!" The little one, who seemed to be around ten years old, ran towards the soldiers. The boy was almost naked as he had no clothes on and the shirt he wore was torn. 

The soldiers raised their guns and pointed them towards the boy. "Don't kill me!" The boy quickly shouted out. "I'm not one of them." He declared. Just then, a growling sounded, and it stopped because Sammie had made a hole in the creature's head with his gun. 

"Please save me!" The boy begged. 

Kemisola, who was moved by the little boy's tears, moved closer to the boy to touch but got pulled back by Chelsea. "Careful." She said to her

"I'm not infected," the boy confessed. 

"Where is your family, young boy?" Tammy questioned. 

"They are gone." Everyone is gone. The boy responded sadly.

Another growling sounded from the northern side. Another growling sounded from the east side. It also happened on the southern side until it sounded where the soldiers stood. "Hush," Austin shushed them and pointed to the ground that was shaking as if an earthquake was about to happen. The shaking stopped and the unexpected happened. The ground where the soldiers stood split into two and a large hole was formed in which the soldiers all fell. It was an epic fall.

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