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By: prosperrhey OngoingMystery/Thriller

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In a world where normalcy reigned in people's lives, Sofia's life took another turn as things grew from bad to worse in her quest for unraveling the reason as to why the witch sought after her death.

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Book name: HauntedAuthor: Onyebuchi ProsperPseudonym: DarkaddictThis book is dedicated to the fountain of life and the giver of all talents, our most high God PrefaceThe story of this book began with happiness and imagination of things that have been and things that are yet to be seen in this world. Series of uncanny yet thrilling things in the world and the lives of certain individuals like the character in this book, Sofia.This book was written with a series of images and weird thoughts at heart. The writing of this book was born from the desire to pass a message through the fictional life of Sofia.Onyebuchi ProsperDarkaddict AcknowledgmentsI am most grateful to God almighty for bringing me this far and showing me mercy. I sincerely thank my Uncle prosper for his immeasurable support and help and also for my friends who have been there with me amidst all the challenges.Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to my readers and the lovers of
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Chapter 1: Our Witch
The one with the darkest of hearts, the one who could kill by merely moving her hands and imagining your face, my wicked neighbor. Yes, you guessed right, the Witch at the back of my house.The one who is known for performing rituals at odd times, tormenting souls, and pouring out libations. Before she knew it, flames of burnt offerings filled the air as she tried to read at midnight.Sofia stared in disgust and utmost disappointment, “what could she be burning by this time?“. Out of curiosity, Sofia went to the balcony to take a look at what the witch was up to.Renting a house in Enugu has been the worst mistake Sofia made in all her years. Feeling happy and excited, Sofia packed into a spacious apartment where few people lived. Little did she know that her so-called neighbors were pretending, and wearing a happy masks. They lived in fear but acted as though nothing disturbed them. She found the house beautiful and appealing, with beautiful design and a spacious structure. After
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Chapter 2: I need help
Chapter 2: I need helpSofia almost puked at the gory sight. It was a scary sight, and she got uncomfortable staring at the man's lifeless body.Sofia took one last look at the old man's remains and felt sorry for him, However, she couldn't help but continue to stare at him. She imagined the kind of pain and suffering he must have been through.His leg was still big and the worms continued to spurt out of his leg. This time they were not ordinary worms.One could compare them to the size of a millipede. They had some similarities, a cylindrical body and two pairs of legs, with shiny silver color.After finding their way out of his leg, they left a giant mark there, a big hole that explains that they were once there. “Dispose of Zita”, the Witch pointed at the old man, signaling her minions to do something.Engulfed with the mixed feelings she felt, it was confusing, Sofia had never seen something like this before. At some point, she thought of crying or maybe shouting or wailing.But
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Chapter 3: The sexy preggo
Her minions turned around, facing her with an emotionless face. They stretched out their hands alongside the calabash they held.The Witch took the knife and beheaded herself, causing thick dark blood to spurt out of her neck. Her head fell inside a burning pot of hot coal, At the sight of this, Sofia placed her head on her knees and swallowed hard. She stretched her hand and poured the hot mixture inside her neck.Sofia stared with her mouth open. The mixture entered her neck and the rest of her body, the calabash fell and her body palpitated.Her headless body fell while palpitating uncontrollably. Sofia felt the urge to scream but she immediately covered her mouth, trying not to make any sound.“The mixture contained Zita's canines and premolars, alongside the viper's venom and the witch's blood”, Sofia recalled trying to be sure of what the witch poured inside her body.“What a combination”…A foul smell filled the air but her minions didn't budge, not once did they blink or ac
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Chapter 4: A wicked Surgeon
The Witch laughed out loud while staring at her. “Hell on Earth?, What a nice name for your current situation”, the Witch's face beamed with smiles as she stared at the confused pregnant lady, who had a “How did you know what was on my mind” expression on her face.She could hear her thoughts and her hidden plan but that was never going to happen even if she slept off as a result of exhaustion from the ritual.Still, the lady was never going to make it out alive, she backed up her thoughts with a confident look on her face. The lady could feel cold shivers around her spine.She couldn't help but swallow so hard. Tears dripped down her face as she stared at the woman who held her life in her palms.The Witch looked resolute and confident in actualizing her plan of killing her. Making her drink the worm-filled liquid was just the tip of the iceberg, she had things up her sleeves.Not knowing what might happen next, she decided to reminisce about the beautiful experiences she had so far
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Chapter 5: Would she make it out alive?
Sofia could only stare and observe the situation. It was a sad thing for a woman to be denied the right to carry and touch her baby after delivery.“What punishment was worse than this?“, Monica yelled and stared at her open belly as blood oozed out of it.Feeling a surge of strength, Monica sat up and questioned the Witch who refused to answer her. But Monica persisted, despite the big cut on her stomach, she insulted the witch and tried to force Words out of her.“The only thing you can do to have your peace is to kill me because I'll keep disturbing you”, Monica spoke with all seriousness while giving her a stern look.This time she was hell-bent on annoying the Witch, somehow, anyhow!.It was obvious that she needed answers and didn't mind facing the witch head-on. The Witch stared at her for a while, trying to read her expression. She looked closely and realized that Monica had braced herself for what might happen next. A wicked grin became visible on her face.“Your husband's c
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Chapter 6: Could it be what she did last night?
Sofia felt a strong blinding light shining on her face, she looked around and realized that she was lying down on her bed. “ It was all a dream”, Sofia put the lines together and felt at ease.“Time check, 7:00 am, today is Saturday too”, Sofia woke up early today unlike her usual time of waking up on Saturday. It was quite odd. She proceeded to do her house chores and when she was done, she fixed a meal, ate, showered, and got ready to visit big b.It was around 8 'o'clock when Big b got home from the gym. He just finished bathing before Sofia knocked on his door. “Come in”, he screamed from the other end.“The Big b we know”, Sofia teased him with a smile on her face and he greeted her as usual, “Sofi sofi, how was your night”, he let out a broad smile after this question.“My night, well that's the reason am here, I have something to discuss with you”, upon sighting Sofia's facial expression, he knew something was up.He gestured for her to sit down and she narrated Everything. He
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Chapter 7: The Revelation
Sofia was mute for a while, trying to assimilate what Big b said to her. “Whoever revealed these things to her, did so for a reason”.“I'm not from the family of prophets, what's making me see things”, she said utterly confused while glancing at Big b, but this time he had no answer for her.“Did I wrong the Witch by any means?, could it be that she's very angry at me?, why would she threaten me like I was going to harm her?“.Sofia tried putting the pieces together but it was still very much confusing. Big b got up and fixed a meal for her. He made an omelet with bread and a hot coffee.Sofia ate in a hurry but fear was still evident on her face, after which she laid back on the sofa and had a nice sleep.Big b couldn't help but watch her as she slept soundly, she looked angelic and beautiful. Noticing that his mind started imagining useless things, he quickly went inside his room.When Sofia had woken up it was already 7:40 pm, a few minutes from 8:00 pm. “Big b, have I been sleepin
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Chapter 8: Nightmares
“Uhm, no nightmares so far, apart from the first one, am yet to have another one”, Sofia replied honestly. Big b nodded and wished her a nice day.She walked out of the gate, and he immediately followed her, only to stop beside the gate and watch her beautiful figure as she hurried for work.Sofia was a humble teacher who loved her job more than anything. She dedicated her time just to making sure everyone assimilates something.At some point, teaching government students was proving difficult because most of them hardly read about past events, and talk more about listening to the radio to find out about different happenings in the country.Some would ask unreasonable questions just to make her keep explaining and eventually while away time. Sofia has been a teacher for two years and it's been all shades of wonderful as she keeps adjusting to the different sets of people she teaches every year.She got fond of the children and they seem to like her a lot. Sofia got to school and help
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Chapter 9: "My heads under water but I'm breathing fine"
“You're my end and my beginning, even when I lose I'm winning”. Sofia screamed like one who's been intoxicated with wine.Her mind and soul were in the song, parts of her body were the only thing in the bath. “Sofia? Sofia?“.“My head's under water but I'm breathing fine, you're crazy but I'm out of my mind”, that was all Big b could hear, the melodious tune of Sofia's voice.It was improper but what could he do, he wanted to see her. “Should I go in?, maybe some other time, but I want to see her”. Big b contemplated within himself.He was utterly confused as to what to do, going in or coming back later, which one seems okay?.Amidst the intense confusion he felt at that point, he decided to go in.“If I perish, I perish”, Big b walked in and closed the door.She stopped singing but he could hear the song blaring. He got to the kitchen but she wasn't there as he predicted.He followed the song and it was coming from the bathroom, he knew it wasn't right but what could he do at that po
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