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By: D. Ellihurt CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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After his mother is sent to a mental asylum, Sineas Murphy and his aunt relocate to the quiet neighborhood of Malrich. But just a decade later, a ruthless killer begins terrorizing the once peaceful neighborhood, chopping up their victims like a demented chef, severing limbs from torso with distinct precision using an axe. Sineas battles between fitting in to his new school and becoming one of the prime suspects of these horrendous and unspeakable murders that occur in the neighborhood of Malrich, with no one else in his corner, except Clarissa Sherman, the only person he grows to trust. Love, friendships and bonds are tested in this gruesome and tragic tale

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1. Sineas Murphy
Fireworks. Fireworks? Yes, that is what it sounded like. Fireworks. The sound was ear-splitting. Like a knife in the ear. Except, these were not fireworks. The Iver Johnson Revolver had finally served its purpose. Breechwood was one of the most serene neighbourhoods in the city. There had been no murder or suicide for the past thirty-eight years. Until now. The Murphy family was known to be one of the most peaceful families, so what had triggered this unforeseen calamity? It was like discovering a gun in the holiest church you could think of. With tears in his eyes, Sineas Murphy, the only child in the Murphy family, stood a few feet from the fresh corpse of his father. The blood flowing smoothly from the right side of his father’s head and the revolver still clasped loosely in his right hand. Sineas could not stop whimpering. This was too vexing a sight to register for a six year old. The blood though was too hard to see as it dripped onto the red carpet. The carpet was an
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2. Pleading Sanity
‘Priscilla!’She sniffled. ‘Papa…Papa…Papa…’ she said then she stopped crying. She slowly swerved her head. Her eyes settled on Sineas. She leapt from her position towards him, her eyes speaking murderous intent.Janice was ready for her though. Stepping in front of her sister, she grabbed her arms from the front. Although being the younger and smaller sister, she was able to keep her at bay. Priscilla’s grief had obviously weakened her.She raved all the more, looking over Janice’s shoulder, ‘Say, “hello, papa! Hello, papa”! Say it! Say, “hello, papa!” ’ After a while of struggle, her body finally gave in. she collapsed into Janice’s chest, her body motionless.   ‘Is that all the information you have, ma’am?’Janice had finally called the police who had arrived with the medic team as well. The police officer questioning her was in his uniform. A blue jacket, blue trousers and black formal shoes. The two medals pinned on the left pocket of his grey s
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3. Leaving Yesterday Tomorrow
‘What?’‘Doctor Jacob, please!’ she pleaded. ‘Let me see my son before I go to jail.’‘You’re not going to jail, Priscilla.’She frowned hard at him in confusion. ‘Then why am I here?’‘Let’s…’ he shuffled the small stack of papers in front of him, ‘…let’s call it an intervention…’‘No, let’s call it a waste of time. You want to find out if I’m fit to take care of my son. I’ve been taking care of him for six years!’‘And it’s possible that during those six years he may have gone through similar forms of maltreatment as the ones you displayed this morning towards him.’‘I have never harmed my son..! Before,’ she aggressively objected leaning even closer than before.‘You have quite a volatile temper, Mrs. Murphy, that part is clear. Your temper would not have been a problem but the fact that that temper manifested into violence towards your one and only child; a six year old…’She began to weep, her face now turned hopelessly to the floor. ‘I just want to s
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4. Settling in
There was no response.He heard footsteps approaching the bathroom. There was a knock.‘Sineas, are you alright in there?’He wiped water from his face. ‘Yes, Aunt Janice. I’m, I’m fine,’ he replied but he listened attentively, expecting something else to drop onto the floor.‘Good. Dinner is almost ready.’ She tapped the door twice before making her way back to the kitchen. Dinner was very quiet. It was rice and mincemeat with orange juice to wash it down. They were eating at the table in the kitchen. ‘How’s the food?’ she asked him before taking a sip from her glass.‘It’s great, Aunt Janice.’ He made an uncertain smile while he nodded.‘Good, good, my boy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take you out for some strawberry ice-cream. I believe it’s still your favourite?’He smiled again. They continued eating but in strict silence again.   After dinner, Janice led him upstairs and just as he had guessed, she showed him into his room. He picked u
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5. School
‘I don’t think this is necessary, Aunt Janice,’ Sineas told her as he loaded his brown leather backpack with textbooks after breakfast. They were in the kitchen.‘Don’t worry, you’ll love it there.’ She kissed his cheek before she carried the empty plates to the sink. She was still in her white cotton nightdress. Her hair was done in an afro. It was rather untidy which meant she had not taken her morning shower yet. Sineas, on the other hand, was wearing a black leather jacket with a red polyester interior. He was also wearing blue denim jeans and black sneakers. His hair was a small, thick well-combed afro. ‘But there was nothing wrong with the home-schooling,’ he pointed out. Eleven years of it and now you change your mind?’‘Did you not hear what Doctor Jacob said? You need human interaction, you need friends, you need…’‘A life, I get it, but, Aunt Janice, Doctor Jacob is just a money-hungry quack seeking suckers to suck money dry from.’She leaned her back
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6. School (2)
He looked at her. Maybe she had changed her mind.‘Try to be normal,’ she said with the most motherly voice she could muster. ‘Just…be yourself.’‘What if I get bullied? What if the rest of the kids make the unanimous decision to declare open season on my life? In case you hadn’t noticed, Aunt Janice, I’m probably the only black kid here. What if…’She placed a finger on his mouth. She stared solemnly into his eyes. ‘If anything like that happens, my boy, just remember that misconceptions, bad judgements do happen…and so do accidents.’He stood still for a while. He gave her a quick nod before stepping out of the car and onto the sidewalk. As he made his way along the path towards the entrance of the school building, he felt invisible. Students would bump into him over and over again like he was one of those walkthrough doors at the mall. The sign, “Welcome to Malrich High School” was now hanging over his head as he walked through the wide open wooden doors.
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7. "All Boys are the Same"
‘I don’t think there’ll ever be a bigger freak than him,’ Sabrina said whilst staring in Sineas’ direction during lunchtime. Their lunchtime was held just outside the school building at the hundreds of tables beside the statue of The Thinker, a few yards to the right of the entrance. There were about a hundred or so tables scattered here and there on the lawn where students could sit in groups, pairs or whatever number suited them. Sabrina was sitting with her two friends; Doreen and Clarissa. Sineas was sitting at a table ten feet in front of theirs. He was having lunch on his own.‘Do you remember what he did in class?’ Doreen said, bobbing her head back and forth with laughter. Her black hair smacked the table over and over again, frequently revealing her bulbous eyes and exaggerated lips.‘That was just a mistake, Doreen,’ Clarissa said, keeping her attention on her apple.‘Don’t tell me you’ve got a soft spot for the weirdo, Claire,’ Sabrina rolled her brown eyes at he
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8. Aftermath
When the annoying, dying robot finally cried, Sineas could hardly wait to place his foot on the pavement outside the school premises. He quickly packed his books and stuffed them in his backpack and headed for the classroom door. He flexed his shoulders boldly as he made his way to the exit of the school building. His salvation was only a few metres away. He had made it halfway towards the door when he found himself facedown on the hard floor. He felt his wisdom tooth shake in gripe. He reached his index finger into his mouth to check if it was still in place as the multitude of spectators laughed.‘And the freak show continues.’He looked up. It was a boy about twice his size. He was wearing the school sports jacket; blue with yellow sleeves. It was covering a white t-shirt. Sineas thought the boy strangely looked like his father when he laughed, revealing an uneven set of teeth. He had short, black hair and a hardened face; the face that seasoned athletes usually have. Sinea
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9. Poison Child
‘A boy?’ she eyed her suspiciously.‘Yeah, he…eew! Mom, no!’ she had noted her mother’s apprehensive look.‘Good,’ she let out a sigh of relief. ‘Boys are trouble.’‘And yet you married one.’‘Sweetie, I married a man. That’s what you need…at least twenty years from now. Anyway, what about this “boy” is troubling you?’‘Well, some of the kids were picking on him and…’‘Why?’‘I don’t know. I guess he may be a little awkward…’‘Awkward?’‘Different. He’s different. He sits alone and he’s a bit of a klutz…’‘Stay away from him.’‘Mom?’‘I said keep your distance, Claire,’ she spoke sternly. ‘He seems like the sort of enigma that hails Charles Manson a hero.’‘What really vexes me about him is that he didn’t lash out when they bullied him or cry as most kids would do. It’s almost like…’ she also frowned, but thoughtfully, ‘like…’‘Like he’s been through worse?’ suggested her mother.‘Yeah, yeah, how did you guess?’ asked Clarissa.‘I once
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10. Charity Case
Breakfast was very quiet that Tuesday morning at the Murphy’s house. It was cereal, but this was not the cause of the silence.‘Aren’t you going to say something, Sin? You didn’t even say good morning to me.’ Aunt Janice was in her infamous nightdress. She had not taken a shower yet.‘Good morning,’ he mumbled. He was poking the cereal like he was searching for an evasive cockroach that had fallen in. He was wearing his leather jacket and a white t-shirt and blue jeans. A pair of black Nikes concluded the gear. Aunt Janice reached for his hand as it lay idle on the table. He slowly pulled it away.She sighed, ‘You know I only want what’s best for you, right?’His eyes narrowed as he stared into his bowl, as if he had finally found the roach. ‘Does this cereal taste strange to you?’ he asked her before taking a mouthful. ‘The taste is a little familiar though,’ he snapped his fingers in an effort to remember. ‘Of course!’ his eyes lit up, ‘It tastes exactly like betrayal.
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