The Fallen World

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The Fallen World

By: Alicia Coleman CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

Chapters: 224 views: 3.6K

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A hunt for a traitor. A desperate search for salvation. An uncovered secret that could destroy everything they hold dear. Victory over an unstoppable barbarian horde and the salvation of an allied clan are distant memories for Levis. Now, they have a single objective: unmask the turncoat selling vital information to the enemy, and bring to justice the one guilty.

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224 chapters
Now is the sunniest time of the year. The bright light of the sun gave off a scorching heat to the little people working hard at the Veronica ore mine in the Storm Empire. This place is home to the continent's largest silver steel reserve. “It's really sunny!” Dropping the light burden filled with cleaned ore to the ground, young Levis crouched, hands resting on his knees, he began to take long breaths through both his nose and mouth. He reached into his pants belt, grabbed the leather water bag strapped to his waist and took small sips to soothe the dry feeling in his throat, then poured the entire bag over his head. "It seems to be getting better." He muttered. If he didn't cool down quickly, there was a high chance Levis would get heatstroke, and when he was no longer able to work, the miner manager would beat him again and then without a single shot. Any public money for today. If it was a big day without the sun, you could have done bette
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Exhausted by the ravages of war, Storm Empire splits into two extremes: one that compromises with a three-nation alliance on resource sharing and use, and the conservative extreme that insists on protecting what is left of the world. they consider it to be Storm Empire's "property". The civil war lasted seven years, and the Compromise side won with the help of the Confederacy. Remnants from the opposition were hunted down, imprisoned, or sold as slaves. All those associated with the opposition participants were marked with defeat on the back of their left hand, banned from using "qi", and subjected to many oppressions. The fierce years ended in the city of Nerve - the last bastion of the opposition. In the ruins of the war, a young child crying in the middle of a field of corpses was found by a soldier of the Compromise faction. A large number of prisoners of war were taken to the Veronica mines at the end of the war. After many years, the town of Veronica was formed
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I don't know what Reinor is talking about with the Alchemists, but seeing them nodding excitedly. After talking for a while, he turned to say something to Porse and then went back to his crew. “They want us to blow it up now.” Reinor spoke quietly to the group. "Crazy man, we just finished building it, haven't done any safety checks, but already blown it up?" Yorn looked displeased. “That's right, the old man and those people just went, go and tell them again. It takes an hour or two to explode.” Others in the group of workers spoke up. “Let's see, as long as they stay away from the explosion area. There's no stone in the way up and down that falls on your head, right? Moreover, if there were, the Storm Nation soldiers here would create air shields for them. I'll go tell them this, okay? This is where we show our worth.” Reinor tries to convince everyone. It seemed that Reinor's persuasion had shaken the workers
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"Wow, what kind of girl has hurt you when you just met her?"“Who told you to speak to me like that? Do we really want to be kicked over?”The princess began to cry bitterly. This was an unexpected situation, which Levis could not have foreseen.What should we do now? Did I know how to comfort girls before? The boy was confused and didn't know what to do. In the end he chose the most common way:“Sorry… Sorry, I missed a word!”Levis implored in a low voice. He also had to stoop his limp figure and wave his hands wildly in front of him, half wanting to pat her shoulder, half not daring to because of his lowly background. After all, it's like Levis is doing some crazy dance.… But it was surprisingly effective: Margaretha laughed at the silly act before her eyes and stopped crying."My lady, this is the boy who saved you."said old Karma when Levis had finished coaxing the sobbing princess.<
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Karma and Levis ’dinner consisted of bread and fried scorpion. Karma likes Levis's scorpion dish. Of course Levis had to pay for this meal. Old Karma was used to drinking at night, so after dinner he slept soundly in the shack.     Levis waited outside for Fione. Count Zhephy's family seems to have left as well, only the maids are left in the house. In the distance he could hear their happy laughter. Occasionally a musical instrument sounds. "Must be dancing together," he thought.     He could not sense what time it was now because there were no clocks around. If he was in Rathole he would know from the water meter in Mouse Square. The voice of the count's assistants fell silent. Maybe their private party is over, but Fione is still not coming back.     Levis decided to wait a little longer. Suddenly remembering the necklac
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"Reloading, Windy Mout continues to power explosive rocket launchers.""Beginners hurry up!"The ships in the bay were noisy with the noise of men and weapons. Firecrackers explode, people go back and forth on the decks. The metals clashed, the individual guns exploded, but this was the end of the war when the attack ships got stuck in front of the defenders and many sank to the bottom of the bay."We drove the Allied fleet!"A crew of Tobiaso's ally - Marris is defeated. The aftermath of the attack slowly returned to the ship from the Confederate wrecks swallowed up by the giant forms of water below.“Good job brothers…”The crew had no time to finish his sentence, the whistling of the wind was interrupted by his words and the man standing next to him pushed him to the ground."LAY!"A series of deafening explosions rang out, the center mast of the ship being hit by explosive bullets. Pieces of wood were sca
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The command ship was isolated in the formation, so it suffered minimal damage, while ships that did not isolate suffered severe damage.  From the previous defensive naval battle and this attack, several large ships have lost their balance.  More squeaky sounds began to appear from the body.  The maneuvering ships suffered the least damage but they did nothing without them even touching the enemies circling above.  Perhaps those small and fast ships now have only one task left to avoid destruction and then arrange to intercept the enemy fleet waiting in the distance.   The smoke gradually disappeared, scattered in the air, the dragon squadron flew.  It looks like the Coalition doesn't want to waste any more ammunition on the balloon.   Sucrose's dragon cavalry began to descend.  The man behind the rider fired packages of dynamite and bags of oil, dozens dropped from above, explosions followed, smoke and fire spread-The pre-empti
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Skylar, Lennox and Stand seemed energized, the three quickly rejoined the battle, helping the soldier and rowing team to destroy the dragons and cavalry.The command ship was torn before the fierce attack, but it still did not sink but was still floating solidly, like the unbroken spirit of the people fighting it.The Fortis cavalry was divided into two groups: one group attacked the airships, the other supported the fleet to destroy the Sucrose cavalry. The Fortis team supported up to thousands of cavalry, if fighting with several hundred dragon cavalry protecting five airships, it was a myriad. Fortis' speed was also faster than Sucrose's dragons and combined with the fighting force of Vanguard and Marris's main army, the five airships without dragon cavalry protection were quickly destroyed. Airbags exploded and burned in the air, the Confederacy was gradually destroyed.The scene was as fierce as a storm at sea swept away the enemy, but the Jax defense fleet
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“Look, is there an answer?  Once I won the North Shore, I had to go here right away to help.  Don't delay, I want to rest, these people! "  The soldier began to show his resentment and grinned uncomfortably.  The euphoria from the victory and the historic scene suddenly zeroed in on its own.  "Ah ... if you ask the captain, he's lying down!"  Lennox said, and raised his hand to wipe away the tears that flowed spontaneously.  The soldier walked quickly in Lennox's direction.  He slipped in the pool of blood and fell to the ground.  That scene, the majestic status, is now completely gone.  "The pain, why your dirt?"  Now sepia has stained his body.  Although they were saddened that their comrades did not survive, the survivors still could not help but let out a little laughter.  "Oh, hello Gray, are you dead at last?"  The soldier whispered to his
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“Yes, but at least we won. The Coalition side suffered the severe losses, weapons and means of war they all poured into this war. Isn't it, Rachel Weisz? "The soldier turned to the prisoner."W… oo."“If we talk about the results of this victory, we have more time to strengthen our forces to prepare for civil war without fear of the intervention of other Empires, because they have exhausted their people. and property. "Soldier's explanation. And Skylar seemed so interested in things like this that he just nodded in amusement. She seemed to want to swallow every word said in her mind."What are you doing?"Skylar asked when the other man finished.“Lunch accompaniment. If you want to enjoy, come here and help, call the other two. "The soldier then reached for the rotten coconut tree with five fingers and pulled out a small yellow gold and placed it in the leather bag held by Rachel Weisz."Hey
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