The man theory

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The man theory

By: Illo OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Something in this world isn't right, people are disappearing and people are beginning to see weird things, Johan is a normal teenage boy living in England when suddenly a mysterious man will come and take him away from his reality, putting him into a weird and mysterious world that monsters and humans occupy, monsters and people created for the sole purpose to fight, but after a big accident monsters began to roam the world, and Johan was caught up in the middle of it, how will this boy survive in this apocalyptic reality and will he ever escape it?

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Last day on earth
17/10/1989It was just a typical day in England, nothing out of the ordinary, I was simply walking home, I and my friends had a friendly game of football against our rival school, they out bested us so we lost, the reason for our loss wasn't only because they were better but because they also were in a better mood than us, well now I'm mostly speaking about myself, for some reason I didn't feel good, I felt like something isn't right but oh well, there isn't something I can do so might as well just head home, it looks like it's about to rain againDamn, I hate the rain, and it rains every day here, and all it does is prevent us from playing football, here in London we don't even have many plants so why rain here? Go shower the Sahara desert or something, they need water more than us"We have a report that today Jorge Barkonson, a 16 years old boy went missing! According to his family, he went outside with some friends, and after splitting with his friends he was nowhere to be seen, th
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The yellow wallpaper
After what happened in the hospital I woke up inside a weird-looking room, the room had greasy yellow wallpaper, this room had the same annoying lights that the hospital had, this annoying ring of the lights just couldn't stop, I slowly got up and looked around me, this weird room extended to as far as the eye could see, it was a quite unsettling thing to see, the room just didn't endI took a walk around the rooms but there were no doors in sight, there was nothing at all, only an endless amount of similar empty rooms, the sent those rooms left felt dusty, it really reminded me of my attic, this place had a very similar sent but not quite, because these rooms also leave a sent of moist, as if the rooms were not well ventilated, well no windows were in sight so I guess this has to be the case, this place also reminded me of a book my mom used to read, it was called "The yellow wallpaper" it was about one woman forced to stay in a room just like that, the woman ended up insane, will I
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When the monster created wings I felt kind of relieved and scared at the same time, if he could do that all the time then why didn't he do it when he chased me into the forest before, was that all planned by him? It doesn't matter now since he will probably be the one to save me"You did a good job finding him for us Johan, now leave him to me"the monster said, it then flew at it while transforming his hand into a big crab's claw"That's how you use a claw!"He said as he used his crab claw to chop the other monster in half, it then created kicked the remaining of its body at me, the monster girl's body was slowly regenerating but before it could fully heal the monster quickly stabbed it with a blade created by a swordfish's nose, and out of nowhere some people dressed in a hazard suit came and secured the monster girl with something like a cage"Now that this problem is resolved how about a walk? I bet that you are stunned and confused"the monster said as he offered me a hand to ge
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Not a cult, but a cult
After what happened I had no other option but to accept the embrace of the woman, she told me that her name was Ambrose Kicks, Ambrose introduced me to my own room, the room was relatively big and more than enough for two people, having such a room for myself feels crazy "This will be your room for as long as you want, I hope you stay safe, oh and if you hear banging from your window at night just ignore it, I'm telling you this for your own good" Ambrose told me with a sweet smile as she closed the door, after telling me that I feel a bit bothered but I'm sure I can make it, I mean how hard can it be to live here, if the banging isn't a big deal then I will simply close my ears and sleep and that's what I did, thankfully I didn't hear any banging at night 20/8/1989 When I woke up I walked up to the entrance and to my surprise, all of the church-like seats were full, with random people, everyone was listening to Ambrose talking, she was talking about something spiritual, her words
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Deadly W(h)ales
Apparently, I'm going to Wales so I can help with a group mission, I wasn't informed about this until now so I don't know how to feel but I'm pretty sure nothing will go wrong, at least not like before, I was dragged to an unknown place and fought for my life, at least this time I will have someone I can depend on"Your team is a new one but a promising one nonetheless, we call them "Ter" they are a team of two, and they are both ejected with monster DNA so both of them have an ability, Your mission is to find a clue of a monster inside a kindergartner, I assigned you too because you have a keen sense"Nicolas told me as he was staring at the street"And why did you send a such skilled team, to begin with?"I asked, I know that it isn't as simple of a mission as it sounds"Looks like you are worried but I can assure you that not many monsters will appear there and if they do then they will be weak and fragile, even you could kill them"Nicolas said as he looked at me from the front se
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Sanguine Beach
When the whale emerged from the water Jack started manically running away from it, he seemed like a lost child there, I wanted to run too but my legs were rooted, I couldn't move nor hear, and my thoughts are hard to process"Snap out of it Johan!"Nicole said as she was shaking my body"What do we do?"I asked confused, Nicole gave a look at the whale that was flying directly in our direction and then looked back at me"No matter what happens, I know we can survive this, just follow me and I will protect you"Nicole said as she grabbed my hand, she then started running across the beach but not leaving it, the whale seemed to not come at us but at Jack, who had already left the sandy part of the beachThe whale started falling and before I knew it the whale had crushed Jack like a human stepping over an ant, no it seemed so natural but yet so wrongAfter crushing Jack the whale turned its huge eyes at us and started to fly toward us"Don't look back, Johan! Just run!"Nicole said as s
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Farmland heaven
After the night passed me and Nicole woke up in another land, after realizing that we were somewhere else we started walking on a road to somewhere, I tried to hitchhike but no car stopped to pick us up "Don't bother, people will not stop if I don't offer them something" Nicole said as she kept on walking "What can you offer them that I can't?" "Sex" She said without turning my way, I felt like an idiot for not thinking of that, but in a kind of way I was justified, I dated multiple girls while I was in London but I never did things like that because they always refused, they refused so many times that the concept of sex didn't come into my mind After some time a car stopped, it was a red truck that carried a ladder and some firewood "Do you need me to drop you somewhere?" The tough-looking man that drove the car asked us, surprisingly the man spoke English "Where are we right now?" Nicole asked "Well, America of course! We are close to Alabama, I have a farm not far from he
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After this weird night surprisingly we woke up safely, no harm was done to us, but the most surprising thing was that I was able to sleep even though I know someone that could hurt us was near usBoth of us were awakened by a familiar voice"Wake up sweeties, a friend for you came to pick you up"The woman said, and as soon as she said that Nicolas came through the farm's door"I'm surprised you managed to survive until here but I shouldn't expect low about the golden boy and our dream girl!"Nicolas said with a smile on his face, dream girl huh? Do both of us have stupid nicknames now?"It was about time you found us sir but I'm glad you did nonetheless!"Nicole said as she swiftly got up"No problem girl! But before we go I have to take care of a small problem..."Nicolas said, he then with a quick move turned around and punched the woman sending her meters away, Nicole and I quickly exited the farm to see better"You see kids this is a casual case of summoning back draw, I call thi
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Sometimes life gives you hard fights, this time is one of those times for me, I hope god is with me and helps me with this choice"There are people in line sir, please tell me what you want, an omelet with cheese or eggs with bacon?"God, why are you giving me your toughest battles?"O-Omelet please..."I said defeated, I then took my food and sat on a table alone, I started eating, it was very tasty"Do you have room for another?"Ambrose asked me as she sat down with her own food"Aren't you supposed to eat in the VIP session?"I asked ironically"I wouldn't call that VIP but no, I can eat wherever I like and today I decided to sit next to you, our golden boy"Ambrose said with a smile"Stop calling me that, everyone calls me by this nickname and it's very annoying, just call me Johan"Ambrose slightly laughed at what I said"Okay I thought you would like that nickname but I guess not"Ambrose said with a calm expression on her face"What is it that you wanted to ask me? Do you have
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Squad Ω
It didn't take long for us to reach the United States of America, it was our second time setting foot on this land and this time it was willful"So what exactly are we going to do there? Just simply join them? If that's the case then their protection is very inefficient"Nicole said as she dragged her traveling package"Why did you bring so many clothes? You know that we can finish our mission fast right?"I told her, Nicolas was quick to correct me"Not really, our mission is not to only spy on the enemy but also spy on a specific subject of Illuminati, the person we are looking for is rumored to have joined about 4 weeks before us""What makes that person so important that we have to risk our lives just to spy on them?""The ability they possess of course! You know how we collect monster DNA to gain power right? The stronger the monster extracting DNA is the stronger the ability or the user is going to be, and in the case of the person we are looking for the ability they got was fro
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