Trials Begins

Few days have passed since Mrs Sarah stop leaving with me, believe me I had had it tough, I only eat one times a day, I had to wash my clothes, which I have never done. I have almost cooked, all the food left, I will soon run out of stuffs to eat. My only hope is if Christabel could take me for the job offer, I just have to sustain before then. Christabel was right about the carfare outside been cheap than the school. 

I am almost late for school, my food stuffs have run out, I had to go with an empty stomach, on getting to the school gate, students from alpha high school was passing, “poor scumbag on the boy scouted, I didn't respond, I kept walking, they kept saying all sort of things. I wasn't interested on that, I was hungry like dead, I have never felt hunger before. Mrs Sarah said, the foodstuff will last for a month but how did it finish, I can't really tell. We have an assembly today, so I will be going to the school Hall 

the principal came up for a speech.” well as we all know the sport festival will be starting next week, I hope our teams are ready for this year festival, for the student who hasn't joined any team yet, you should join, or the school will but you on a team”. There was noise in the crowds about joining a team.” silence everyone it is non-negotiable, you must join, thank you for your hearing”. The principal left, there was noise everywhere I manage to follow Mr. Carlos, “Mr. Carlos I called out loud” “hey Sam I haven't seen you for a while now” he glances through my whole body, he might have noticed that I have lost weights. “So how can I help, he looked at my eyes, “you know my condition sir, I want to avoid joining any of the sport department, I have to keep a low profile? Oh yes, you have to keep a low profile.” “Don't worry, I have got to you, I will do just that quickly”. Thank you, sir I really appreciate I bow my head, Mr. Carlos left, I don't have to worry about part taking in any sport events. I have to look for Christabel. 

moments later I found Christabel practicing basketball with her teammates, I watch her play while waiting for her to finish. She was good but lack skills and self-reliance, her teammates only pass to her, that put pressure on her, that why they lose a lot, if only one of them was able to score, they would have been invincible. Once the opponent notice that only Christabel can score, they can easily be stopped. 

they are finally over, at last I rushed to meet her, but Marcel got to her first, I waited, then she waved at me, she must have noticed me" hey Sam she said, I walked to meet her. “Sam you look pale” Marcel said with loud tone, he is always like this Christabel hasty spoke, “I watched your performance, it was incredible” I said after closing the gap between us “. And yet, someone said I performed poorly, Christabel said turn in to Marcel. Believe me, I am an expert, Sam doesn't even know the rules of the game. Blu Blu Blu, Christabel interpreted. Sam let go Christabel drag me away, Marcel stood still watching, will Marcel be okay with this I said after we, closed a distance away from him, “of course they have to practice too” Christabel said frowning her face , “hearing this already tells me that the boys team are better I said smiling, point my eyes at her (why is he looking at me like that, oh am I still holding his hands) , Christabel quickly removed her hands from mine. “Did you just insult the girl's team, she frowned her face for me" I ran away, she chased me" you are dead Sam, you're so dead Christabel yelled" I couldn't escape from her, eventually she cut me. She nagged me for some minutes, and I got tired, are you hungry, she asked. No, automatically came out of my mouth even though I wanted to say yes, I will have to bear it.  “Why don't you try my new recipe” she said bring out some hamburger from her bag. ha, I am very lucky. Christabel is a lifesaver. I quickly took it from her hands and ate it like a wild animal preying on his first meal, she stares at me (he must be starving, I wonder how he is surviving, his parents lives in the village, they can't afford his meal here). “ Oh I really liked your former recipe”, I attempt to defend myself for what just happened. (he is ashamed, we all are, you don't need to worry) “here take the other one” Christabel said handing over the other hamburger to me, thanks I said collecting it slowly this time, I attempted to eat slow too, but my mouth couldn't stop after taking bite, is this how it felt when you are starving. 

“so what team are you joining she asked, I bet Marcel must have invited you, you have a superb height”. “He did,, but I declined, I am not perfect at sports”. “But it is mandatory that you join a sport department”.” I will endeavor to escape, I said looking at sky. I will be taking you to where I worked today, yeah I really need a job I said hasty getting up to my toe. Furthermore, I want to go get some water, Christabel left. Likewise, I lie down on the grass. Then something uprise my mind, Christabel might not, have anything to eat, the other one must have been for her, I took it without thinking, oh gosh what have I done. Why does she even care so much? Minutes later she came back with two waters can, she handed one to me, I watched her, has she drank the water quickly. Wait for me at the school gate after closing she said, she stood up and was about to leave, I stood quickly “Christabel I said” holding her hands, “what Sam, she said” turning to my direction, our face jammed, we stared at each other, my heart kept beating fast, ” nothing I said stammering”. She quickly turned too releasing her hands, “okay she said without looking at me”. 

what just happened, I have never stammered before, and my heart, this is a first-time experience, does it mean am I dying. oh, no, I have lost self now. (what just happened now, I felt my heart racing, this can't be, do I like him, I barely know, this can't be true, maybe it because I was starving)

closing time I waited for Christabel at the school gate, some minutes later she finally came, I appreciate your patience, let go Christabel said leading the way and also keeping distance from me? We walked for a long time before we finally got there it was a big shop, and there were cars packed outside, “too big right Christabel asked “, “yes I replied”. We entered the building, the shop was even bigger inside, I didn't expect this in this type of place, they sell clothes, food stuffs, they do delivery's, and other stuffs. There were people inside and a man was attending to them, quickly Christabel join him, and they finished on time. When they were done Christabel sat back again, some moments later the man came back with some bread and two orange juices, he gave Christabel one and me the other. Christabel ate normal, she might just be pretending to eat slowly so that I wouldn't notice (I have to eat normal so that Sam doesn't notice that I was hungry all this while). When we, were done eating, we thanked the man for the meal. Mr. Johnson “this is Sam, the boy I told you about, Marcel must have told you too”, “Marcel didn't tell me anything, but I remember his name" , you have been mentioning it right since the beginning of this week, without seeing him I already recognize him" I looked at Christabel, she just smiled at me. “So when are you starting Sam I really need another hand apart from Christabel”, I wanted to say something, but Mr. Johnson quickly interrupted me, “I double your pay, no triple your pay, Christabel looked at him devilishly, am I joking he said, I will start tomorrow sir, I raised my voice. “See you around he said, leaving me and Christabel. He is funny I said”, “yeah that how he is” Christabel laughed , “ why are you laughing I asked”. She continued laughing, “I never knew you had such a loud tone.”

Marcel came out of nowhere he must have been watching us for a while, Christabel he mentioned, then he walked towards us, “you didn't wait for me, we normally come here together”. “I already told you yesterday that I will be bringing Sam to see your father" . “Oh I might have forgotten Marcel said scratching his heads, have you seen him now" yes Christabel replied. Okay 

“you must have put up a good word about him Christabel said to Marcel”.” yes I did, I told my father to employ him at all cost" Marcel said. I was silent, Christabel closed her eyes and opened it. Thanks Marcel, she said, “ I will be going now”, I said to Christabel, she asked me to wait, I waited. For some minute later she brought out food stuffs in a basket and gave them to me, thank you I said. This will last me for some time.christabel must have bought this from her money. I don't really know how to appreciate people. Thank you, I said once more, turning my back to leave. I don't actually know my way out of here I told Christabel, okay let me escort, Christabel said but Marcel jump in. I will follow me instead

Marcel helped me out to the place where 

I can find my way home. The next day, I walked to the shop, I wanted Christabel to escort me, so I could thank her properly, then Marcel had to come spoil my show. I entered the building, behold there were crowds more than yesterday, I still can't believe that there is something like this is this type environment. I walked to the exact spot we saw Mr. Johnson, nobody was there, so I waited, some moments later Christabel sighted me, “Sam she waved”, I walked to her, ” I was coming to go get you, but I don't have your number” she swiftly said, she was resting heavily. , okay let me write down for you, I brought out my java phone, I have saved my number as a contact there, I gave it to her, she wrote it on a piece of paper. “Okay let go meet Mr. Johnson she said leading the way 

we finally got to where Mr. Johnson was, Marcel was there too, Mr. Johnson sighted “Sam how are doing he said laughing, looking at my direction. We finally close the gap with them. No time to waste, he brought out  what the workers wear, I collected it and put it on. “Wow, you looked beautiful in it Christabel said smiling at me”, yeah, yea, I said. “Let get back to work Marcel said hasty raising his voice bit higher”. You be assisting Christabel in the sale of goods. Marcel turned to his dad direction, he wanted to say something, but he swallowed it. I really need a partner Christabel said pulling my hands forward as we walk away. 

“what post does Marcel work on I asked calmly”, “he keeps record of the goods that will soon be unavailable”. “So what our job exactly” I asked swiftly after get the replied of the first one. “ Our job is to meet customer inside the mall and satisfy their every needs” Christabel said smiling, it is not that hard” she said. We started, Christabel show me the basics and I soon catch up. Am always at the top of game in everything I do. I attracted all the little kids, and we had fun. Christabel was staring at me while I was doing that. Later in the day we went for lunch, Marcel was there to.” I hope he not dragging you back he said with loud tone," why does he always raise his voice I wonder? “He is at his top games” Christabel calmly said. We all ate in silence, when it was time Christabel said let go, we left Marcel there, for some reason I think Marcel doesn't like me. After closing we collected our payment, it was a wage, not salary. I was happy on hearing that. Christabel bought some items. We both left together. “Marcel don't you think, Christabel have found the appropriate person” Mr. Johnson asked. “I don't trust that boy, I believe he is hiding something”. “That what you always say” Mr. Johnson laughed. “Even if, he is too poor, the likes of him shouldn't be talking to Christabel In the first place” “she always welcome everyone” Mr. Johnson said softly. “And that is her weak point Marcel said angrily, that impoverished human, there are no way he can take care of Christabel.” enough Mr. Johnson said, you shouldn't insult someone like that, if not that we got helped by an anonymous donator 7 years ago, it wouldn't have been like this. Christabel was close by she heard everything, Marcel have said, she quietly walk out of the mall. On her way home, she wonders why is Marcel behaving strange recently, first he lied to me, he talks trash about Sam, why did she forget something on the mall she wonders as she walks hasty. I got home, and I was tired, I dose off.

I woke up 9Am in the morning, I couldn't get up, my body ache terrible, I attempt to roll, but I fell down, my eyes were still dizzy, I covered it and then open, oh, no wonder I fell down, I slept on the couch. Furthermore, I battled getting up, still I was on my feet and then I went to the bathroom to brush. I washed my face after that. The house was a mess I had cleaned it, I packed all my clothes out and put them in the laundry machine. After I clean the house, I made breakfast. I stared at the clouds for a while.

Afternoon suddenly came, like a flash, I was really bored then my phone ringed, who could be calling me I wonder, it was Christabel. “Hey Christabel, how are you doing” I asked. “Better, fine, you want to go for a stroll.” “Yeah I would love to stroll.” “Okay meet me at school”. “Okay see you around I said" . I quickly took shower, I took on my dry clothes.

Christabel was waiting for me at the school gate, “hey Christabel”, I said. “You look shining today, Sam”. I smiled and looked at myself, I tried to stop smiling after she said that, but I couldn't, what is wrong with me. Christabel laughed. so, where are we going, I said. Let stroll round the neighborhood, Christabel said leading the way , we walked around the neighborhood, she showed me some cheap stores to buy things, then we finally got to a big clothes mall. Christabel entered, I was surprised she enters such an expensive place, does she want to see someone inside , those were my thoughts. She walked fast, and I followed her, she finally stops and stare at one of the clothes, “do you like this dress”, I love is she replied swiftly, “I dreamt I wore this dress, and I was free, and everything were easy from there onward”. She must really adore this dress, but what does she mean by “I was free”. The security guard spotted us, Christabel ran away leaving me behind, “run Sam she said" we finally got out of the mall, breathing heavily, “Christabel you almost killed me, I manage to talk, why didn't you tell me on time”. She stood up a little, “wow what a race.” we burst into laughter suddenly, “let go eat something,” she said, we left to a restaurant nearby, we ate and drunk, is this how Christabel behaves to strangers I wonder, or she might be lonely, no, she has Marcel, and he seems to like her. After we finished we walked silently on the lonely road it was already dark. We reached the junction where we have to divert to our separate ways.” bye Christabel said”, “I had a nice day I replied hasty before she turned" she just giggled, and we departed 

Christabel got home late, but Marcel was waiting for her, Marcel sighted Christabel he ran to her, “where were you, you got me worried”, Christabel didn't say anything, Marcel brought out a cake and Christabel family came out, happy birthday to you, repeatedly, then Christabel stared for a while, it has been long since she celebrated her birthday, Christabel dad, Mr. Khalid, “dinner is ready honey let go, dig in” she walked in excited, they are whole family was complete. Christabel has two siblings, a girl and a boy. After Christabel, the next is a boy before the girl. Christabel mom miss Taylor served the meal. Everybody digs in, tell jokes, talk about stress and other things. Soon the meal was finish. It was time to open present, Marcel brought out his present, it was a bracelet and red breed's well-designed. Christabel try them on, and they fit in perfectly, “thank you, you have always been there for me” Christabel said softly “uncle Marcel when will you be coming back” Anita asked Christabel young sister."? I don't know yet, Christabel never lets me come”. “Simon say something”, Anita pressure her elder brother, “whatever, I say he doesn't change anything, what difference does it make if I asked him” he yelled at her, Anita burst into tears, Marcel pet her, Simon as never be is fan, and he doesn't know why. “Simon, you shouldn't make your sister cry”, Marcel said while petting her, “okay I will come around”, Anita stopped crying. okay, I am leaving, the family waved at him, and Christabel escorted him, “mom plan it”, Marcel said, as if he knew what Christabel was about to ask, all I did was to come by and enjoy the party. She knew her family very well, they must have asked Marcel for help, or money. She doesn't like when her family do occasions that are not necessary important. Marcel knew Christabel must be angrily but, happy at the same time. You went to look at that dress again, Marcel asked. “Christabel smile, I only took a friend for a tour”. Marcel facial expression change to hear a tour, he knew it was Sam. He remembered he had to beg Christabel, before she took him to that mall, but Sam got it for free. He began to walk fast, ” it is dark already I know my way around” he said turning to Christabel who was behind him, Christabel said I don't mind, Marcel turned to Christabel “stop, just go home your parents will be worried “, why do you have to keep everybody satisfied, even to a stranger he yelled at her, Christabel was paused for a while, and then she turned and walk away. Marcel tried to cough out some words, but it appears to be late. He turned and walked angrily home, it all because of Sam, Sam, I am going to deal with that boy, he doesn't know his place that poor lunatic. 

I came home safely, I am finally getting used to the environment, Christabel continues to guide, or is she my dad spy, after all Mr. Carlos introduce her to me. no, it can't be, my dad won't do anything that goes beyond his words. I must finish my college life simple an on a low-key. I have to go sleep. 

school begins after the weekend, swiftly. Sam tries not to run late,, so he rushed everything he normally does to school. 

the principal had an announcement this morning. “Anyone who hasn't joined any of the sport department, should go to the big signed board to check their following department, thank you” he said leaving stage. Students were all rushing to the billboard, I didn't care, I had classes that morning. After class, I went to a silent place and ate my food. Marcel showed up from nowhere, he must have known this place, Christabel was the one, who show me here. “Hey Marcel, how you are doing I waved at him. “Sam where did you go yesterday” Marcel asked calmly.” oh yesterday, Christabel took me on a tour around the neighborhood, we went to different place”. “That because yesterday was her birthday. Yesterday was her birthday, but she didn't tell me, she didn't want me to buy her anything considering that she thinks am destitute, she cares for the needs of others. She didn't tell you”. nope, she didn't tell me. “Well that because she does consider you as a friend yet, in her eyes you're still a stranger, we even celebrated it, I brought a red breed. well, Sam I have practice to do, see you around.  Christabel was at the corner of the building, she had listened to everything Marcel said. I guess I always find myself here recently, she thought. She waited for a few minutes before she approached Sam, Sam was shock to see her. "Hey Sam how you're doing" “fine Christabel Sam replied smiling” (why does he always smile even after all Marcel said)? Sam stood up to leave, “where are you going” Christabel asked. To the class he said, “haven't you be chosen by the judo team, or you didn't check the billboard” Christabel said smiling. My mind went rational but Mr Carlos promise to help me, why did he but me at the judo team. “I didn't check it, how is the judo team like”. Christabel suddenly burst into laughter," they are the worst team in the school, they have never won any medal for this school. Peace be with you” Mr. Carlos am going to kill you the next time we meet. (he wants to avoid telling me what Marcel said, he too quiet). Yesterday was my birthday Christabel finally said, Sam acts all surprised, “why didn't you tell me, don't tell me you were considering my financial status, at least I know how to sing the song, you should have told me happy birthday to you Sam started singing" (he is perfect at pretending, but he is different)” happy birthday to you, he stressed the words. “ thank you, Christabel said, “wow, that such a beautiful red breeds.”  “Marcel bought it for me, ” that nice of him”(Sam is at the top of his game, he is excellent I admit). “So do you know where the judo team practice, I told Sam but, he ran off on hearing that, Sam wait”, I won't let.So do you know where the judo team practice, I told Sam but, he ran off on hearing that, Sam wait”, I won't let you escape I chased him 

Christabel did catch me, Mr. Carlos caused this, I will take you to where they practice Christabel said dragging me along. We reached there where people just lie down, I think they were tired, and they all wore brown belt which mean they are in the lowest rank. Suit yourself Christabel, leaving me behind. Mr. Carlos, I am going to kill that man. “Hey are you the recruit one of them said while approach me” , “yes I said”, the coach wants to see you, I followed him to where the coach is. the coach has a plump shape, just like Mr. Carlos, maybe he is Mr. Carlo's brother.

“You are Sam, right.”  "Yes sir" I replied hasty. “So this is the boy the principal gave special recommendation to join the team”. My head choked, my breath seized. “Okay put on that GI, let see what you gotta” a GI is what judo people wear for their sport. I put on the GI, it fit in perfectly. 

“okay you with spar with our number five” the coach said, the number 5 guy among them came out, he was a big broad, he wore a green belt. “Okay take your position the coach said, we stood up to the tatami mat “begin the coach yelled” the number five quickly rushed to my direction he grab me by the cloth, and swing me down. He won by ippon, my back hurt. The rest of the judo team were all staring at me what a nice throw, he did even last two minutes on the tatami. I couldn't get up from the floor. Are you sure you are, Sam? The coach asked, I am Sam, I barely talked. Okay, then the coach asked one of the students to spar with me, I failed. This time the opponent won by an ippon, I finally came to realize that he was the worst among them. The coach was disappointed, maybe he thought I was genius in the sport, I bet he will say, we don't need people like you here. But surprised he said you will learn by watching, I taught after displaying how poor I am at the sport, he Will reject me. I am stuck here. For the newbies, there are three ways of scoring points 

one way the ippon ; to win an ippon, the judoka (the person) must land his opponent on his back with the use of a good throw, or he must keep him pinned down for at least 25 seconds. A judoka can also automatically win an ippon if his opponent is disqualified for breaking the rules. The second way is by a waza-ari ;the waza-ari is the second-highest score that the judoka can achieve. Two waza-ari's are worth one ippon, and are worth a half a point each. A waza-ari throw is not quite as forceful or effective as an ippon throw, and although the opponent may land on his back, he needs to stay there for only about 20 seconds to win a waza-ari score. A waza-ari can also be won by a judoka if his opponent breaks the rules three times. The third way is Yuko ; The yuko is awarded for a throw or hold that is less powerful than those required for a waza-ari or an ippon. This throw or hold may temporarily immobilize the opponent, but he'll be up again soon. The throw must result in the opponent being held for 15 to 20 seconds. Yuko are not worth any real points, as a judoka can have a hundred yuko, and that is still not the equivalent of one waza-ari. It is not the best for scoring, but it can be used for an advantage of getting an ippon or waza-ari. They even have a tournament coming, they will be facing reigns high school then Cambridge high school, if they succeed, they face the defending champions' alpha high school. They practice for some time and when training was over, I quickly ran out of the building, only to find Christabel outside waiting for me. I try to escape without getting caught, I guess I was thinking wild. You caught me with a bink of time, I am not perfect at this. “How was it” she said to then I replied fine with the tone of dying. “Let go to work” she said. What about Marcel I asked, they are training she said. They train really hard, yeah since they don't let us have longer time with the court, she replied, not being satisfied with it. We walked together to Mr. Johnson's shop. Mr. Johnson was waiting for us, there are a lot of customers to attend to, we quickly dig in, we clear almost all the customer, me and Christabel teaming up was perfect, Mr. Johnson said when we were done. Have some lunch Mr. Johnson said, handing over the snacks to us. When we were done eating, Christabel brought up a discussion, and we laughed, Marcel finally showed up, he walked pass us, Christabel tries to wave at him, but he ignored it, I could tell he was angry. Soon after we heard loud music in the mall, our break wasn't over yet, but we rushed down to get a view, “they are Mr. Johnson VIPs” Christabel said. They were up to ten and were same height with us, they must be from a rich family. “Let go attend to them “, I said going downstairs, no Christabel holds me back, only Mr. Johnson attends to them. Hey duck one of the boys called out loud, the rest of them turned to our direction, look it duck and drake, the girl with them said with a laughing tone. I was furious, so I went downstairs to attend to them, Christabel tries to hold me, but her hands were too late, I walked down, “what will you like to buy” I asked politely. Who is this duckling, one of them said. They burst into laughter. I guess you newly learned that, keep practicing, that a good way to learn words I spoke softly. The boy from behind got pissed off, I am not poor as you, working day and night to feed yourself and your family too. The girl among them said, they all burst into laughter again. At least I have to earn with my efforts not waiting for my parents to provide me snacks money I said calmly looking at our sale chart. They all stare at me. Mr. Johnson came down quickly to attend to them. I walked slowly out of their presence, one of them holding a water can, tried to pour water on me, but I already knew, I have watched him closely, his hands' movement. I quickly held is hands-on the air. It is wrong to pour water on the floor I said, you could get hurt I add. The boy quickly removed his hands from mine. He didn't say anything, I walked upstairs, Christabel was staring at me. (his actions were so bold, he doesn't seem to be the Sam I know). I turned and smiled at her. She turned to another direction on spotting my eyes. so, what school do they attend I asked walking towards her. They attend Alpha high school, she replied without facing me. I see they are the one hosting the judo competition coming up this weekend I said looking worried, yes they have always been the champions, this year won't be exclusive she said with a depress tone, “you shouldn't say that, the judo team this year might surprise you.” I really hope they do. She took a deep breath. Marcel came out of his dad office, hey Christabel he said, I left has Marcel approaches, they had some talks, Christabel laughed, Marcel kept staring at me, has he talks to Christabel, what is wrong with this guy, I wonder, what is deal. My phone rang, I picked the call, and it was the principal calling, hello sir, Sam I want to see you the principal said calmly, then he hanged up the phone. What could be the problem, I asked myself.

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