Mr Carlos advice

It was time to leave for home, I wanted to wait for Christabel, but she was doing something with Marcel upstairs and I have to go see the principal, so I left. On reaching the house, he was already outside with Mrs Sarah, I wonder why I was summoned. Good evening sir, good evening ma I greeted, Sam the principal called, have a seat, I seated at the chair nearest to me. Sam he called once more clearing his throat, your father and me were old-time friends, we were classmates back then me, Mrs Sarah and Mr. Charles, your father was a talented individual, he did wonderful things in his era, you see our school was one of the local school around, we were surrounded by four schools, those school were better than ours, but our school always win the best of everything because your father was with us. What I am trying to say is that your father won't be happy with you, if you come home without winning anything. I see, that why I was called. I put you in the judo team with special recommendation, but you lost by ipon, you even lost to the worst among them, Mr. Carlos increased his voice, and I'm aware that you were trained, by a black belt judo teacher, from age 4 to 14. You even practice on daily routine. Mr. Carlos stop and fall back on his chair with the express of being tired. Mrs Sarah continued after a while of silence. Back then we couldn't lift our heads high when walking, until your father came in with a scholarship, I remember the way we looked at him that day, we weren't happy back then, we were going to the worst school, but your father came in with a scholarship. I have heard my father tales from him, but not from his friends. So I listened carefully. When your father arrived, he displayed his skills without been asked to, and he taught everyone willing to learn. When we asked him why, his answer was funny at first hearing. "Talent is not for only one person but for the people around them"  but after a while, we came to realized what he meant, all the medals he won, the awards and all, he didn't win it for himself but for everybody in the school, we could now lift our heads high, knowing fully well that any competition, we are always going to win. Mr. Carlos jump in after Mrs Sarah stop, why don't you show us what you can do. Staying low, seeing the world differently doesn't mean, you can't show your talent, doesn't mean you can't help others, talent is for people around you not for yourself only. I buried my heads on the floor. I have been doing it the wrong way. That all we have to say, it is your decision Mr. Carlos stop. I stood up from my chair, I will do just that sir, thank you for your care, understanding and advice, I won't disappoint you I said taking a bow.

 it is already late, Sam do you know your way home, I will escort Mrs Sarah home Mr. Carlos said calmly, I was choked on hearing that. Mrs Sarah hit Mr. Carlos on his shoulder, I not a child she said, you should be worried about Sam not me, no, no Sam is a big boy, he will surely find his way home. We burst into laughter. We later departed our separate ways. I came home late, I kept thinking what they said, and finally dose off. 

the next morning I got up on time, I went to school early, I didn't take the path I usually take to school, I followed alpha High school district to school, when I arrive there I saw some of our students going to school, their heads were all buried on the ground, I could see their expression, their feelings, it was pale and sad. I followed the line of students going to our school, on getting to Alpha high school gate some of their students were outside, they were all screaming "loser, the dead walking, hunger school" some of them throw eggs at us, our students couldn't do anything but run away. I got pissed off, not everybody can fight for their right, especially if your opponent is at another level. I flash back to what Mrs Sarah said, your talent is not for you alone but everybody around you.

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