The strange girl

I got home, I wanted to prepare something, but I already ate something at Mr. Johnson's shop, and I am saving money, to get a present for Christabel. I didn't give her anything on her birthday, I wasn't happy, I must find something tangible to offer, 

the next day came in with a bink of eye. After today, the judo competition will start, we will be going to alpha high school, they are the ones hosting it this year. 

I came early and run through some practice, everybody was training hard, the coach was impressed, I left to watch, Christabel practice, the student on the seat for the basketball court was counting, they weren't many, so I sat in front. I watch their game closer they are still making that same mistake, they only pass the ball to Christabel to score point , if only they have another person, who can score point. The game was almost done, I left without Christabel seeing me. On my to the exit, I saw students coming in, they all want to watch the boys practice. This is why Christabel wasn't happy that day. They never win. I waited for Christabel in the entrance to the court, she came out, seeing me she was actually surprised, I am waiting for you, I said. Christabel and Walked to our quiet place. We had some snacks. You should change your playing style, it doesn't suit you guys. But it was Marcel idea Christabel said. I see Marcel wants only Christabel to score. You guys should at least have another person that can score point, you get tired when, you are the only one and the opponent will mark you, you guys becomes the prey then. Christabel stared at me covering one eye, her eye glistening. Did you watch our practice, she said slowly, with that tone, I fell for, yes I did I finally replied after a moment.(he was able to scan our problems with just a practice game, he is something else, what have come over him. It seems like I am the one now shy) thanks Sam, Christabel said softly. I began to smile uncontrollable, I never knew, you had a great smile, she added. My face turn red, what is happening to me, I turned to another direction to catch myself. Let get to work I finally said, taking an expansive breath. We went for extra classes and later left for Mr. Johnson's shop, 

I came home late. I was tired we, had to do Marcel portion, he did come to the shop, well, I don't really care, more money if he doesn't come. I couldn't go to the bed to lie down,, so I slept on the couch. Imagine me sleeping on the couch comfortably.

The judo competition begins, we promise to come early for the judo competition, I wasn't feeling healthy today, I think it malaria. I haven't been exposed to mosquito bites before. I manage to come to school, we did some run through. We were to set at 9pm. I went to my quiet place, I lie down there and soon slept off. After a while, I felt somebody touch me, it must be a girl, her hands were soft, she went for my neck, she touched it and left, my temperature was hot by that time. Later she came again, she hits me slightly but I barely got up, she assisted me in getting up to sitting level, take this, she said, handing me some pills, I took it, and she handed me a cup of water, I could barely see by now, so I couldn't recognize her. She rested me on her lap, I felt warmth, I had slept on a rough surface before. She touched me on my forehead and rested me perfectly on her lap, what came to my mind was Christabel, I kept repeating it on my mind or so I thought, I wasn't sure anymore. Minutes later the person left, but she put a cloth for me to rest my head, by now I was getting better already, I tried to get a glance, "don't stress yourself" she said, her voice was that of a princess. After she left , the judo competition rang in my head like a bell. I quickly stood up, I checked time on my phone 11pm, "oh shit I am late, I rushed out of the school, on finding out, that they have left. I ran has my legs could carry me. I finally got to alpha high school, I tried to enter, but the gatekeeper refuse to let me in, I was stuck there for over 20 minutes, he kept saying, that thieves enter the school pretending to be students. Luckily for my one of the judo student was sent on an errand, he came, told the man, that I was one of them, before he let me in. I was sweating awful, but I kept my stands, inside alpha high school was beautiful, well-designed, it was all tiled, he led me to the arena where it is being held, immediately we entered, there was air conditioner cooling the environment, my heat was transfer some minutes inside, the event has begun Long.  

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