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Dion Brown was an orphan adopted by a widow, Olga Brown. He has lived at his rich in-laws' mansion since he married Georgina, the Beiber’s youngest heir of the family since Ben Beiber anointed him to marry after he saved his life. When Ben passed away, his wife, Vilma Beiber took control of everything including treating Dion unfairly. Because Dion is penniless, the family wants him to leave Georgina for him to marry a rich heir, Ronaldo Winlows, in order for their business to go up on the verge of bankruptcy. Dion and Georgina stuck together but when he heard Olga’s been into an accident and needed money for her surgery, he didn ‘t hesitate himself to ask Vilma to lend him, but Vilma just laughed and humiliated him. In order for her to loan him the money, she wanted him to divorce Georgina, but Dion didn’t dare to. Dion’s fortune happened when his foster mom’s bills were being paid by a stranger who was his rich grandfather’s butler. He hesitated to accept his inheritance and live the way it is he was with the Beiber, but when the Beibers set up and put him in prison in accusing him of trying to kill or murder Lady Vilma, his grandfather with his butler came and helped him. This time, Dion accepted his inheritance and starts his vengeance with the family who humiliated and embarrassed him.

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  • William Boyd


    two repeat chapters so far. the translation is poor, the story moves choppy and the lack of logical responses by the characters is mind boggling

    2023-06-23 20:15:42
  • Edwin Alva


    the story is making the reader dumb and idiot! a billionaire heir is willing to suffer and insulted just because of love. very stupid story

    2023-01-30 08:34:43
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202 chapters
1. Help
“Thank you and thank you so much for coming.” Lady Vilma happily said to the guests who were giving her an expensive gift. The Beiber family is having their foundation ceremony, and everyone is invited, even the company employees. But on the other corner, Dion, who was married to a Beiber heiress couldn’t get enough of seeing how rich people celebrates their foundation with a lavish party for he grew up from the opposite status. “Dion, what are you just standing out there? Why can’t you do something? Don’t just stand there!” Dion was interrupted by his brother-in-law, George. He just looked at George and nodded. He left his place to find another place to hide from him. Georgina saw and followed him. She always pities Dion, because her family always treated him as a trash after their grandfather died. And before Dion decided to help the waiters, Georgina was fast to grab his arm away from the crowd. “Georgina, what are you doing?” He was surprised. “Nothing, just enjoying the part
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2. Humiliated
All of them laughed while Dion and Georgina were just silent. Dion was already used to their bullies toward him. And it’s not that easy for him to stay with rich people like them. But Georgina couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop it! You were always acting immature. Dion just wants you to lend him money. Isn’t that hard for you to do? Besides, he’s part of the family!” Georgina stood up for him and defended him. Dion was surprised that his wife can do things that he can’t do to himself. “Please, granny, help him.” Georgina spoke for him and even supported after defending him from them. All of them just scoffed and rolled their eyes on her. Lady Vilma just snubs her. “I don’t even know why your grandpa choses this lousy and poor man to marry you. He was the worst mistake we ever made in our family! I can’t loan him the money unless...” Lady Vilma smirked. Dion looked at her. She just smirked while tapping her fingers on top of the table. He always knew that Lady Vilma always finds a
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3. Truth
The butler just smiled and nodded. He can’t just hide it from him, because he knows that he was smart as his grandfather. “We’d be happy so if you’re going to take it.” the butler said. Hearing that makes him happy, but at the same time not happy. He badly needed money, and his grandfather’s butler showed up and helped him. He understands what was happening. “I am sorry.” he said. The butler looks very disappointed and shocked. He wasn’t expecting his answer like that. “I can’t.” he shook his head. He was even giving back the bank account, but the butler insisted not to because that was really for him. “I understand you, Dion. Just take that. You’re going to need it to pay for the rest of your mom’s bills. But if you changed your mind, you know where to find me.” He said smiling and walked away. The butler knows what he was doing, and he knows that Dion is going to find him. Somewhat he couldn’t stop staring at the butler walking away. Looking at the bank account, he decided t
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“Well, well, well. You’re not here just to lie down and sleep all day long, people. Wake up!” Lady Vilma shouted. Dion, Georgina, and their parents slowly woke up and yawned. “Mom, what’s going on?” Georgina’s dad asked her. Lady Vilma scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Don’t ask me that, my son. If you all want to eat for breakfast, you have to clean the yard.” Lady Vila awfully said and smirked. All of us were shocked. We’re still part of the family and yet she was treating us like maids and helpers. “What?! That’s not fair! We already spent our one-night sleeping in this cold and uncalmly place. Why do we need to work to eat?” George Sr, their dad asked. Meredith, their mom, agreed with her husband, but Lady Vilma just laughed at them. “We all know we are working our butts for us to have something to eat, am I right? So, that is what I am going to make you do. If you want to leave this place and not work to eat, then, make your daughter marry Ronaldo.” Lady Vilma firmly said.
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5. Accused
After eating, they thought Lady Vilma would just let them go but they were all wrong. She asked them again to clean the pool area. Dion knew she has been doing this for him to surrender and just leave Georgina but what she doesn’t know was that he had no plan doing that. “Mr. Brown, Lady Vilma wants to talk to you.” one of the maids came. Georgina worriedly looked at him. Dion just nodded. “I’ll go with you.” she said and clung to his arm. Dion chuckled a bit and shook his head while slowly removing her hand. He knew she was scared of what her grandmother might do to him. “Hey, I’m okay. I can go by myself. Stay here.” he said. She just took a deep breath and sighed. Dion followed the maid toward the living room. Lady Vilma looked at him and sighed. “You’re here. Sit down.” he calmly told him. Dion knew she was going to make him do something. “Aren’t you feeling guilty that your wife and her parents were all suffering because of you?” Lady Vilma asked him and scoffed. Dion c
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“Stay here.” The police told him and locked him inside. Dion couldn’t help but punch the air. “F*ck!” he groaned. He wouldn’t think they were already against the line. “How could they look at me as a murderer. I am not going to forgive what they did to me right now.” he firmly blurted. Later on, Rio arrived madly. “You were perfectly better here, Dion. If you just leave when we told you, this wouldn’t have happened to you.” Rio smirked at him. His eyes grew bigger. “You set me up, Rio!” he yelled at him. Rio just chuckled a bit and rolled his eyes. As much as Dion wanted to punch him right now, he couldn’t because he was locked. “What? Set you up? Come on, you know mother couldn’t act like that. She really had a heart attack, but she was so smart to accuse you of trying to kill her. Now, stay here and don’t ever come out.” Rio said and left. Dion groaned. “Watch me leaving this cage and I am going to make you all regret.” he said. Rio heard him and stopped walking. He sl
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7.His new life
The car stopped and butler Arthur opened the car door for Samuel and Dion. As Dion came out from the car, his eyes grew bigger seeing the huge mansion in front of him. It was two times bigger than the Beiber’s mansion. “Wow.” he mumbled. Arthur and Samuel both chuckled a bit and let Dion impressed the surroundings. He wouldn’t believe that his family was really richer than the others as what Arthur had told him back at the hospital lobby. “All of these would be yours someday...” Samuel said. Arthur smiled and patted Dion’s shoulder. He couldn’t still something but followed them inside the mansion. As they arrived by the living room, their teas were already prepared. “Sit down, son. I am going to talk to you for a minute.” Samuel told him. Dion panicked as he thought about his wife, Georgina. “What? No, I am sorry, but I still don’t have time to sit here. My wife needs me. I need to go back to her.” he said. Before he stood up, Samuel called his name with an authority in his vo
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8. Convincing her
It was already dark, and Dion couldn’t sleep thinking about Georgina. He wanted to call her, but he needed to calm down as what Samuel told him. If he really wants to get revenge for himself, then, he needs to follow what his grandfather told him. Georgina felt the same as well, she hid their phones under her pillow so that she could hear if Dion was going to call. They already missed each other. “Georgina, are you still up?” her dad asked her. As usual, they were still at the residence place because Lady Vilma got madder after finding out that Dion was released. She knew they needed his signature for Georgina to marry Ronald. “Yeah.” Georgina said. George Sr took a deep breath and looked at her. “I’m sorry for everything that happened but don’t you really know where your husband might be?” he asked her. She shook her head. “No, dad. I already told all of you how many times I don’t know where he is.” she angrily said. Her dad just calmed her down and nodded. “I just want to
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Vilma cleared her throat. “I’m sorry. Let me just see who arrived. Georgina, apologized at them right now.” Vilma said and left. Vilma was so mad that someone arrived while she was with the Winlows. “Who arrived?! I don’t have any other gustes right now.” she asked the maid. The maid shrugged her shoulder, but she looked very tense and scared. Lady Vilma smelled something fishy around. “Good day, Lady Vilma.” Arthur stood up and bowed his head. Lady Vilma looked at him with a shocked expression. She didn't even know him but when she looked at his car outside, she already knew he was rich. “Good day, mister. I’m sorry but do I know you?” she asked him. Arthur just giggled and shook his head. “Actually, this is the first time we have met. My name’s Arthur Warren and I am here under my boss. He asked me to come here and gave this to you.” Arthur said and handed the envelope at her. Lady Vilma was still very shocked and confused. She took the envelope and slowly took out the pa
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“What?! You're insane!” Georgina couldn’t help but yell at Vilma. Her parents scolded her for shouting at her grandmother, but she just didn’t say anything back. She didn’t think Vilma was going to use her again. “But, how about the Winlows?” Meredith asked her. Vilma just scoffed and took a deep sigh. “Nah, I can handle them besides if Georgina was going to marry Scott’s heir, we’re going to be richer than being with the Winlows.” Vilma smirked. Georgina took a very deep breath and sighed. “You’re being too greedy, grandma. You’re very wicked.” she madly told her. “Don’t say that to me, honey, because I am doing this for all of us! Now, go back to your room and find a suitable gown for you to use because tonight is going to be your night.” Vilma smirked. Georgina walked out and locked herself inside her room. She kept on praying that Dion should come and save her from her disaster life. Without expecting them to be late, they arrived at Scott’s residence at exactly six in th
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