Mr Smith

Christabel came late to school. Marcel was waiting for her at the gate. "Hey christabel" he said, spotting her in the junction. Christabel, mom beg for Marcel forsake.christabel doesn't care about her parent's decision. She had known Marcel since childhood, they have been friends. He has never acted this way before. Maybe he has issues with Sam. But Sam is a nice guy that doesn't provoke anybody. I am not going to forgive unless he apologized to Sam, she finally concluded in her mind.

Christabel ignores Marcel at the gate, she pretend, he was a statue. Marcel quickly follow her am sorry, he said. Christabel walking fast, not listening to his words. I have already apologized to Sam Marcel finally said. "I did the wrong things" please Marcel said standing, staring at christabel as, she walks away. This was hard for christabel, but lately Marcel have done many, and she can't keep ignoring them.christabel finally face Marcel, she likes to express her dislike for someone, before it gets worst. Marcel knew this.

"Why did you act that way"she said, turning to face Marcel. Marcel was quiet. "Don't you feel for his him" christabel added. He doesn't have family here, her tone change." I don't trust him", "he is poor"." he is a stranger". Marcel remembers saying those words but not to christabel."yes he is poor" christabel said, being provoked. That doesn't mean you should bully him. When someone like you, do these things. It hurts me. Marcel finally said something." I regret my actions". I heard you, yelled. I thought someone was bothering you. "Go apologize to Sam perfectly and I will forgive you". Christabel said leaving. 

Marcel made a clown face. He knew christabel has already forgiven him. She needs him for the girls' basketball competition. Marcel promise to show christabel some tricks in this year competition.I am going to take advantage there. Marcel smiled again.

Sam didn't come to school today. Christabel was happy on finding out. She came late, so she could hide from Sam all day. How is she going to face him. She wonders. The day soon roll by. She went to work after school. She wished she could avoid it, but Mr. Johnson personal called her. The basketball competition is coming this week. This is critical to her. She requires Marcel. Before the incident, Marcel had promised her tomorrow, they will train in the city hall court.

She got there and Sam wasn't around. Mr. Johnson asked for Sam's resides. Jessica happy told him. Mr. Johnson has given Sam a one-week break, and he will be paid. "Christabel" my Johnson called. Christabel walked to him. "You should forgive Marcel, for old times" Mr. Johnson said. "He has apologized to Sam". I saw it. Mr. Johnson added. Christabel nodded her head. She left to her post. Sam must have come here this morning. On getting to her post, Marcel waved at her. She waved back.

Sam lies on the bed. He kept thinking, this year will soon roll out. My mom will be worried by now. I wish I could contact her. How do I face christabel after all these incidents that have occurred? I can't just disappear. Leaving her behind. What do I do, he thought, looking up to the fan rolling. This isn't going to end the righ

Sam gets up. He wore one of his favorite clothes. There was still time, he thought. Sam arrived at Mr. Johnson shop, thankfully he was around. He was surprise to see Sam." you shouldn't be here" he muttered. Sam explained what he came for. Mr. Johnson directed him to christabel house. He soon arrived there. Her house was quite surprising, even though it wasn't well-structured, it had trees and flowers plant on the front. Sam finally arrived there. He spotted Simon outside. "Christabel is not in" he quickly said before he could take any more step. Go away like, you guys always do simon whisper. "Okay I will wait for her" Sam said, finding a place to suit himself. Simon was actually surprise, people tend to live normally. "What are doing over there" Sam stood up, walking close to Simon. He was amazed at a glance. Simon was painting on a cardboard paper. It was beautiful, but he had some flaws. "Let me teach you" Sam took the brush from him. An hour later, he was done. Simon was amaze. Soon he and Sam. Became friends. Anita soon hear her brother voice. She came out, hoping their sister has finally come back. She saw Sam, but rush to him. She really liked to have fun. Sam lift her up in the sky. Simon quickly tell his sister to get inside. He was enjoying Sam company. She frowns and left. Mr. Smith soon came out, wondering why Simon could be laughing this loud. He spotted Sam. " Young man" he called. He rush to him. He greeted. "Who are you after" he asked politely. Christabel Sam respond immediately. "Haven't you been told". I want to wait for her, Sam replied before he finished his statement. He decided to leave him alone. But a thought kick his head. "You Sam" he said. Yes sir. "How about we play a chess match" if you win I'll tell where she is. Sam accepts. 

Mr. Smith was an experience player. He had been in charge of the game.Sam had learned how to play from his father, he had never won. Mr. Smith tries to finish the game, when he realized that Sam had led him to a trap. He was shocked. He didn't expect to see this. He lost to Sam. 

A bargain is a bargain. She is in the towns' basketball court. " Where should be" Sam wonders. Staring for a while before saying thanks to Mr. Smith. I had a nice game, he said. He walked slowly, trying to plot out the possible spot. Simon renders help.

 Simon led the way, and they got there on time. thanks Simon, he said. Marcel and the boy's basketball team, were practicing. Christabel and her team sat on the seat close to the court. Sam watched at close quarters. Christabel asked Marcel for lessons. He refused, laying emphasis on his team was to practice.

Three persons came in. they wore alpha high sport uniform. 

how about we play for, whom to use the Court, one of them said. Marcel spotted Simon from his hiding. Deal he said.

Mr. Smith wonders that trick he used on me. He stared at the flowers for a while. It can't be. They not related. I never expected anyone to be capable of such. That was one Mr. Charles tricks of winning.t way.

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