Mr. Smith travelled for few days, christabel was waiting for the results of this year scholarship, she wasn't settled about it. She might not be allowed to apply again, if she fails this. She puzzled too, she always pass with good scores but yet, she is not given. She went to the school site to check the results. Her heart jumped out as she saw her name at first, special recommendation. I am going to GIU she screamed out. Her mom rush to her "what the problem" I got in mom, I got in mom she repeated. Her mom took the phone from her, she scans through it. "They are paying for everything your accommodation, your feeding too, thank goodness. Christabel Rush out of the house, dancing outside. "I never knew you were good at that" mike said. Christabel stops immediately, she was surprise to see him. Your mom called me, he said. "You got in" he added. yeah, she replied. Finally we can have more time, he jumped up. Christabel stares at him. Does he always act like this, she wonders. Why don't
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