Christabel kept running, she doesn't want to go to her dorms nor stay in the school. She just wants to go outside. She came out of the school, she was panting heavily. This wasn't what she wanted, this wasn't what she planned for, she was flustered, and she screamed out clenching her fist. She holds her tears as the moments pass her. She has been crying a lot she won't cry here she said to herself, raise her heads high. Christabel she heard someone calling. He stopped christabel he whispered. She knew it was Sam, she doesn't have anything to say to him.I should just leave, she thought. She was about to take a step, but Sam hug her on her back. Please he said, stop leaving like this, like that day. I have been hurt for three years, the thought of you never coming to the house bother me. Please christabel don't do this. He hug her tight. Christabel heart was bumping really fast, but she wasn't paying attention. I went to the house, and you weren't there christabel burst into tears, you
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