Meet my mom

Mrs. Anita show up with Jessica, I invited her she, stares at Sam. Charles hug his wife. "Welcome back" he said. “Take my bags to my room” Mrs. Anita gave christabel her bags. She is a guest, Mr. Charles, collect it. She finally looked at her. “Who's guests” she said. “Sam girlfriend” Mr. Charles whispered, he burst into laughter, which ended instantly, noticing nobody laughed with him. Mrs. Anita enters with Jessica, Jessica wasn't happy seeing christabel here. She didn't expect it to grow too fast.

Mr. Anita dig in the food. Christabel was uneasy. She couldn't move. She was like a statue. “You should eat” Mr. Anita said. oh! christabel took one spoon. so, what your relationship with Samuel, she continues. She is my girlfriend Sam said holding christabel hands.Mrs Anita smiled, where are you from she asked, George Sam replied. She does have mouth, she looked at Sam. She wanted to ask another one when Jessica stop her. “Mom, it okay” she said. I just want my Sam safety, she said look
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