Sam continued walking, he increases his pace progressively, he finally stopped, bending down a little, he raised with a screaming voice. He was murmuring to himself. He continued hitting everything on his way. He got to his apartment. It was a mess, he just turns in.

christabel got to her beds, she covers herself with blanket. It was cold, she holds her breath and release it. She was looking at the ceiling, she wanted more than a word “Trust” she needed the word “it's a rumor”. She knew Sam wanted to confront her, was I, was I dreaming, she asked herself repeatedly. This is normal she convinces herself.

everybody has been waiting, they wanted to confirm the rumors, christabel dorms were full of students, she dare not open. The security guards, soon, evacuate them. Sam and Jessica finally came together. They attracted crowds, more were waiting, they blocked the exit, Sam and Jessica were trapped in the middle. Sam looked at Jessica who smiled.” the crowd needs to be confront" she loo
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