A Comrade

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A Comrade

By: Anggin Kenari OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Ashby was born from a rich and intellectual lineage. But he doesn't want to be happy in a safe zone since he is concerned with the deplorable social conditions of the poor and uneducated ones .He struggles all the way to improve the social conditions of that society surrounding with his knightly and manly character he traveled around adventurously physically, morally and mentally regardless of places and origins. Human values ​​are the most important to him.

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  • Mohsin Raza


    Once again, a brilliant work by the author, the writing style makes you compel to continue to read, a plot full of experiences and emotions mixed with modern style of writing Hats off and keep the good work

    2023-05-31 15:24:23
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125 chapters
I'm bored with myself! I want to die ! " he shouted while crying and closed the door with a slam.ln that dark stuffy room he threw himself onto a bed full of bedbugs.There was a deep voice speaking to him. A voice only he could hear. No one could. The old bookcase in the middle of the room rattled before the sound filled his ear cavities."When you are bored with yourself you can fly anywhere. Be a cleric, criminal, being desperate person or do nothing.""Should I let myself give up and become an eternal loser? Even in one last breath that I took unconsciously but slowly reached the death?""Then he heard nothing.He tried to hear something from the rattling bookcase .Nomore now ..." Alvano !" A woman ' s voice called him loudly .Ohs ! Was he dreaming ? He rubbed his eyes and shortly washed his face by the tap water .It's fresh now then he opened the door to meet her ._Dear Sir,I am Primrose the daughter of your old staff Basque, I hope you still remember even I know you have q
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She can't take her eyes of the man .Ah ! Each time it happens ,she forget the fact that ugly things are everywhere in the world.There are violence, crimes, injustice,hunger , betrayal..and so so .His eyes are sea_ blue ,manly ,shady ,strong mouth curve and chin ! Gosh..look impresses a lot ! She drops her eyes to stop the temptation.But she can't stand it. It's perhaps instinctive ..well ..This time she feels she gonna fainted when that man also looks at her through the edge of the napkin that the waiter set for him. The way he look at her is sharp and intense.Then a faint smile curves in his mouth .She pretends to be normal.Just smiles back and nods politely.Then brusquely moves to the corner where an old lady needs help to get her falling spectacles.When the waiter passes her , she murmurs," Do you know the person with the white stripe grey shirt ,wearing a metal necklace revealing one third of his manly hairy chest ?"The waiter search with his eyes ." Him ?"." Yes " .Th
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Alvano looked at the name list .There were too many of them for him to remember.None impressed him except Ashby.He was the person ! With a smirk on his face ,he tried to think about the man as much as he could.A wealthy family.Educated .Good looking .Lobelia .Allright ..that girl !He remembered a room for optional classes.That kinda smile and deep voice must his key to the girl's hearts..! That sincere , sweet and half smile was that unique.Enough to steal any female dreams, maybe even Mrs Simmer? Mmh ..this would be a danger ..but ..well .. what is life ,if everything is just allright! Well ok ..it's a game to play !___Time to kill for Ashby at his room with lots of old books which he loves , some hadn't been read .It's mixed with new ones that he bought from the small shops which in rows along the streets sides.Someone wrote him a letter.He put the piece among the old book pages .Not really a letter .But sort of unloading the feeling." Waking up in the morning.You there.My Ashb
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Rayland opened the paper till it covered half of his body then browsing all over the news on it .Is it true that people prefer bad and nasty news rather than the opposite? Lobelia was still at the time of meditation ,he should wait a bit more before he got much time to kill in chatting with her .His eyes looked from one column to another.War news , technology development and so so . He wondered,What is left for the powerless and poor people ..If the power and the rich got a machine to swallow the land and anything inside ..? Welfare and fund are such nice words ..But look at the kids in wars ..When they say it to anyone who try to give a help...even a little help only !Can we embrace the tiny ones from bombing which cracked their home and school ?Can we wipe their tears and touch their endless sadness of loss and deep wound they feel ?Great Peace be upon you..ThanksYes , you're right see the morning sun? Get away from the stressful news which ambush everyone room by the
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The Stick Wand
The boy walked along the straight and flat train road. He wouldn't get lost as the railways are straight and flat so he could walk along the lines from one station to the next and the next till at last it took him to the next station till getting to the end.lt will get him to other areas ,city or town . What an adventure! On his way of the daydream trip ,he saw a stick laid on the stones of the railways part when his eyes caught the appealing object ,he bent and picked it up'.It's a like magical wand, !' he thought. At least it 'd become a loyal friend for him to carry anywhere he left .The stick was made of wood and well painted by blue , white and red with the face of a cute little Chinese child with those slanted eyes. He will be his friend, he will take him to sleep and go wherever he goes. The owner must have been a small child of 4 or 5 years old. But not Chinese. China has a lot of many kinds of products. The kid threw away the umbrella because it was broken? Maybe
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Intercity Bus
On a hot afternoon, Ashby in his teens looked exhausted and cramped in the inter-city bus terminal. But his mentality was too strong to just lose because he really wanted to get on the bus and see what happened there. The flow of passengers was like a crowd of people who want to be near and see famous people when at last the bus came lazily through the traffic jams and smoky dirt of the city road .In the crowd of passengers who were rushing in like a flood of haste and impatience stream he pushed himself to the farthest row of seats so he could not to be disturbed. In the corner of busy place as a best spot to be alone among the crowd.Finally he got the seat .Good morning world ..Light slowly but surely come into the dark of universe.If the views of the passengers was one soul of each human being in their activities for having life itself were light and energy ever enough for them ? At the first step in getting a seat in a bus for work that gotten painstakingly by being
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Mamiyaba Shadow
Misty Simmer put a file on the huge round table for the management meeting.All eyes were on it as it was list of the chosen works of stories that would be the top 3 works which were to be filmed within this year . Alvano seemed unhappy as the story with most voters of the board members was the one that Primrose suggested .Alvano assumed that she got it from Ashby as he was an adventurer .He has been to so many countries around the globe.Such idea may derive from a unique culture in certain country.The other 2 had to be waited till next year .'Booming' is a term that every film makers chase .That story genre is half fantasy.Again he peruse the story and tried to find some flaws to make him able to protest but unfortunately he himself did not find any ..The Plot is somewhere in Africa .Alvano consented after all . * Those biobab trees pointed their peaks upright the dry sky on Miroganya field.Mamiyaba wiped his sweat many times by his thin long palms.Staring at the h
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The Flat
Some workers were waiting outside the locked gate .A few minutes coming late consequences.A girl smiled at Primrose and she smiled back .But she didn't want to degrade herself by joined them there , showed a need a worry to get in . She never worried even to extricate herself from any company where she worked.Nothing to lose .Paying people and regulate working hours .. what's the difference in coming late for a few minutes only with the work quality? Discipline,ok ,but no relevant to the ..again , quality... that's what she believed. So she stood with her back against the gate .lnstead she looked at the street with such tough expression on her face . Primrose came late for 7 minutes, her lady boss,Misty , did not say a word ,She smiled nicely and even bowed her her head a little.She might understand,no need to show negative reaction to a person like Primrose for such little thing.If Alvano was there or knowing about her lateness,that surely be a problem.Primrose once praised
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The road wasn't so crowded that day.A Land Rover moved slowly before stopping at the yard of the city hall . Two women and a few men got on from the car then they stood and watching all about the place.The high heels,thin marron scarf ,and the sunglasses told ones what social class they got . Someone played on Chris Rea song .They started to tap their waist by hearing that Soul music .A man in brown jacket followed the lyrics .*Well I'm standing by the riverBut the water doesn't flowIt boils with every poison you can think ofAnd I'm underneath the streetlightBut the light of joy I knowScared beyond belief way down in the shadowsAnd the perverted fear of violenceChokes the smile on every faceAnd common sense is ringing out the bellThis ain't no technological breakdownOh no, this is the road to hellAnd all the roads jam up with creditAnd there's nothing you can doIt's all just bits of paper flying away from youOh look out world, take a good lookWhat comes down hereYo
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Hey Ash !
They called him Ash . Everyone felt he was a comrade ,a friend,a brother . One of Ashby ' s activities in his journey all over the world was carried out a radio program where anyone could tell him their problems.He loved the sufferers ,the vulnerable ones who painstakingly live their life . Ashby would listen to their cries and helped them under his power .They who lived with financial issues,lack of food , education,health problems and a lot more types of issues in humankind.The program name was "Hey Ash !' They could express anything to declare and complains .Ashby could feel their cries inside . They who were forgotten,got aside and belittled .Hey Ash .. Sound of the rain ,how loud it slaps the ground. I sit in the corner of my room and silently listen to it awkwardly. My mom comes in. "Leaks again ?" She asks about the rainwater dropping on my bed and floor. Big rain always make everything wet in my room . Sometimes even when l sleep the water drops on my face . lt's alri
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