Turning around

“Sam” what all the shouting. Sam raise his head up, he looks at his mom, he has lost his voice, the shock has collapsed him on the floor, he buried his head down. “Just, take me” Sam muttered. “Leave her alone”, “I don't understand, what are you saying” she comes close to him. “Don't close near me”, Sam adjust himself, “don't touch me”, “leave charitabel out of this” Sam manages to get his voice, “it is me you need, leave her alone” he shouted. “Sam, I don't understand you, charitabel, what happened” she tries to walk in, Sam gave her stop sign. “Stop pretending, you don't know what I am saying”. Mrs. Anita fix her eyes on Sam, she wasn't sure how far what to say, “Mom, how could you” Sam cries, “what do you stand to gain”, “killing your son, destroying his happiness” he continues? “Sam, I don't know what you are talking about” she breaks down. “You killed him, you killed Dad too” he muttered. “Sam” Mrs. Anita burst into tears. “You are a monster” he yelled. “If you hurt christabel, I
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