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By: Olowoyo David OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Maverick was the managing director of a bank. He obtained many certificates to qualify for this post, ranging from a bachelor's degree to a doctoral degree. He was thirty-year-old when he married Sophie. The twosome lived in Hawaii and had to wait for years before they could give birth. When Maverick was growing up, his father loved him to become a gynecologist and he opted into the wish willingly. He was denied admission the first time he applied to a university. On the second attempt, his course was changed. He had to run away from home because his father wanted him to wait for the coming term. Maverick did some silly things and he lost his job. He lost his father's heritage too. He had no option than to join a cult. The cult members engaged in various social vices. Surprisingly, he later joined the United States Army. What impact can a thief make on the military?

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This story hasn't been properly edited and proofread. You can see some mistakes ❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Kai Milo was a gynecologist. He was an alumnus of Colorado State University and Johns Hopkins University. He studied Biomedicine before he switched to gynecology during his post-graduate studies. He worked with various hospitals and clinics before he decided to be independent. He pioneered a clinic. He later received a license and the clinic was changed into a hospital. He named his hospital after his father: Nolan’s Specialist Hospital. The hospital was one of the best hospitals in Colorado. Several times, many universities wanted to partner with Milo’s hospital, but Milo never signed the agreements. Kai Nolan was an optician, but he couldn’t achieve a lot. He could only obtain a first degree because of penury. He worked with several government-owned hospitals before he retired at the age of sixty. He wanted Milo to become an accomplished doctor, so he en
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ When Cameron got to the sitting room, he quickly cleaned his oily lips and welcomed his daughter and his son-in-law. The twosome greeted him and Sophie said she missed Cameron so dearly. Cameron smiled and said he missed her too. He said Sophie’s mum would join them soon and Sophie nodded her head. “Young man, would you like to take anything?” That was all Cameron said before he was interrupted by Naomi. As soon as Sophie saw Naomi, she ran in her direction and they hugged each other. Sophie held Bella’s hand and they all walked in the direction of the settees. When everyone was seated, Naomi asked what her daughter and her spouse would like to eat. As she talked, she hovered her eyelashes around Sophie’s spouse. He was her taste. Sophie said they weren’t famished and Naomi had no option than to let them be. “Young man, what’s your name?” Cameron said. He was longing to know his son-in-law’s name. “My name is Maverick.” “That’s a l
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ The pantalooned men listened painstakingly as Milo talked. He didn’t leave any stone untouched. He talked about the roller coaster he faced in his marriage and why he divorced his wife. He didn’t forget to add that he walked in one day and couldn’t find his son. It was at this juncture that Maverick stood up from the three-sitter chair. His face was covered with tears and he was breathing profusely. “He is my father,” Maverick said when Cameron wanted to know why he was weeping. Cameron couldn’t believe his ears, he gazed at Milo and Maverick simultaneously and didn’t say a word. Milo couldn’t believe his eyes. He had lost hope of ever seeing his son again. He stood up and began to bawl. Cameron stood between father and son and pacified them. “Today is meant for jubilation and not for bawling,” he said. When Milo had bawled for about five minutes, he pleaded for his son’s forgiveness. Maverick begged for forgiveness too. He was re
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ It was a bright Thursday afternoon. Three-pillar multipurpose hall was occupied to its brim. Everyone was putting on a green polo shirt and a pair of black trousers or skirt, as the case may be. The hall was a large one. It has about eleven exits and many widows. The hall has other ventilators too. There were a lot of colored curtains and a beautified dais. At different corners of the hall were beautiful flower vases. The hall also had a lot of inscriptions, plastic chairs, plastic tables, bulbs, microphones and other electronics. In the exterior part of the hall was a park which contained many merry-go-rounds, seesaws and other sporting facilities. There was an ice-cream joint beside the park. The toilet was located beside the lawn tennis court. A flag was also located beside the fence which travelled round the hall. There were ornamental crops that added to the beauty of the hall. The three-pillar hall was created about thirty ye
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ It was a breezy evening, Maverick entered his car and drove gently down the street. He had passed through many houses before he parked his car in the front of a duplex. The duplex was painted white, so it was called a white house by everyone. On the exterior part of the house were two tall trees, a dustbin, a car park and a marquee. Maverick walked slowly in the direction of Sophie’s apartment. When he was closer to the door, he saw a padlock dancing on the door. He muttered some words and walked in the direction of the marquee. He sat down on a bench under the marquee and started gazing at the passersby. When he was tired of gazing, he took out his phone. It was the iPhone his dad bought for him before he left for Hawaii. The phone cost five hundred dollars and it was the latest model iPhone. Whenever Maverick gazed at the phone, he would remember his father. His countenance would change for good because he was now fathered. A
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Maverick closed the door gently and they walked in the direction of the couches. They sat down on separate couches and the sitting room was rented in silence. Miles removed his nose mask and dark eyeglasses. He placed them on the couch and gazed at Maverick’s face. He could see sadness written on Maverick’s face. “Are you okay at all?” he said. Maverick tried to talk, but he couldn’t, he started crying instead. Miles stood up from the couch and sat down beside Maverick. He held Maverick’s hand and whispered some words into his ears. As if a child who was pacified with a biscuit, Maverick stopped crying. He nodded his head and told Miles everything that had happened. Miles was painstaking as Maverick talked. He never interrupted Maverick and he put on a sad face. “I am so sorry for what happened. You now see why I said Hawaii is unsafe,” Miles said. He gave some sermons all in the name of pacifying Maverick. Maverick listened to the se
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ “You shouldn’t be late for the airport,” Maverick said softly. He was inside the sitting room, in the company of Sophie and some friends. Sophie gazed at Maverick and nodded her head. She was about to stand up from the couch when her phone rang. She quickly glanced through the screen of her phone, it was her bosom friend. She picked up the call and they started discussing. “Alright. We will join you girls soon.” These were Sophie’s words before she hung up the call. “I guess that’s Remi?” “Yeah. They are already at the airport,” Sophie said. She glanced through her wrist watch. “It’s 6:30 am already and our flight is 7am. Ladies, we need to go now.” The ladies nodded their heads and stood up from the couches. They held their luggage and began to move out of the house one at a time. When Maverick and Sophie remained inside the sitting room, Maverick said he would join them in Colorado. “Ensure you don’t embark on a night journey,” Sophie
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Naomi hissed, cut the call and turned off the phone. Cameron became infuriated by Naomi’s actions. When he questioned her, she said she didn’t know who the caller was, so she wouldn’t pick the call. Right from the outset, Naomi never picked strange calls, so it was her priority. As Cameron kept pleading with Naomi to turn on her phone, Sophie collected the phone from Naomi gently. She pressed a long button on the right side of the phone and light displayed on the phone’s screen. When Sophie had succeeded in boosting the phone, she saw three missed calls notifications. “Mum, you've missed three calls.” She hadn’t finished her words before the phone rang again. Sophie quickly swiped the phone's screen and picked up the call. She cleared her throat and started speaking with the caller. As she spoke with the caller, everyone remained silent and tried to eavesdrop on her conversation. It wasn’t new to them that Sophie was speaking to Miles. As s
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌“Good afternoon, policemen. How may I help you?” Charlie said with a fidget.“Afternoon, madam. Is this the house of Doctor Milo?”“Yeah. I hope all is well, sir?” Charlie hovered her eyelashes around the chest region of the police uniform. Her intention was to view the insignia of the policemen. Everything he was putting on was black. He had three chevrons on his clothes.“Yes, madam. Is he around?”“Yes, sergeant…”“Sergeant? Bravo! Alright, I am corporal Ben.” He removed his identification card and showed it to Charlie. Charlie nodded her head and didn’t say a word. “Welcome, sir. Please, hold on while I inform my boss,” Charlie said, and left the men. “My boss said you could come in,” she said when she returned to the policemen. The policemen were gazing at the door when Charlie walked up to them. When they got into the sitting room, they could see Milo glancing through newspapers. Corporal Ben greeted Milo and Milo ordered them to sit
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌“So you mean everything you said actually happened to you?” Milo said and hovered his eyelashes around Maverick’s clothes.“Yes, dad,” Maverick said.“Well, let’s thank God he has regained freedom. We will try our best to see that the culprits are brought to book,” Corporal Ben said.“I would appreciate that, sir. Since we have filled out the necessary documents, can I go home with my son?”“What are you waiting for? You can go home. We will need Maverick here in the station from time to time so that our investigation can be easy.”“Alright, corporal.” Milo saluted. Corporal Ben shook both father and son and they walked in the direction of the doorway. They entered the car and Milo started the car. The car started at a low speed before the car sped off. At exactly 6:02 pm, the car stopped in the front of a duplex. Ruth was under the marquee in the company of her two kids. She had been advising her kids to face their education squarely. She
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