Charles, you should get yourself a wife, you are old enough now, Mr. Joe voice could be heard. “I want to hold my grandchildren” Mrs. Zoe added. Charles walked out of the room, he tired of having this discussion over and over again, “now is not the time, you keep saying that” Mr. Joe yelled. Charles could hear outside. “You better marry that girl, we arrange for you” Joe increase his voice. Charles enters his car and drove off, he came back late, his parents will be sleeping by now, he thought, he opened the door, he saw his parents having drinks with another family, he saw a young girl, “it her again” he thought, he wanted to leave when his father called him “Charles, you dare not move an inch” he turns back, “sit” he pointed at the only free empty seat, close to the young lady. Charles sat down, his face wasn't pleasing. He could hear laughter, “he takes from you” the other man said. "Yeah" Joe replied laughing. “They will make a good couple with beautiful children” Mr. Zoe added.
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