One last time

Charles drives away, Sam stares at the grave, his phone rings, he opens it, christabel, I am stopping, Mr. Charles parked, Sam came out, he waved, he hops in a taxi, Mr. Charles lock the door, it will take time for this new bond to mature. Christabel was waiting for Sam in his apartment, Sam saw her from the window, he came out, they stare at each other, his face was doleful, christabel pout, she smiles slowly, Sam laughs, he walks to her, his pace could be described has running, he hug her, holding her tight, he searched for words to say, “I am sorry” won't be a better option, yet he finds flowing from his mouth, his tone changes with it, “I put you in danger” he holds her, she taps Sam on the back, “it is okay, it over now” she looks Sam in the eyes, they jam their head together looking down, opening their mouths to take air, she lifts her lips up to Sam, kissing each other, wrapping her in his body, he stops, breathing heavily, he opens his eyes, “marry me now” he went on his knees
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