The hardest decision

1,2,3, it about time, Mrs. Anita check the watch she was holding, she stretch both hands, she bring her cheeks down, its time, she said again, she takes a deep breath, she fixes her eyes on the building, “what is going” she gets out of the car, she gazed from far, she slowly approaches the building, “what is this” her eyebrows came down, this isn't right, she was standing at the entrance, she enters, everyone was still seated, she came out what if he is delaying time, she waited outside the building, some gist came out, soon people started leaving, she was heated, could I be discovered. She enters her car, she had warned him to throw the sim away, there is no second calling, “I have to leave now” she starts her car, she drives away. The family took pictures together, Mrs. Anita was nowhere to be found. “Where could she be, Sam was worried? Mr. Charles received a call, “thank you” he gaze out the entrance, Sam carry christabel on his arms, they lipped, they entered the car, Mrs. Smith
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