Chapter 23

Clarris stared at Darrell with fury but she had no time. She knew the barrier was down in Ergad. And the Nemo would soon find its way out of hell, she quickly teleported into Ergad.

In Ergad they could all hear her hissing through the passages. Rachel ordered her sons to barricade the door but Clarris shuttered it into pieces with just her simple touch.

Princess Elsa moved in front and ordered everyone to stay behind her. She then screamed on top of her voice, “Leave them alone, haven't you caused them so much pain!”

“What are you doing here you useless pest… … Does your father know that you are here?” Clarris asked.

“You will have to pass through me in order to get to them,” Princess Elsa yelled out. But before Clarris could reply, Rachel screamed out, “ooh my god

….. he is turning into ash.”

They all looked over and king Jerald was slowly turning into ash just like the Naga. Clarris moved forward and pushed Princess Elsa aside. “no no no, you can't die, you are supp
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