Chapter 28

“The flute of a sleeping monster was a weapon fashioned to tame dragons by the greatest sorcerer that ever lived,” Clarris broke the silence. “Once you sleep only a kiss of life would awaken you,” she added

But Omen ignored her and kept chewing on the meat as if his life depended on it. “Are you seriously kidding me?” Clarris asked

“Are you hungry?” Omen asked

“Did you hear what I just said?”

“Thought thou wanted me dead, '' Omen replied. “Why do you care now?”

Clarris was quiet, she wasn't sure what she was doing but her blood was boring so she avoided the question and asked, “was Darrell with Cleselda?”

“Is he your lover?”

Clarris almost chocked on her saliva, what a stupid question she thought to herself and ignored his question

“I be curious all these centuries with Darrell and thou two ne'r didst it?” Omen inquired with curiosity.

“Cleselda is outside, and they are ten steps ahead of you while you are here asking me if I ever did it with Darrell. How do you even know about sex??
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