Chapter 33

Lotus quickly placed himself in front of Princess Elsa and dared Omen to go through him. Marcus also joined and dared Omen who was now fuming with rage.

Seeing this Darrell quickly turned into an ant and was about to make a run for it when suddenly he felt being sacked up and ended up in Omen's fingers.

“Where doth thou regard thou are going?” Omen asked while squeezing on Darrell's tiny ant body. He turned to face Princess Elsa and ordered her to pick up Clarris's head.

“Over my dead body will I put that thing in my hands!” Princess Elsa replied.

“Thy hope shall be granted then,” Omen replied.

“Hey hey, Omen we do not have time for this?” Marcus intervened, “the more time we waste here the more power we are granting to Cleselda.”

“Bid her to pick up Clarris,” Omen insisted.

“Fine, I will pick up the bloody head!" Lotus volunteered. But when he was about to move his leg, it felt heavy. He tried to move again but he was stuck to the ground. “Omen stop this nonsense

“Bid her to pick u
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