Rising Of The Blind Swordsman

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Rising Of The Blind Swordsman

By: Dreamer OngoingFantasy

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Within a world firmly under the dominion of the Blade family, a formidable lineage renowned for their mastery of the sword, a saga unfolds—'Rising of the Blind Swordsman'. In the corridors of power, where prowess, strength, and dominance dictate one's worth, emerges a protagonist unlike any other. Archon Blade, the youngest scion of this esteemed dynasty, finds himself shackled by an undeniable truth: he is bereft of the remarkable talents and robust physique that have come to define his kin. Born blind, Archon faces the crushing weight of his family's expectations, as his mere existence threatens to tarnish their illustrious reputation. Yet, despite the odds stacked against him, he refuses to succumb to despair. With unwavering determination, he embarks on a treacherous journey, driven by an unshakeable belief that hard work and relentless effort will pave the way to redemption. But destiny, it seems, is a ruthless mistress. As Archon is exiled from his ancestral home at the tender age of twenty-five, his world descends into an abyss of uncertainty. Fuelled by a potent mix of heartache and resentment, he vows to transform his weakness into unparalleled strength—enough to overshadow even the mightiest Blades. Thus begins an extraordinary odyssey—the rise of a blind swordsman, shunned by his own blood, yet driven by an unquenchable thirst for power and recognition. This is a riveting tale of resilience and audacity, where Archon's unwavering spirit clashes against the very fabric of his lineage and the immutable hand of fate. With each step he takes, he defies the limits imposed upon him, defying conventions and challenging destiny itself.

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A Glimpse Of Redemption
On a frigid morning in Kryo, a thick blanket of fog and mist enveloped the atmosphere, resembling ethereal tendrils of smoke. Yet, despite the bone-chilling cold, the industrious townsfolk went about their daily routines with unwavering determination. For them, such weather was a customary occurrence—a perpetual companion since birth. Clad in layers of warm garments, they valiantly braved the elements. Even the young ones frolicked, their laughter piercing through the icy air.Remarkably, this peculiar town boasted an anomaly: an absence of snow and ice. Instead, an extreme, biting coldness permeated the very air they breathed. Along a bustling market street, nestled in a corner near an alley, lay a young man named Archon, sound asleep. The relentless cold tortured him, as he clung to a meager scrap of warmth—a small scarf draped around his shivering frame.Curiosity piqued the children's interest, drawing them inquisitively towards this unfamiliar figure. Never before had they encoun
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Shadows Unleashed
Lady Zina and Archon found respite within the walls of a restaurant in the heart of Kryo. The unsettling events that transpired earlier had left an air of caution around their table, and the patrons dared not disturb them. As they savored their meals, Archon indulged in the simple pleasure of satiating his hunger. It had been days since he had enjoyed a decent meal, far removed from the lavish feasts of his former life at the Blades Mansion. Though not comparable to his previous fare, this sustenance surpassed the scraps he had scavenged to survive.While Archon relished his meal, Lady Zina watched him intently, a smile gracing her lips. You couldn't help but wonder how different his perspective might be if he could perceive her beauty, but alas, his blindness shrouded him in obliviousness. Envious glances from young men around the restaurant betrayed their longing for the enchanting presence of Lady Zina by their side.Archon's voracious appetite was both astounding and concerning. L
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Unveiling the Flames of Ki
After their swift departure from Kryo, news quickly spread throughout the city that the City Lord had been murdered. Panic ensued, and the town was placed under tight security with a thorough investigation initiated. Suspicions fell upon Lady Zina and Archon, as they were the last known individuals to leave the city before the incident.A group of four soldiers gave chase, but Lady Zina and Archon had already distanced themselves. Their pursuit was hindered by the lurking threats of wild beasts, forcing them to abandon the chase and return empty-handed to Kryo.On the southern edge of the Beast Forest, Archon found himself panting heavily. He had been running tirelessly for hours, driven by Lady Zina's unexpected trouble that had attracted the attention of city guards. Though uncertain if it was related to the inn incident, he was grateful to have escaped unscathed.While Archon caught his breath, Lady Zina seemed to find amusement in their situation, laughing and speaking animatedly.
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Battle with the Direwolves
This world was divided into three regions: the Blades Territory, the Mages Territory, and the Beast Forest. Archon and Lady Zina were passing through the dense forest, an area few people dared to venture deep into due to the fear of encountering powerful beasts. However, Lady Zina seemed to be familiar with the territory, and they had yet to come across any adversaries they couldn't handle.Legends spoke of beasts in the forest that could rival and even surpass the heads of the Blades and Mages, but whether these tales were true or not remained a mystery. Nevertheless, Archon saw this journey as an opportunity to train and hone his ki abilities by engaging in combat against the weak opponents.As they pressed on, Lady Zina warned Archon about the upcoming challenge. "We are nearing the border of my village, but first, we have to pass through the hunting grounds of the Direwolves. Although they are rank 2 beasts, on a few occasions, rank 3 Direwolves might appear among them. I can hand
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Fierce Battle
As Archon engaged in a heated battle with one of the Direwolves, Lady Zina took on the rest of the pack, ensuring that no other wolf would interrupt their fight. When faced with a life-or-death situation, one's growth tends to accelerate, and Lady Zina observed this phenomenon as she entrusted Archon to hold his ground. However, Archon surpassed her expectations, growing even stronger than she had anticipated.Spotting the assumed pack leader positioned at the rear of the attacking Direwolves, Lady Zina swiftly moved in to confront it. She understood that eliminating the leader would create disarray among the rest of the pack. Though the wolves rushed to defend their alpha, they posed little trouble to Lady Zina. Nevertheless, their sheer numbers presented a challenge.With two daggers firmly in hand, Lady Zina spun amidst the wolves, swiftly dispatching many of them. Though some of the Direwolves managed to evade her attack and back away, Lady Zina locked eyes with the alpha, sensing
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The Forest's Warning
The stench of Direwolf blood had attracted more creatures to the area, and Lady Zina knew she had to conclude the battle swiftly. Engaged in a fierce clash with the Alpha Direwolf, she found herself evenly matched for the time being. Meanwhile, Archon had finished his own battle and observed Lady Zina's struggle with a mix of tension and concern. He contemplated stepping in to assist her but realized the sheer intensity of the fight and the wild auras clashing warned him of the peril involved. Recognizing that the fight surpassed his abilities, Archon chose to meditate and replenish his depleted ki, fully aware of the approaching Direwolves and the need to gather his strength for survival. He trusted Lady Zina to handle the Alpha.During their exchanges, Lady Zina miraculously remained unscathed except for a slight scratch on her neck from a surprise attack. On the other hand, the Alpha Direwolf bled profusely, its shallow wounds accumulating and staining its grey fur crimson. While t
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Lupus, the Lycan Beast General
After the sudden disappearance of Archon and Lady Zina, an ethereal blur materialized in their wake, revealing a towering figure. This colossal being stood with an imposing presence, covered from head to toe in a dark brown fur that resembled that of a wolf. His countenance exuded a raw intensity, his muscular frame resembling that of a human while unmistakably displaying lupine attributes. Wolf-like ears adorned his head, a long tail swayed behind him, and his fingers were tipped with razor-sharp claws. This formidable creature was Lupus, one of the legendary Beast Generals of the Lycan Beast Clan.The dissatisfaction emanated from Lupus in the form of a guttural growl, akin to the primal snarl of a beast. His crimson eyes scanned the aftermath, the lifeless bodies of the fallen Direwolves strewn across the battleground. Lupus was displeased that his intended prey had managed to escape his clutches. However, his discerning gaze honed in on a particular carcass—a shriveled wolf corpse
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The Grandmaster's Challenge
Upon reaching the grandmaster's manor, Archon stood before the large, imposing gates. Olivia, after giving him instructions on where to go, took her leave, but not before leaving him with a curious question."Sir Archon, are you fond of my sister?" Olivia asked, her words catching Archon off guard. He blushed and stammered, struggling to find a coherent response."Why do you ask that all of a sudden?" Archon's confusion was evident in his voice. Olivia reassured him, explaining that Lady Zina seemed happier since Archon's arrival. Archon brushed off the notion, choosing to focus on his own plans for the time being.With Olivia's departure, Archon proceeded to open the doors of the grandmaster's manor. He knocked and received permission to enter, finding himself in the presence of a revered figure.The doors swung open, revealing an awe-inspiring sight—a venerable figure seated at the heart of the grandmaster's chamber. Adorned in traditional robes, his aura exuded wisdom and power,
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Lady Zina escorted Archon back to her house, their journey shrouded in silence. Each avoided discussing the recent events. Lady Zina felt a twinge of guilt, while Archon focused his attention on his growing ki flame. Both flames had intensified, but their true nature remained a mystery to him for the time being."Archon, can we have a moment to talk?" Lady Zina finally broke the silence."Of course, Lady Zina," Archon replied, his tone calm and composed.Lady Zina bowed slightly and offered her sincere apologies to Archon regarding the incident with the Grandmaster."I apologize for what happened with my grandfather. It was my fault. Are you hurt anywhere? I take full responsibility for it," she expressed her genuine concern for Archon's well-being.Archon smiled warmly, appreciating Lady Zina's genuine care. "Don't worry about me. In fact, I should be thanking you," he assured her, his words carrying a hidden meaning only he understood.Lady Zina couldn't help but feel perplexed. Who
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Declaration of War
Archon seethed with unexplainable anger, his heart consumed by a pure hatred for the Blade family who had abandoned and treated him as nothing more than trash. Unfortunately, fate had brought him face to face with his brother here. He knew this encounter would come sooner or later, but for now, he wasn't prepared to confront them. His purpose in Beron City remained distinct and unwavering."Hmp, morons," a man sneered, stepping forward accompanied by a group of fifteen hooded figures. These individuals were Mages, specifically Earth Mages, distinguished by their brown robes, denoting their specialization in earth magic. Mages, were known for their pride and love of ostentation, always adorned themselves in mysterious robes, the colors indicating their elemental expertise.The leader of this particular group was Regal, son of a renowned high-ranking Mage in the Magical region. Known for his cocky demeanor and womanizing tendencies, Regal exuded confidence as he commanded, "Take format
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