Chapter 36

As soon as Darrel saw Cleselda he tapped on the dark knight that was standing next to him and began walking backward. He kept tapping and shapeshifting until he was out of sight.

“Where is he?” the Emperor asked again. All the Darknights looked at each other confused, Cleselda sniffed the air, “he is here I can smell him, she came with Darrell,” Cleselda hissed, forcing all the Dark Knights to draw their swords and pointing them at each other, no one knew who was who.

“Gather Everyone who is here,” Cleselda yelled while forming a fence around all the knights that were present. The emperor ordered the other knights not to join the knights that welcomed the Princes until everyone was cleared.

Cleselda cast a revealing spell but there was no Darrell insight. “No no no, he was here, I can still smell him,” she said some chanting, and two sparrows appeared,

“Find the one that is not the one,” she chanted and released the birds into the air. She then walked over to where the Princess was
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