Rebirth of the Dark Prince

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Rebirth of the Dark Prince

By: Maxtang OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Meeting his end by a women he has no memory of, Cyrus is thrust into a fate that he never asked for. If that wasn't bad enough, He cant remember a single thing about what he was tasked with doing. Can a man with no memory really tackle a foe that knows everything?

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18 chapters
The Beginning After the End
The sky was dark, but not completely black. It had an orange hue to it, which gave off a strange feeling. The moon was hidden behind the clouds, giving it a dim light. Two figures could be seen conversing under the night sky. One was a young woman wearing a pink dress with a pair of white gloves, while the other was a man wearing a dark robe. "I don't like it," the woman said as she stared at the clouds above them. "It's too bright. Not even the dark of night is enough anymore" "You're probably just tired," the man replied calmly. "Come on, let's go back home. We can talk about this another time, right?" "No, I want to stay here for a bit longer. This is where I belong. Besides, there are no clouds up there anymore." "What do you mean?" The man looked up and saw the clouds beginning to move away from the moon. He also noticed that the moon itself was becoming larger and brighter. It was almost as if the moon was growing bigger every second. As he continued watching, the moon grew
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A New Beginning
Cyrus opened his eyes to see that he was no longer in the bright room and was now stranded in the middle of nowhere. Panicking, he runs around frantically, looking for a way back before falling to his knees. "Why me?" He cries hopelessly. Feeling defeated, he lays down on the grassy plains. A few moments later he decides to get up. "Well, I might as well try and make the best of it." He reasons. Walking over to one of the nearby tree's, he climbs to the top before sitting on one of the branches. Looking out, he sees several figures walking through the forest heading towards the same place. They look different than normal humans, each having unique features that set them apart from everyone else. Some wore animal skins, others dressed in robes whilst some appeared to wear armor. There was no doubt that most of these creatures weren't human. Even further out, was a noticeably large city. Buildings rose high into the sky reaching hundreds if not thousands of meters. A massive wall
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Gratefully accepting the chance, they both make their way to the nearest Inn. Inside, Cyrus looks down at the menu of unfamiliar foods before looking back up to the girl. "uh, excuse me lady""My name is Hannah,"she answers him gently.Smiling sheepishly, he introduces himself as wellHannah smiles warmly at him."So Hannah, what exactly does this menu say anyway?"Hannah giggles softly at his question. "You must not have been given the ability to read this world's writing, huh?"He blushes embarrassingly. "yeah... Sorry."Hannah chuckles fondly. "Don't worry about it. I'll make sure to pick something good for you. What kind of food did you want?" She inquires curiously."Umm, I really don't mind. Whatever you think tastes best.""Alright then, let's go with this one. It has meat in it." She suggests.After ordering, the pair sit together awkwardly while waiting for their meals. Whilst enjoying the meal, they talk more about the tournament.Cyrus learns that the rules are simple: the
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New Recruit
A few hours later, they arrived at a sort of training ground near the main city gates. Walking inside, Cyrus notices that most people are wearing either leather armor or simple cloth clothing However, there is one group standing apart from everyone else. They're all dressed differently, mostly in full plate armor with various types of swords strapped to their backs. Most of them are young men with facial hair and wild expressions on their faces. Cyrus stares in wonderment. "Who are those guys?" Hannah looks towards the group respectfully. "Those men are members of the Royal Guard, they train daily to protect the kingdom from harm. You should get used to them as they will probably see you often during your year here." Cyrus blinks surprised by the news. "Royal guard huh.." He thinks aloud. "Now let us begin." A voice calls out from within the crowd of guardsmen. Everyone immediately gets quiet and turns to look at whoever spoke. Standing amongst the others is a tall muscular ma
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Danger in Brina
Three months pass as Cyrus continues to work with the company. Finishing his training period, Cyrus receives his silver pendant and is now ready to go on his first mission. During this period Cyrus had managed to meet up with Darius and along with Hannah had become quite the trio. Taking on requests together and growing closer as a team. Hannah had shown her expertise in support magic, while Darius had shown his skill in battle, providing Cyrus with advice and tanking for the group. All the while Cyrus worked on improving his skills in both magical and physical combat. Taking up a few jobs here and there, they had earned enough money to buy some basic supplies. Having made a small fortune over the last few months, Cyrus had decided it was time to upgrade his attire to something that could provide a bit more protection. Returning to the shop that he had bought his rod from. He was pleasantly surprised to see that the same man was working here once more. "Well hello there, You've s
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Cyrus sighs tiredly, leaning against a nearby building for support as he catches his breath.Hannah and Darius are sitting beside him as he rests.They all look exhausted as they catch their breaths."Man, we really got the short end of the stick on this one." Darius sighs as he looks up at the beast in the distance. "We did everything we could but the damn beast just won't go down.""You don't have to remind me," Hannah replies sarcastically. "That thing was brutal."Cyrus stands up straight and looks at the beast in the distance."But... I feel like there has to be something we can do about it. Nothing immortal."The group watches as the beast roars angrily while continuing to rampage across the town."We need to figure out a way to take care of this thing. Before it gets even worse than it already is."Darius nods in agreement. "We can't give up yet. We have to keep trying. That's what being a soldier is all about."Hannah nods in agreement. "And if anyone can do it, it's us.""Agr
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The Fall
Over the course of the next few days, Darius and Hannah help the townsfolk with their repairs, while Cyrus tries to come up with a plan alongside the mayor on how to capture the demon.Hearing a knock on the door, She motions for the guards to allow the visitor entrance.A Blonde haired woman with tanned skin steps through the doorway carrying a satchel.Cyrus notices that she is the same woman who had saved him previously."Hello, My name is Eryn. I'm a member of the royals sent to assist you alongside my team. I apologize for the short notice, but I figured it would be best to get started as soon as possible."Eryn greets the group as she steps into the room."Thank you for coming so quickly, I appreciate it." The Mayor says."Don't mention it. We weren't aware of the situation until a few days ago." Eryn responds."It's alright, we understand. I'm just glad you were willing to come all this way to help us out. Honestly, we're lucky to have you." The Mayor says."I'll take that as a
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"So what do you plan on doing now?" Darius asks."I'm not sure honestly. I know that we are going to need a Lot of help if we are going to put a stop to those beasts. And we need to do it quickly before they spread out too much." Cyrus replies."Hopefully we can contact someone who might be able to help us." Darius says. "We should head back to the city. We can tell the guild leaders what happened and see if we can gather enough soldiers to take care of this mess." He says."Sounds like a plan." Cyrus nodded. "Let's speed up the pace then."The group quickly picks up the pace as they make their way towards the city.The group traveled through the night nonstop until reaching the gates of the city.Upon returning to the capital the group quickly informs the guild masters of everything that has happened."Well, this is a mess." The guild master says after hearing the full story."Do you have anyone in mind who might be able to lend a hand?" Darius asks."Unfortunately, we don't. All of
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"Don't worry. We will be out of this place sooner rather than later." Darius assures them.As the group is walking out of the village towards their carriage, they notice a woman sitting on the top of the hood."You guys are really starting to get on my nerves." She says.She jumps off of the hood and lands in front of them."Akuji! What are you doing here?" Cyrus asks."pffft, Nice tail!" Akuji snickers. "I'm surprised that you are still of sane mind even after being infected."What do you mean?" Cyrus asks."I mean, you haven't changed into a monster. You've maintained your humanity while still reaping the benefits of my work. If you weren't the one who murdered all of my pets I would have given you a comfy spot on the winning team. But alas, I have to deal with you pesky humans. You need to pay me back somehow." Akuji says."So what, are you going to take care of us yourself now? Cyrus says."That is exactly what I'm going to do. You four have made a mockery of me among the rest of
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Cia's Plight
"Damn it! Why did I agree to this? I just woke up and now I'm already getting myself deeper into this mess!" Cyrus yells to himself.The sun rises higher in the sky as Cyrus and Barin Make their way towards Serenity by horseback.Barin lets him know that the trip will take at least a week but Cyrus doesn't mind. He knows that once he gets there he may be in for a rough time.After a couple of hours they reach a small mountain range."This is where we'll be stopping for the night. It's safer to camp here than it is anywhere else. Not only are the monsters weaker near here but the terrain is also easier to conceal ourselves ." Barin explains as he dismounts his horse. While we are here I can give you a quick rundown on what we will be up against.Cyrus follows closely behind Barin as he walks over to a small cave opening."First let's tackle the problem with the disappearances near the town borders. As far as we know, the demon has taken these people but has kept them alive. We are not
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