Chapter 49

Lotus and Marcus found themselves falling into an endless pit, they were very sure they were going to plunge to death. They kept falling and falling for what seemed like an hour but then to their surprise landed on the ground harmless.

“What the hell?” Lotus stated as he got to his feet.

“What just happened?” his brother replied

They both looked up and to their surprise, it was not that far up. “I really thought I was going to die,” Marcus stated while looking around and noticed a very big ancient-looking box.

He moved towards it but his leg stepped into something

“You disgusting pig!” Get your ugly feet off of me,” Clarris yelled.

“Ooh sorry, I did not see you,” Marcus replied to which Clarris only rolled her eyes.

Lotus ran to Clarris and lifted her up, “Ooh you adorable head, you actually cried! I'm now starting to like you but just on one percent,” he stated.

Clarris gathered all the saliva in her mouth and spit on him. Lotus only closed his eyes and tried his best not to lose hi
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