The Lazy King Of The Monsters

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The Lazy King Of The Monsters

By: Blackbelldagger Updated just nowFantasy

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At a very young age he realize… the world sucked. Being born into a system that pushes his own justification of Good and Evil, for those who are deemed special having the power to decide that. Him being one of those unfortunate cases had to choose to be either a tired hero or retired villain to find peace sure. Relaxation not so much, but wanting to be left alone he decide to go another route the path of the monster King, something so powerful so feared no side would dare bother him, after achieving his goal he was too slow you realize it wasn't what it was cracked up to be. Now living in constant stress what is three companions a slime the princess of the monsters from the former monster King, and a pet Frost Giants. Now undenounced see him he's a key part in keeping the balance of both sides that are about to enter the New Age of War, so now he finds himself fighting instead of going for that lazy forego life he so wanted.

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  • Terry Wong


    what happened to the author? will there be any new updates?

    2023-06-11 11:30:41
  • tiramisyu


    nice story.. keep writing. btw, do you have any socmed that I can follow?

    2021-07-22 16:50:20
  • Blackbelldagger


    It's a very interesting story, I love all the main characters and the world building is top-tier in my opinion.

    2021-06-06 09:33:00
  • Hubert Magoon


    Good book just wait for some updates :)

    2022-01-07 19:16:20
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104 chapters
Chapter 1 Being the king is a lot of work, so... I left
In life, I've come to learn that there is no such thing as good or evil, the reasoning behind what's good for you and your people can be the cause of dead and devastation for another. Knowing this I can't condemn a man, who kills to protect something they hold dear, nor to a man who was raised to save countless lives. they do only what they know and learn, so you're definition of evil seems a bit redundant in that regard. So live by your choices, whatever it may be can't really jump to a clear good or bad conclusion. That being said, I believe self-righteous heroes are made to fulfill the wishes of others deem too weak to do it by themselves, they must be loved or feared enough to worship, but not enough to be despised. Hence there's a thin line between a hero and a villain, well actually it's more like a point of view because a great hero to me would be the worse villain to my foe.Waste your time calling them righteous and all good but your definition of a hero is someone who cleans
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Chapter 2 Well... Can't have a peaceful life I guess
The veins in my forehead were pulsing with rage at that moment, my first reaction was knocking them both upside the head. Wait why are you still drawing down his pants?" Asked  a whispering like dead voice, "He hasn't done anything to us yet, that means he's still groggy giving us an opportune time to -". I immediately struck both of them left and right off the bed.(Sfx Wam, pound!)"Ouch!, that hurts you dumbass, is that anyway to treat your queen?" she asked in a demanding tone with a slivery voice , while rubbing the lump on the right side of her head that I just gave her.She continued "Honestly... I fear for our future together, knowing this level of violence coming from you".Hearing all that while sitting up straight on the bed, still kind of half asleep half infuriated, I could only give her a scornful look and replied as brash as I could get."I can't believe, you can say that with a straight face",As I then got up off the bed and
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Chapter 3 The Guest
As the two were bickering with each other. Multiple cloaked mage synchronize their spell as their wands started flaring. They sense the presence of multiple people engrossing around the house. And within the splits second of realizing that they were greeted with.(Sfx KAAABOOOOOMM!)A loud explosion that blew the house to smithereens in seconds; made from the release of a unit of 10 mages troop, synchronized firebolts hitting the house from all angles. What had happened was the 20 troop that when around the village that went east, stumbled upon the house disinterest with who was living there. There orders were to simply guard the Village from the outside noticing that this house wasn't on there map it was just in their way. They simply blew it up without a second thought. After getting some distance from the now burn rubble that was a house."I thought the reports suggest that, all the civilians living in this area was only found in the village. And their were no o
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Chapter 4 The Deal?…Well this was unexpected
The Beretta kingdom is the second largest human territory on this continent consisting of a few Islands off the continent as well. And is the second most diverse region on this continent, that goes for their army as well. While mostly known for their more savage side than their heroes, their Kingdom holds the most amounts of famous warriors the Three Crow talons the King's personal guard, the seven Fang generals as well as the Fanged clan themselves.Almost all their generals originate from the Wolf, Snake, Crocodile, Tiger, Shark, Dragon and Bear Fanged clans and have all played major parts throughout all wars in history. Always carrying on the legacy by having successors to that title, for better or worse. But unfortunately the time caught up with their Infamous reign of terror, and that alarm clock happened to be the Red Moon War. Which took the life of two of their head general, Bortan and Serupet leaving only five head left to lead their ever growing armies. (With everyth
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Chapter 5 The Breakdown
"Leodeus power?, the region you're in makes no difference if you're not parts of the kingdom you old fool". He said as he leaned over in his seat with his fingers crossed under his chin. "Did you really think that a Kingdom would go out of its way to protect a backwater Village, that refuses to integrate for years. No, no, no this isn't something new, just something in the makings for years it's your fault really. You didn't want anyone to take you under their wing of protection, so now the only choice we had is to just take you by force. Oh and also you made one error in what you said about me having no power here, this is not a statement from me it's an order from the Kings". (Kings huh…now it makes sense they haven't been forgotten, they have been cast aside. And now the two Kingdom that supposedly hate each other, with a complete opposite mindsets and beliefs . Are now working together for a common goal, judging by the Kingdom's that's working together is easy to tell what both
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Chapter 6 The Coldeyed Bewitcher
(Sfx Rumbling)"Wait…hold on for a second," said a yawning voice.Out came Ulia out of the burning rubble, Pushing aside the burned board that had covered her unconscious body. Walking out of the smoke to reveal herself, has she was dusting off her dress. All while the silhouette was walking out, Sultan's focus was off Rizette with anticipation to see the next beauty.(Another one) Thought the Sultan, still covering his face to hide his excitement from a soldier.But immediately had a disappointed look on his face, when he saw the woman that came out of the smoke.He started critiquing her immediately in his mind just like he did with this Rizette glaring at him. (A slim slender body, balanced only by her petite chest complementing her short stature, a curved waistline, tanned skin you would find on one of those Redline inhabitants, complementing her pitch dark hair that had some deep Crimson highlighting her black long hair, as if it's smoldering her f
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Chapter 7 The Unknown Princess...Loli...Goth?
"Wait…hold on for a second"Comes Ulia out of the burning rubble, walking out of the smoke to reveal herself. Taking his focus off Rizette with anticipation to see the next beauty.(Another one) thought Sultan.But had an immediate disappointed look on his face, when he saw the woman that came out of a the smoke.He started critiquing her immediately in his mind (a slim slender body balance only by petite chest complementing her short stature, a curvy waistline, tan skin you would find on one of those Redline inhabitant complementing her pitch dark with some deep Crimson highlights black long hair, as if it's smoldering her final bewitchment traits)."Hmmm… that black lolita gothic red laced frilly dress, that crimson rose neck choker matching the red frilled arm pieces she has on doesn't grab my attention like the other one. And that red long bow twisting down to the tip of her hair wrapped into a right ponytail, with a small horn to the right such a w
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Chapter 8 For War and Prosperity
Picking up the awkwardness of the situation Sultan decided to break that conversation with the one from before.(Sfx Fake coughing)"Like I said before sadden as I am, that's the only option we have left".Ulia replied in a belittling tone with a light giggling."Pff…wow excellent deduction of the situation, so how is this plan going to work exactly. You know…me being a hostage in this Blockhead being dead, cause trust me when I say it's not that easy. Right Blockhead?".Has she looked at Rizette shrugging her shoulder. Then as soon as Ulia stopped talking.In a burst of cold air around her feet, Rizette made a fast sprint up the hill."She's coming at us fast sir!" Observed the soldiers,"What are your orders sir" asked Soldier 14.Sultan looked at his men and commanded "To my side", has they moved towards the side of Sultan's horse.By using the cold air as tailwinds, Rizette sped up to the point of vanishing,(Sfx
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Chapter 9 For War and Prosperity Part 2
She was slammed straight across the plateau, grinding on the ground a few times until she finally, (Sfx Thud) Landed on a large tree to the side of the low hill then on the ground flat, a few meters away from where she got hit. As she lay on the ground wondering what just happen she heard, (Sfx Stomping) Footsteps approaching her. She lifts her head to see what had hit her across the grassy plains, only to be mildly shocked at the appearance of a 15 ft tall humanoid shape flame Golem. (Sfx Stomp x2) This large titan of flames towers over her, mostly red orange flames that seems to be cooler than the small cracks of yellow flames veins all over the body, mostly centered as a heart of source. In its right chest and with every step it made, (Sfx scorch x2) Burned the ground beneath its feet. After seeing this thing approached her slowly she just gently laid her head back on the ground. (Sfx Shua, shua, shua x10) Ulia still dodging all the rapid jabs by mere inches from her neck
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Chapter 10 Aw, Shit
(Sfx Thud) As Sultan helmet fell off his head, laying on the ground, face now completely visible with a extremely alarmed dumbfound expression. Trying to comprehend what just happened, within the very second of all the soldiers responding. (Sfx Burning beam x6) Then out of the smoke from the sneak blast attack that had hit Ulia, bright blue flame's appeared. And the next second of flashing light, he was on the floor with his left shoulder charred through the armour. All five other Soldier had no traces left of them, all he could do was scream in pain, "Aaaaaaarrgh". "Aw shit, I couldst maketh fetches f'r the house but thee just hadst to wend and mess with the village". said the glowing bright red crimson eyed silhouette from the smoke, "Rizette!… lets go, the idiot's in trouble" said Ulia has the smoke from the attack cleared. Before this while Ulia was fighting Sultan, Rizette was, (Sfx Shua, shua, shua x2)
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