Then it started with just one voice, maybe that of a child, a young person or maybe even an old lady, it didn't matter. All that matter was it started and it was all the people chanted.

"Mother! Mother! Mother!" They were all shouting and Diamant had to look away from DL's roasted and dead body. She looked down to the people praising her for liberating them.

"Mother of Alusa! Mother! Mother!" They kept on chanting and Diamant looked at Aaron, her eyes conveying her surprise. He looked back at her surprised too but he smiled back at her in encouragement.

Diamant stepped down from the podium and started walking into the crowd. Warriors came to rally her immediately to guide her from the seizeless touch from the people but she stopped them. She walked further into the crowd till she disappeared and latter reappeared on the shoulders of two people lifting her up while the people kept on praising her.

She looked down overwhelmed and she smiled blindly at them.

She had won the people and n
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