The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word)

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The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word)

By: God_Is_With_Me OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Vincent Gate, a man trapped in a life of poverty and hardship, struggles to awaken his comatose mother. Despite his relentless efforts, he is met with disappointment as his attempts prove futile. Tragically, not long after, Vincent succumbs to his own fate. Expecting to face the consequences of his life's choices, Vincent instead finds himself in a peculiar line of souls, each assigned an identification number, his being [77777]. Though deemed ready to move on, Vincent encounters complications that prevent him from progressing. Consequently, he is granted a chance at reincarnation, but with a unique twist. To his astonishment, Vincent awakens in a new world, a different dimension fraught with peril. Yet, he possesses an extraordinary ability and a mysterious system to aid him. With the power to manipulate all that exists as if it were his personal sandbox, Vincent faces the challenge of survival amidst this unfamiliar realm. As reality bends at his word. Vincent embarks on an action-packed adventure, encountering multiple heroines along the way. As he navigates this treacherous landscape, he also discovers the slow emergence of romance, both inevitable and heartwarming. "Devour" "Rewrite" "Die" Join the now Vincent Cadmean in this thrilling portal fantasy, where a strong and ever-growing protagonist grapples with the divine, reincarnation, a captivating system, and powerful heroines. Author - God_Is_With_Me This book is also on Webnovel and Inkitt, But I plan to release better edited, rewritten chapters and have a better release schedule here. PS: I kindly ask you to stick with me. While I consider myself an average author, I promise the story improves as it progresses. I don't plan to release a Discord link as I confess to being quite lazy. Thank you for taking the time to read my novel. I hope you enjoy it!

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And So, It Begins... Death, What A Marvelous Concept.
/////In Heaven/////A majestic being gazed out towards the stars, both inner and outer, which held sectors within them. The entity had no distinctive features to suggest its gender; it was simply whiteness in the shape of a human.Suddenly, the door to the room opened, and two other majestic entities walked in. The first entity was a handsome male, tall and slender, with soft-brown eyes and medium-length, wavy, black hair, let down without anything tying it back. At the back of this being were six pairs of black wings, and he could be described as a piece of perfection. The other being was also a man, tall and fair-skinned, with sunken hazel eyes and short blond hair in a normal curl. He had six pairs of white wings at his back.The two men bowed to the entity clouded in light, saying, “Father,” as they did so.The being surrounded by light looked at them and spoke with a grave tone, “It’s time.”Read more
////Third Person POV ////Vincent awoke to a searing pain coursing through his body. Everywhere was dark, and he couldn’t tell where he was. Panic set in as he realized he couldn’t open his eyes. “Have I been kidnapped?” he thought, his anxiety rising. “Am I blindfolded?”Desperate for answers, Vincent called out, “Hello! Is anyone there?”Only silence met his cries, until a voice spoke up, sounding almost lazy. “Calm down,” it said.Confused, Vincent asked, “Who are you? What do you want with me?”“To open your eyes, just will them open,” the voice said.Vincent didn’t understand. “What do you mean?”The voice didn’t answer, and Vincent was left to his thoughts. “No reply, huh? Will them open, right?” he muttered to himself, before concentrating on opening his eyes.With a sudden burst of effort, Vincent managed to force his eyes op
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Why Does This World Hate Me...
///17 Years Later/// It has been 17 years since my reincarnation, but I do not believe that man’s prayer helped me. I was born as the son of a widowed slave and currently work for the Fenrir Family, a family of Wolf Demi-humans who are descendants of Fenrir, or so they claim. “I recently regained my memories about six months ago,” I thought to myself, still sifting through my memories. “I am a fox demi-human, 16 years old according to my birthline, but I appear to be around 18 or so.” My father was earth-bound, while my mother was from the Migás Realm. I am unsure of how they met, but what I do know is that after my father passed away, my mother was captured and sold into slavery. She was later bought by the Fenrir Family, while I was still unborn. “Mother has been in slavery for 16 years. Why must my moms always suffer?” I thought, feeling sad and powerless in my current situation as I clenched
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First Fight and Unexpected Adversaries
“No, no, no, no, no,” I muttered under my breath as I dashed through the forest, pursuing a scent I had picked up from my quarters. My mother in this world was like my mother in my first life - kind and always bright. At first, I didn’t want to get attached. I had not moved on from my first mom. But 17 years of love was not something I could erase. So although, I couldn’t forget my first mom, I began to let it go not by much but I’m making the effort. “Dammit, stop thinking just run,” I thought angry at myself, my weakness. With that, I channeled ether and propelled it out of my legs. A cheap skill I call [Ether Burst]. It pushed me forward, giving me the extra speed I needed. I hesitated on the quantity of ether I should use to fuel the skill because I know that the higher the ether put, the less control I have. But apart from that, This skill was almost godsent, I could also propel ether from my hands and legs to incre
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When I fell to the ground, my mother was knocked out due to the adverse effects of Cellular Enhancement. I attempted to speak, but I was interrupted by a kick to the face from the young noble. His face turned red with anger and veins bulged in his neck. He continued to kick me, but I retaliated by provoking him. I knew it wasn’t wise, but I needed to buy some time. I already knew that the bracelet on my hand had something to do with using my ether to escape. It appeared to be an ether seal bracelet with gravity enhancement, likely worth a fortune. It was clear that the young noble hated me quite a bit. Suddenly, he stopped. “Since you are so cheeky with your words, I should do you a favor and cut off your tongue,” the young noble said with a smirk on his face. But my body refused to move, no matter how much I willed it to. He reached my mother, and I was forced to watch what
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Power Of [The Word]
Vincent could feel the darkness creeping up his body, slow and relentless, like a thick mudslide that refused to stop. It started at his hands and feet, and then gradually corroded his entire being until he was consumed by it. The young noble watched in horror as Vincent’s eyes lost all emotion, becoming nothing more than hollow, lifeless orbs. But that wasn’t the worst of it. What truly terrified him was the sight of the thousands of dark beasts that stood behind Vincent, their eyes glowing with malevolence as they snarled in anticipation. The young noble couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was common knowledge that dark beasts were impossible to tame unless one possessed a special skill. So how was Vincent able to command them so effortlessly? Suddenly, Vincent opened his mouth and spoke, his voice low and guttural. The young noble strained to hear his words, but they were in a language he didn’t recognize. It was gibberish, but some
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[The Word], What is that?
''Huh…. what is this…. Why are there tails behind me'' 'More importantly, why can't I remember anything from yesterday…. I can't think about that right now. ' 'Who is this man, why is he here, is he a Hostile…And why does he look so familiar.' ''Well, My name is Azrael, I am here because I wanted to congratulate you on receiving the Power of 'The Word'." "I am not hostile since if I was I'll be branded as a Heretic, cast out of heaven then probably killed." "Also I look so familiar because I was the last person you saw before reincarnating into this world'' 'What, how did he~' "Read your thoughts, Well it's quite common among angels. Since it's quite easy to read surface thoughts, well not so easy since you now have that bloodline.'' ''…. Ok, so you are the man that reincarnated me and wished me luck in this life'' Vincent asked warily. ''Yeah that was me, I should have known that you were special from the first time you manage to hear me use [The Word], turns out I was right
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[System], Display [Status]
[Permission granted to continue fusion] Vincent's curiosity was piqued as he inquired, "Skills can fuse?" In response, the system explained, "Indeed, the skills [I Can Impose My Will] and [The Word] possess the capability to fuse." Vincent's eyes widened in disbelief. "What!? How is that even possible? [The Word] is already an overwhelmingly powerful skill, and now you're telling me it can become even stronger?" Retrieving information from the main system, the AI replied, "Upon analysis, it has been discovered that the skill [The Word] bestowed upon the host has always been incomplete until the acquisition of the skill [I Can Impose My Will]. Now that the host possesses this skill, the system can fuse it with [The Word], thereby completing its power." The system issued a cautionary warning, stating, "However, I must inform you that allowing the fusion may expose you to external forces." Intrigued, Vincent inquired, "Externa
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Functions of HS Subsidiary
“Wow, I’ve become considerably stronger than before,” Vincent remarked with a sense of awe. [You’re still weaker than most, but yes, you have grown stronger] the System responded bluntly. Vincent let out a sigh, feeling slightly deflated. “Leave it to the system to pour cold water on someone’s hopes,” he muttered. [If your hopes weren’t so insignificant, I wouldn’t have to crush them] the System retorted, lacking any sympathy. “Whatever, please explain your functions,” Vincent requested, trying to maintain his composure. [Affirmative] the System complied. [I am the Heaven System Subsidiary, a subordinate system created by the Main System and connected to the all-knowing Akashic in the heavens. I am responsible for...]“Of course, I won’t be able to hear it. Am I really that weak?” Vincent questioned himself, feeling a tinge of self-doubt. [I was created by the will of the creator and the main system to groom you] t
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Reaching The City, A Soon To Be Bad Night Rest
/////1.8 Kilometers Of Exhausting Journey///// "Huff, huff, huff." Weary and mentally drained, Vincent, a Migas, trudged forward, feeling the toll it was taking on his physical body. Normally, as a Migas, he wouldn't have grown tired from such a distance. However, the recent events had left him mentally fatigued. Right now, Vincent was on the brink of passing out, but the prospect of avoiding potential death urged him to press on. After what seemed like an eternity, Vincent caught sight of the promised land, not far off in the distance. The silhouettes of buildings began to take shape, accompanied by a queue. "Huh," he muttered to himself. "Why is there a queue?" Finally, Vincent reached the extended line, leading up to a guard office beside an open gate, surrounded by six soldiers. It appeared that people needed a specific ID to enter the city, and Vincent deduced that those without it would have to purchase and
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