An Unplanned Mess

Sanji fell from being pushed in the dungeon. The chains weighed him down and hugged his legs tightly. He hadn't even gotten a chance to hug his wife, to tell his son those tales that he liked.

He looked at the bars and shook his head in sadness. He had done an act of kindness and here he was paying for it.

He looked at the bars again.

He was once the guard and now, he was the prisoner.


"How? How did this even happen?" Nana said, her little body shaking in rage. She moved closer to the bar.

Sanji stood up and looked back at Nana, his eyes sad.

"Don't worry, I didn't implicate you. I told him I did it all. I told him that Minister Li manipulated me to set him free and I planned the whole setting." Sanji said.

Nana sighed relieved.

"But why did you tell him anything at all?" He said moving closer to the bar.

Sanji sat back down feeling drained.

"He suspected about the chains." He said then explained how it had all happened.

When he was done, Nana gritted
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