Tales Of The Outworlder

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Tales Of The Outworlder

By: Leinad OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The story follows the journey of Darius Amel. A man reborn in another world where he has a special identity. With wisdom from his previous life experiences, tag along as our main character tries to survive in this new world.

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6 chapters
A really bad day.
"Huff","huff","huff" Darius gasped for breath as he staggered toward the village in sight. The harsh heat from the sun caused him to sweat profusely, truly the desert was a merciless environment. His stomach growled constantly and his lips were chapped from thirst. He had walked several kilometres with no destination in mind as he was escaping from certain death. His parents had sacrificed their lives just so he could escape. However, that was a story for another time. For now though, his only thought was to get to the village in sight. His chances of making it to the village though slim didn't discourage him. The closer he made it to the village, the more likely he was to be found by the locals increasing his chances of survival.A child is approaching the village! A spotter informed the village guards below the watchtower. A bomber? One of the guards asked. "It doesn't seem so", the spotter answered. He looks stranded, like a runaway more than anything else. Do you think he escape
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Arrival at the village.
That night, Darius tossed and turned in his bed clearly having difficulty drifting into sleep. Each time he closed his eyes, he would see his parents. Darius who had lived for up to thirty-six years in his previous life didn't really feel familial love towards his new “parents”. Instead, he felt gratitude towards them for taking care of him all this time. The reason why he was unable to fall asleep was because of the guilt he felt for leaving them behind even though the was nothing he could have done. Although his parents knew he was an outworlder, they still treated him like one of theirs. He felt like he had ruined their lives even though he had no say in his reincarnation. He wondered if they were still alive or if they had been killed.After hours of tossing and turning, he finally fell asleep. In his sleep, he began to dream, he returned to the northern continent, to the day before he was discovered. Darius was awoken by his butler. He lived in the mansion along with the butler
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Life in the village.
In is room, Darius slowly opened his eyes. He let out a sigh then got out of bed. Today, he was going to look around the village. He stepped out of his room and immediately squinted his eyes. The sun was already so bright this early in the morning. After a few seconds, his eyes adjusted to the sunlight. He headed toward the centre of the village. He wanted to see what the oasis looked like up close. Fortunately for him, he met the brawny looking guard who volunteered to to give him a tour. Darius suspected his actions were being monitored by the brawny looking guard. He he advised himself to be cautious from here on out. On their way through the village, Darius asked a question that had been bothering him since he arrived in the village. “Why is everything made of sand?”. The brawny guard answered “it is because of oases. They are not permanent. On the contrary, they are easily exhaustible therefore, the was frequent migration. Fortunately and unfortunately, there were many oases sc
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Combat Practice and the hunting trip.
The next day, Darius woke up to the sound of knocking on his door. Jal had brought his breakfast. This made Darius feel reliant and he did not like that feeling. Darius felt the need to earn money. He didn't want to have to meet this guy everyday. Darius never liked to be dependent on anyone. He didn't worry too much about it though, all these problems would be solved once he had awakened. Darius repeated his previous night's routine of feeding the dogs a bit of his food first. Once there was no problem, he had his breakfast, cultivated for about two hours then left towards the oasis. This time at the oasis, a platform had been mounted. Darius guessed the combat practice was going to take place here. After about thirty minutes, Mr. Del arrived.He split the students into two groups, the people who had awakened and the people who had not awakened yet. The ones who had awakened would fight others who had awakened whilst the “regular humans” would also fight among themselves. Darius t
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Awakening and Soul weapons.
A giant sand worm popped out of the sand. It appeared to be in a battle with another creature. The battle was rapidly heading towards where the students and Mr. Del were hiding. “Spread out, and try to not get caught up in the middle of the fight.”, Mr. Del ordered the students. Darius' eyes lit up at this moment. This was his chance to isolate himself from the crowd. Unfortunately for him, Raha and Somir ran right after him. “What the fuck?”, Darius cursed in his mind. Darius picked up the pace as he tried to pull away from them. That was not meant to be though as they just got closer and closer to him. This was the difference between those who had awakened and those who had not.“Crack”, “crack”, “crack”. Suddenly, the opponent of the giant sand worm, a giant desert centipede, crashed through three pillars in pursuit of the giant sand worm.This sent huge chunks of the pillars flying everywhere. Luckily, a huge chunk flew straight towards Raha and Somir. This caused them to chang
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Meeting Kallus
With that thought in mind, Darius activated the eyes of the outworlder. He could see people and beasts in the distance. He stealthily avoided all obstacles leaving in the opposite direction. Soon, it would be morning and Darius was beginning to feel hungry. He had walked for hours now and was running out of rations. He decided to hunt some desert foxes in order to make more rations. To do that though, he had to find a fox first, and currently there was no other creature in sight. All Darius could see was the endless sand dunes.After walking for hours on end and not encountering a single living creature, Darius began to second-guess his decision to roam the desert.He was quickly running out of food and water. Darius had overestimated his ability to survive. At this point in time, it was too late to return back to the hunting grounds. After more hours of walking, Darius’ consciousness was beginning to wane. Suddenly, he realized he had water all along. He was able to use all four o
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