Necessary Casualty

Nana had to eat her lunch alone today. The maids cleaned up her plate and she dismissed them once again.

She looked at the sunny sky through the big windows opposite her and it hurt her eyes but she couldn't stop staring, she hoped that looking like this would help her but when it didn't, she looked away. She had said there were a thousand ways to overcome an hurdle but she still hadn't come up with an idea to finally eliminate her grandson. At least she needed an idea that was sure to work.

Then someone walked pass her to the kitchen in a hurry while greeting her, this drew her out of her thoughts and she waited for the person to pass again. When this happened, she stopped her.

"You must be Kara, Clara's maid. Is anything the matter? Why are you in so much a hurry?" Nana asked all at once.

"Nana, I just have to get tea to the Princess. Nothing is the matter." Kara smiled.

"Oh and may I ask, how is the princess?"

"Nana, the Princess is getting better, at least she smiles these days
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