Sovereign of Chaos

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Sovereign of Chaos

By: Enigma Stone CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Eons ago, the divine dragon perished, and innumerable tribes gained prominence. A hundred millennia past, the ancient eight tribes withdrew into seclusion, as the enigmatic "Beyond Heaven" kept watch over this continent. The rebellious azure dragon, the primeval blue-blooded race, the tomb of the dragon deity, and the shattered remnants of the primordial realm. From a secluded stone village, a young man emerges, bearing an inscrutable stone bead. Can he defy destiny, vanquish dragons and saints, and reclaim the lost origin of the primordial realm?

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  • Kyle Dursma


    this is a great book and needs a part 2.

    2023-12-30 09:46:25
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179 chapters
Chapter 1: The Lighter Coffin
"Grandfather, farewell!" Tears streamed down Ethan Storm's cheeks as he gazed hollowly at the dark coffin about to be sealed.Reflected in a bronze mirror before the coffin stood Ethan Storm: a boy of eleven or twelve, his frail frame draped in white garments, his face pale, and his once spirited black eyes now devoid of luster.Outside the spirit chamber, the cacophony of firecrackers, suona horns, footsteps, laughter, and conversation melded together, as the dragon dance troupe hired from the town performed with zeal.For millions of years, the dragon has been a symbol of faith in the Continent of Chaos. Legend has it that the continent was forged by a colossal ancestral dragon, which then transformed into myriad forms, sacrificing itself in the process. However, these stories were but myths, and rumors about dragons were scarce nowadays, with only a few fragmented records found in ancient texts.It was a custom in Stone Town to invite dragon dancers to perform whenever a townsperso
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Chapter 2: Grandfather's Resurrection in the Coffin
The gazes of over a hundred onlookers quickly converged on Ethan. Pale as paper, scrawny yet standing tall, his chin slightly raised, seemingly unfazed by the blood streaming down his forehead, his dark eyes appeared calm but with a hint of madness, like a wounded lone wolf in the night, proud, bloodthirsty, and ruthless. "This child has a mature and resolute nature, and great courage. He is destined for greatness!" Many shared the same thought, and for a moment, the crowd fell silent. Catherine wanted to scold Ethan but was taken aback by his fierce expression, and she too remained silent. "You insolent brat! Today's gathering includes village elders and clan leaders, and we will not tolerate your unruly behavior!" Robert couldn't bear being scolded by a twelve-year-old and spoke out. Ethan ignored Robert's reprimand, only pressing his ear closer to the black coffin— "Thud." Ethan thought he heard a faint knocking sound from the coffin and quickly moved even closer, lying flat
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Chapter 3: Mysterious Stone Bead
Under the astonished gaze of the crowd, Edward, who had been dead, suddenly sat up in his coffin. It was as if a stretched spring had suddenly recoiled, eerie and without warning.Clothed in black, with black lips, a black hat, and black eyes—Everyone, except for Ethan, was horrified, their faces changing color. Even Olivia and Sophia were pale and retreated in fear."A ghost!"The crowd scattered like frightened birds, especially the timid girls and boys, who hid behind their elders, crying hysterically.Ethan's eyelids twitched and his palms were sweaty, but his deep bond with his grandfather from a decade of companionship kept him standing by the coffin."Grandpa, are you alright?" Ethan asked cautiously.Under Ethan's watchful gaze, his grandfather's eyes seemed to regain some vitality, and his rigid face broke into a faint smile. He weakly raised his right hand from within the coffin, pointing at Ethan and then at his own mouth.What did that mean? Did his grandfather have somet
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Chapter 4: Purchase a Cultivation Manual
Excitement flickered in Ethan's eyes as he licked his dry lips. He removed the Stone Bead from his neck and hung it in an open space about thirty feet from the gravesite before returning to his original meditation spot. As expected, the absorption speed of the spiritual energy slowed down significantly, now comparable to his usual cultivation rate. Ethan was overjoyed, and his grief over his grandfather's death seemed to fade somewhat. He eagerly retrieved the Stone Bead and treasured it, hanging it back around his neck. "With this extraordinary bead, how can I not avenge my deep-seated grudge?" Ethan murmured. "However, purchasing the remaining eight levels of the Azure Ox Method would likely cost nearly three thousand taels. Even with my apprentice wages from the blacksmith's shop, I'm afraid I couldn't afford it in a hundred years!" After a long silence, Ethan rose and returned to his straw hut. He fumbled behind a straw mat for a while before finally pulling out a small cloth
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Chapter 5: Forging Top-quality Weapons
Ethan carefully poured a small pot of molten bronze and iron mixture into the mold, forming a soon-to-be-finished plow. The people of Stone Town mainly earned their livelihoods through agriculture and animal husbandry, so iron plows were a common tool. The plows would inevitably wear and tear, and those of lesser quality would deteriorate quickly. Consequently, the demand for plows in town was high. Casting an iron plow required less cooling time compared to weapons like swords, knives, and axes. After a short while, Ethan gently tapped the mold encasing the plow with a small hammer, freeing the newly forged tool. Only the final step of tempering remained. "Ding!" Ethan flicked the plow with his index finger, producing a deep, crisp sound. "Hmm, this plow should be quite good!" A sense of joy filled Ethan's eyes. "Huh?" Not far away, Henry had been observing everyone and quickly approached Ethan, examining the iron plow with interest. It was a furrow plow, measuring two feet se
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Chapter 6: Tonight's Roast Chicken, Packed to Go
Half an hour later. "An excellent eight-foot rake! It's also top-quality!" Henry looked dubiously at the iron rake in his hands. This was already the fourth piece! Each one was of superior quality! Had the boy taken some sort of drug? Had he transformed his grief from his grandfather's death into power? An hour later. "Top-quality spear!" "Top-quality hidden sleeve sword!" "Top-quality hoe!" Henry's expression changed again and again, from initial astonishment to delight, to doubt, and finally to utter shock! When had top-quality items become so common? Something was definitely off! This was already the seventh piece! Not a single one was mediocre – all top-quality, crafted from ordinary materials! The success rate was 100%! This casting mastery alone had already surpassed Henry! Henry had completely stopped working, pulling up a chair and sitting leisurely next to Ethan, watching him with a strange expression as he busied himself, sweat dripping from his forehead. Not just
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Chapter 7: Miraculous Breakthrough, Third Level
Upon entering the second level of the Strong Blood Realm, Ethan could feel not only a significant increase in strength but also a substantial improvement in his vision. By the light of the candle, he could clearly see leaves more than twenty yards away. "Rustle" The bush containing the animal trap quivered. Ethan tiptoed forward, cautiously taking two steps. Suddenly— "Whoosh" "Crack" A branch as thick as a child's arm was snapped in two! Delicate scales reflected a faint, eerie sheen in the night. "Damn! A snake?" Ethan was taken aback. In the past, Ethan had caught wolves, porcupines, and pheasants using his traps, but this was the first time he had caught such a large snake. "Gulp" Ethan swallowed nervously, his eyes fixed on the snake ten yards away. It was evident that the snake had been caught by the trap. The snake struggled ceaselessly. Surrounding bushes roiled and broke. "Crack" "Snap" Snake blood continued to flow from the undergrowth. Ethan mustered his cour
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Chapter 8: Pleasant Surprise: Three Paintings
Ethan fetched a bowl of clean water and, with a puzzled expression, dropped the Dark Token into it.With a soft "ding," the token slipped into the bowl, and the clear water immediately turned black at a visible rate, as if a piece of graphite had been thrown in. In the blink of an eye, the water in the bowl transformed into a pool of ink.Startled, Ethan's face paled, and he quickly retreated several steps before returning with another bowl filled with water.He used a stick to carefully hold the Dark Token and dipped it into the fresh water, repeating the process dozens of times until the water in the bowl finally became clear.The Dark Token was a pure black wooden plaque about the size of a child's palm and half a finger thick. On its surface were faint traces of dark red, a residue of coagulated blood, and numerous tiny silver-white points that appeared to have been etched into it."These silver dots are quite peculiar!" Ethan muttered, his face close to the surface of the water a
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Chapter 9: Invitation From The Pure Girl Lily Storm
The next day, early morning.Ethan rose early, washed his face briefly, grabbed a broom, and stepped outside.He gazed at the pale sky and enjoyed a moment of tranquility. Dressed in a simple, clean azure robe, his serene and indifferent expression made him appear several years older than he was.In front of the small house where Ethan and his grandfather had lived, there stood a massive pagoda tree that required three grown men to wrap their arms around its trunk. The tree's branches spread wide, and it towered over thirty feet high, leaving a striking impression from afar.Occasionally, passersby would marvel at the sight, and some ill-intentioned individuals would attempt to secretly chop it down to sell. However, after countless strikes, only a few chunks of bark were removed, leaving mere scratches on the trunk before they gave up.Ethan remembered his grandfather's frequent admonitions: "This is a spiritual tree, a tree of fortune. Cherish and protect it."Ethan was skeptical bu
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Chapter 10: Practice Blade Technique - Chopping Trees
"Knife? Ethan, what do you need a knife for?" Charles raised an eyebrow.The group of boys glanced sideways, puzzled as they looked at Ethan."What's Ethan going to do with a knife? Kill a big cat?" the snotty-nosed kid wiped his nose, curiously asked."How is that possible?" Justin Storm patted the snotty-nosed kid's shoulder. "You think a big cat is so easy to kill? Let me tell you, not everyone is called Brother Justin!""Hmm." The snotty-nosed kid smirked. "I knew it, Brother Justin is the most handsome.""Get lost, stop flattering me," Justin grumbled, noticing his dream girl's attention was drawn to Ethan. "Your snot is all over my clothes."Ethan thought for a moment and replied, "I want to chop trees. I don't need any wages, as I'm used to using a knife to cut trees. I'm not comfortable with a saw."No wages?Everyone was astonished, even Lily blinked her big, bright eyes, deep in thought.Justin scoffed but seeing everyone's eyes on Ethan, he didn't say anything more.Charles
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