Flirty Insanity

After the execution, the palace had fallen into an unusual silence. It felt like a cloud of despair and grieve was over the palace but for Clara, it all felt usual. For a long time, she had beared this heaviness.

He must have been here. The room felt so alive, she could almost smell the sharpness of wet wood in the air.

Just like Lewis...

The teacup clinked as she placed it gently on the table. She wouldn't want him to see her here, as much as she wanted to wrap her arms around him so tight that he would desolve into her, she could feel a great wall had grown between them.

Maybe she was no longer his Star, who knows?

Just then the door creeked open. A shock wave crossed her body making her stay fixated on a spot.

The blast of hot tea rushed into his lungs. He sniffed the air, it smelt like hope, like Clara. Then he saw her and looked away quickly.

"I...I was j-just leaving." She made quick uncalculated steps towards the door. He stepped aside and walked to his bed, throwing his boo
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