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"I can't be gnawed, you should know that," Dragon Master breathed out dragon aura from his nostrils. Ever thought about the existence of humanity being determined through games between supernatural beings to be conducted in a particular city, and then the results would determine whether humanity in the whole world would be annihilated or not? Well, you are about to meet with one. Set during the period when different classes of gods were given chances in a rotational order to protect the humans. About 4000 years ago, it became the shadow god's turn and the shadow god Humu was given the job of creating shadow beings to protect all of humanity. His first shadow beings created was the shadow supreme being that existed as a place and a powerful being. Possessed massive power, and was the highest in the rank of the shadow beings until his rival the evil shadow supreme being created by the rival shadow god Humu, shadow god Josea who hated humanity and was polemic about Humu's task and wanted Humu to fail his task, so he Created evil shadow beings who were so unscrupulous in their acts. The first in rank of Humu creatures was the shadow supreme beings followed by shadow legends, then shadow lords, followed by shadow masters then lastly shadow warriors. It was the shadow master's turn because an event caused a disastrous domino effect and everyone wasn't present to continue. The Dragon Master, head of the Shadow masters must regain his lost memories due to reincarnation after death, gather all the rest of his top royals and other royals plus the entire Shadow masters who have reincarnated through space and time to protect humanity but he must deal with the shadow masters who are the perfidious malcontents first.



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Chapter 1
Omaha City, Nebraska State It was noon, and the moon was waxing crescent in Simmon Street, Omaha City, Nebraska State. Clark had just finished his meal of Cornish hen with wild rice and carrots. He waggled outside of his cottage which was situated in an area abridged of people inhabiting the streets. He gazed at the dark woods before him and heard the wood ring with shrill cries of the birds that hovered around. A huge grin appeared on his face because he knew that they were bats cowering away from the scene because of his presence. All of a sudden, his eyes twitched in terror at the horrendous figure that was before him and he cringed in fear. His heart pounded in distress, as he began to weigh the nefarious creature. "Ooh my gosh!" He flinched backwards in fear as he headed to pick up the broom that lay at a designated area on the porch of the house. The giant lizard-like creature waggled around dreadfully, squinting at him dreadfully. He s
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Chapter 2
Clark laid on his bed, in his bedroom, asleep and a furrow appeared on his forehead while he slept. He was indeed having a dreadful nightmare of the exact memories that Storm Bender had shared with him. He stood and watched how everything played out like a movie. He observed that he was indeed in another world and he felt giddy. "Dad!" He saw himself in the dream, in his supernatural form, like his siblings, only that he had the abilities of a dragon, as he gazed at how he transformed back from dragon to human after he had immediately fluttered his large wings. He was appalled and tried to control himself from clamouring to be heard in his dream about the past that happened. "Dad!" His dream version of himself said facing an average-sized man who was like him in his supernatural form. "Son, you have to lead the rest of the Shadow masters, I can try and shut the two shadow worlds and stop your mom and the rest beings," His Dad replied, holding two hug
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Chapter 3
They waggled towards Clark's side and he gave them heated stares as they came towards him. He suddenly appeared Viscerally revolting, because he knew that he has warned them in time past not to see him anymore. "What the hell do you want from me!" He simmered with anger as they finally stood aloof from him. "We want no conflict, big brother, we are simply here to explain things to you and introduce you to someone new," Frozen Claws said bringing forward Vivian. A heavy smile emitted from Vivian's lips as she came closer to Clark. Clark was fascinated by her beauty and stood like a dumb land post for a while, enthralled by her beauty. "Shadow Master, it's you, after all these years," She said effusively. "You know who I am?" Clark enquired with a blank look. "Of course I do, Shadow master, you are indeed a legend," Clark looked more hoodwinked than before. He knew that his past seems to be more bewildering. "What the hell! Then who was the
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Chapter 4
"Jeez! Your place looks too grungy!" Joshua croaked out as he scrutinized Clark's house which looked too scruffy. "Yeah, I haven't cleaned it today. But that's not the main point. We are talking about Dahlia, the lady I told you I met today," Clark protested as they both sat down opposite each other on the armchair in his sitting room. "Ooh, and so what's wrong, you said she was pretty, so what's the problem," Joshua replied indifferently. "No, am talking about the fact that I am going to try and convince her to leave the city since she just arrived with her mom," Clark clenched his teeth. "What! No way, what's wrong with the city!" Joshua protested gritting his teeth. "Monsters, supernatural creatures, they all exist, and I have encountered them," Clark said as he cupped his palm effusively. "That's not true, you need to learn to filter rumours, I mean it could be a new species of animals and that's what everyone is calling monsters, thank goodness I came to investig
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Chapter 5
"Wow, that's progress, that's exactly what happened big brother, you saved us all," Frozen Claws shot an amicable piercing gaze at Clark that made him feel more assured of his safety with them. "Yes, basically, after dying we were supposed to reincarnate, but you use your dragon aura to reincarnate us all to the future and we are still waiting for the reincarnation of our rest two siblings, Biggie and Crimson Arrow," Storm Bender fluttered his eyes lashes as he explained. "So literally we were from the past and now we came to live in the future which is the present now, but that's not relevant because when we reincarnated into this time, our present selves haven't reincarnated yet, so we can substitute for our present self through the means of reincarnation," Vivian explained when she noticed that Dragon Master was already looking lost. "We all owe it to Dad to be victorious because he had to sacrifice himself when he shut the worlds thereby capturing many shadow beasts
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Chapter 6
The supernatural portal opened at the flashy mansion and Benovio and his siblings appeared still amused about the event. "Everything you uttered to us about Dragon Master was all fibberies, hogwash and nosy ponies," Circe croaked out, casting a heated stare at Benovio who appeared to look contritely in his expression. "Well... I thought that was the case," Benovio stuttered. "Hey big sis, don't talk to a big brother like that," Sacorah blurted out indignantly. Circe shot heated stares at Sacorah because of his show of indignation but was then reminded of the tenable audacity she had shown to Benovio in his presence and resolved. "Enough, right now, we don't have time to fight amongst ourselves but to ponder a way to deal with this matter," Benovio retorted. "If Dragon master has his dragon aura, even without transforming into a dragon, it means he has remembered half of his memories," Benovio Calculated. "That's inerrant," Sacorah announced in an also calculative
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Chapter 7
500 Years Ago Omaha City Dragon Master waltzed away from the presence of Frozen Claws as he watched her scoff and felt a tad irksome about it. "Come on big brother, she is going to be here any minute, you can't keep on denying your feelings for her, Vivian, I mean she is also a royal, even though not a top royal, since her mother is one," Frozen Claws teased. "I mean even though Storm Bender, Biggie and Crimson Arrow aren't present at the moment because of their shadow duty, I can load them with news about what happens after," Frozen Claws giggled. "Well, what do I say to her?" Dragon Master massaged his temples in a calculative manner. "Just be intentional about it and let it be genuine, remember you called for her," Frozen Claws retorted. "She is here," Frozen Claws announced as Vivian waggled into the entrance of their family mansion. "Just do better than hiding your feelings," Frozen Claws have Dragon Master a nudge before she went to hug Vivian and then exited the mansio
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Chapter 8
"Come on what's wrong with whatever happened?" Joshua giggled callously and Clark's ears pricked back as his eyes popped open in astonishment. Joshua gurgled with delight and it nauseated Clark who found it to be a grotesque act and felt Joshua was acting fortuitously. "The shadow beasts!" Clark's voice cracked as he spoke. He felt everything that every single appalling word that came out from Joshua was a sick twisted joke. His heart has fallen to a sudden state of despair as he calculated how he was going to convince Joshua to change his point of view. "Ooh you mean those Nordic beings? They are supernatural beings of course that have been confirmed but one thing is for sure, there are no shadow beasts in existence," Joshua fluttered his eyelashes. "What the hell! Nordic beings, but when they appeared, you couldn't control the spasming fear in your body," Clark huffed. "Yes, of course, that's simply because I was meeting them for the first time, right now
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Chapter 9
Clark's heart thudded in his chest as he strode towards Dahlia's house. Even though he wasn't sure about her house, he felt he could easily locate it or her on the way, because of the way the city had been whittled of people. He recalled the story that Joshua told him about the mayor evading the city alongside some people. He stroke his chin as he reminisced about it, wondering how it wasn't enough to convince Joshua to leave the city. Three Years Ago Mayor Orson Elsher stood at the podium at the city hall to deliver his presumed last speech. His heart thudded dangerously against his rib cage as damp sweat trickled down his skin. He had an encounter with the shadow beasts recently and was lucky to escape so he was callous to the fact that he might use some opprobrious language to express his speech. Finally, a tug of reprieve etched succinctly in his heart because he knew what he wanted to announce was very pleasing. "Please I urge you to leave the city, pac
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Chapter 10
Clark woke up flustered. Memories of what happened in the wee hours flashed through his mind and his stomach flipped. His chest tightened as he wanted to brawl his eyes out. He gazed at Dahlia who was fast asleep beside him. Elizabeth waggled into their room with her lips curling up into a smile. She didn't know that they were more than friends and felt delighted about it. "Sorry, it's not actually what you think it is," Clark stuttered facing Elizabeth who brought in a meal of lamb fries. "Hey Mom," Dahlia yawned groggily and checked the time to see it was already morning. Clark had been there all night and she couldn't help but flash a perfect smile. "Yes daughter, just enjoy yourself don't let me interrupt," Elizabeth giggled as she dropped the plate of lamb fries and waggled out of their room. "I guess you are my new prince charming boyfriend," Dahlia's lips stuck out playfully as she chuckled gleefully while Clark shook his head while clickin
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