On Repeat

"Oh, Aliyah." He said her name in a lingering way. The room suddenly felt filled with a different type of tension.

She could feel him approaching her and for some reason that she couldn't explain, she watched the slight space between the door and the doorframe yet she couldn't find it in herself to move...to fling the door open and put an end to everything.

A part of her didn't want her to.

Then she felt his hand slowly wrap around hers that was on the doorknob, tenderly freely it from her grip while his lips slightly grazed the tip of her ear. Goosebumps laced her skin, she closed her eyes briefly and swallowed a lump in her throat.

It felt suddenly hot.

She heard keys jingling and the door clinked shut. Her eyes flew opened, at that moment Aaron spun her around in his arms.

"You always want so much,"his deep voice whispered huskily and she left him guide her back to the wall where she was resting against a while ago. He lowered his head towards her and a large teasing smile slowly s
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