Layers Of Surprise

Aaron closed the door then went to the bathroom pushing the door opened to see a quivering Aliyah on the wet floor while tears streamed down her face. Her face twitched in pain. He stepped in and he saw her visibly go stiff.

He scoffed before crouching before her and pulling her slowly to her feet so that they were both standing. She felt weak in his hands like she could fall if he wasn't holding her and she

She must be sick.

He squinted his eyes at her, then he noticed the now turned red cloth wrapped around her upper left arm and he gave a sharp short hiss.

Aliyah flinched.

"You are sick, aren't you? You shouldn't have come," he said with a gruff before leading her to the room which she followed along without a fight. He made her sit on the bed then fetched a bowl of clean water attending to her cut.

She relaxed a bit, her gaze fixed on the floor. She had stopped sobbing now.

"You are always doing this... demanding," he said quietly.

She heard him squeeze the cloth into
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