A lone boy

When they got back to the house, Rodney and his mother were taken to their respective rooms, given food and locked up. All the key copies were taken away.

Rodney could barely eat because of anxiety. He was not claustrophobic but he was afraid of being locked up in any place, big or small. He tended to be quite paranoid sometimes, worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong. For instance, a fire could start and everyone would look for the nearest exit to save themselves, forgetting about Rodney and his mother.

The more he thought about this scenarios, the more anxious he became. His heart was filled with dread and his nervous system felt like a train wreck. When it became too much, Rodney grabbed the plate of food, stormed to the window and opened it before throwing it to the ground below.

The plate shattered into several small pieces and food splashed around. One of the guards saw the incident and shook his head at Rodney who closed the window and returned to the centre of
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